Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Show Goes On

I finally broke down.

A girl can only take so much ya know? I went to the doctor.

My appointment was at 2:45...
"What's wrong with you?"
"Drug allergies?"
"Stop by on you way home, feel better kiddo."

Out by 2:47. love it.

So Keflex for 10 days. Yay. I hope I start feeling better soon, especially since Chicago half is next weekend.

I have been resting since my appointment, imagine how hard that is for me. Dinner was simple: spicy sweet potato fries and pork tenderloin.

Next to spicy food, ice cream always makes me feel better. Logan brought me home Carmel cup sundae. I ate...maybe...half?

Two days no exercise is making me crazy. How should I cope?

Do you hate going to the doctor?
Do you have any upcoming races?
What is your comfort food?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Good Reason

WHY OH WHY I keep getting sick with sinus infections? Gimme one minute to just pout and whine. waaah Welp, I have full blown sinusitis and it is AWESOME! I dunno if it is allergies, is the ragweed high? If I'm just run down, is it normal to sleep 3 hours a night? If just around way too many strange sickies, it's ok to hug people on the street right?
I'm suppose to put that where???
Yeah, trying the neti pot, got an expectorant and pushing fluids. Weak.

What always makes me feel better is spicy food though, so I zinged up some tacos for my mom and I. I love street tacos, ya know? The kind with just meat and cilantro. Mmm. Keep it simple, y'all. Beef, cilantro, red onion, and avocado. Unfortunately the avocado was a tad too ripe, but it was delish.

Remember that gelato I was obsessed with last week?? Found an excellent, healthier, pre-portioned alternative. Key lime Greek yogurt. It's not fat free so it's delicate and lush. If it get desperate enough, I could crush up Graham crackers and call it a day.

BTW it is important to READ coupons before you check out, I got all excited about getting $3 off my coffee today...but yeah you need to buy two. Oops.

Obligatory Goliath Photo.
Have you tried the neti pot or any sinus washes?
What kind of food alternatives have you found?
Are there are any coupons you clip?

Monday, August 29, 2011

You and Tequila Make me Crazy

I don't feel so good.

Nausea just hit me like a ton of bricks, maybe it was the mustard-pickle-jalapeño-turkey wrap I made....maybe my blood sugar is dropping?? I dunno. I got all stoked to update y'all and boom! Grossness.

So I maintained radio silence since Friday because how crazy work has been. Friday turned out to be excellent. Margaritas and Mexican food with friends.

Saturday, was a rest day for me and I took Goliath to the dog park. We played. We swam. Well, he swam. It was hot.

I worked that night, which kept me tame so I could get up for my long run on Sunday. Which was disastrous when there are two accidents on the highway, a 5k on the trail you want to run and half of it is closed due to construction.

They literally blew up the trail. Awesome. I got my miles and am feeling it today.

So I know you are dying to know how the week panned out for my weight loss goals!

Start Weight: 152.6
Week One: 148.6

Woot! Prob just water weight, but I can deal!

OOOH and I finished the Hunger Games series. FINALLY. So good. Read it,

How was your weekend?
What's your favorite drink?
Do you take your pups to the dog park? What's yours like?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Video Viernes: How to Get Through Running Roadblocks

Title explains itself, in response to an email, here are 5 really common running roadblocks and how I have personally faced them all.

I swear one day, I will figure out editing and make the videos purdy.

Not today though, in fact the video cuts out weird. I did my best.

What kind of running roadblocks have you faced?
How did you get through them?
I'm repping the sports teams today, who is your team?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shake That

Howdy Folks! Happy Tempo Thursday!

I am ashamed that in my first week of goal getting, I got sidetracked with the books. Anyway, prolonging the start if book three allowed me to return to normal life. I got some laundry done, cleaned, made some cupcakes, did some homework. Oh, what? Yeah I made some cupcakes.
Dark chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes, totally organic and sweetened with apple sauce. Sorry, recipe is top secret. Made for my work spouse.

G-Bonez and I set out for a brief tempo this afternoon. At first, I felt kinda sluggish. I am focusing in my posture during runs, and I am realizing that my poor posture has totally changed my lung capacity and my breathing patterns.

Along the way, we ran into either a stray or a runaway. The pup ran across a busy street as we approached, and due to our hstory it literally made my heart stop. Which made running up the hill. One of the most gorgeous dogs ever though. She ran with us for a while, and I desperately hoped she would stick with us so we could find her home, but after a while she bolted in the opposite direction as if she knew where she was going.
I have convinced myself she went home, otherwise the alternative would absolutely consume me.
Can't save them all right? The stronghold dogs have over me is crippling.

That is a wicked stretch for your outer calves by the way, try it. Ouchies.

What kind of cupcake do you favor?
What are you working on during your runs?
Have you ever found a stray or a runaway dog? What did you do?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Excuse Miss Lady, If I May

So. I am HOOKED.

I finished book two today..and subsequently neglected EVERYTHING. I am wholly admitting that I just gotta finish this series so my life can return to normal. Though, I have vowed not to start book three until the weekend, so I can shiz done.

So if you stumbled on me today, you woulda found me scrubbed out and looking a little something like this...

Today was a wonderful day, aside from the hours I spent glued to a couch. I worked a split, met LoLOBeans for lunch at Panera. I had the marvelous Greek salad, and he the Sierra turkey.

It is hard to believe that beauty has less than 400 calories. Ohhhhh you mean it doesn't include the giant hunk of crusty French bread? Bummer.

Do you ever get totally absorbed into books?
What do you order at places like Panera?
What is your favorite kind of bread?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gettin' Paper

"This post will be brief.

Why? Logan nagged me to read a book. Riiiiiight! Who READS? gross.

Anyway, he downright harassed me about reading The Hunger Games. Which was introduced to him via Manda. Well I have been severely distracted by this novel. So much so I skipped my run today just to finish it. I kept saying "one more chapter, then I run..." I said that 23 times and it was dark. All I can say is, read it.

So if anyone happened to stumble on me tonight, you'd find me stunned clinging to my iPad adorned in my running get up, looking a little like this...

I am kind of ashamed to admit this, but other David Sedaris compilations I can't remember the last novel I read. I am kind of partial to 50lb text books, that leave me zero time for leisure reading.

Oh and buy these pretzels...thank me later!

Do you read for fun?
When and what was the last book you read?
Have you read The Hunger Games?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Look at Me Now

I need to lose weight. Part 3: Before I Start...

Even though, I started my plan technically this morning. I want everyone to know where I am at now...this minute. Not five minutes ago, I took some pictures I guess for your viewing pleasure. These pictures can stand on their own, and need no introduction or commentary. I am just ready for them to change.

So before I start I want to make a few things clear. 1)Although I am being public about this, this blog will not revolve around weight loss. 2) You will now be able to see my food journal on my What I Eat Page. 3) I am sharing my plan, menu and strategies to keep ME accountable and in no way should taken as gospel truth. 4)

Day one has been what I expected. As with anything new, I was ready. I went to the grocery last night, stocked up on new foods that I was excited to try, my exercise was built in through volleyball.

Mmm that would low fat chocolate milk, curry lentil soup with pretzels, and a buffalo chicken collard green wrap.

What was for lunch today?
How do you keep your food journal?
Tried any new foods lately?

The Long Way Around

I need to lose weight. Part 2: What goals are made of

In case you missed last post and you are just too darn lazy to scroll down, which face it-sometimes we all are-I am setting out to lose 10lbs OR fit into size four pants. Whichever comes first.

Last time, I dropped some personal knowledge on y'all on why losing weight is hard for ME. Now today, I am here to tell you HOW I plan on doing this.

How I plan on doing this:
1. I am getting organized, not just about menu planning but scheduling exercise. I have scheduled an hour ever Sunday to plan my week's menus, and exercise. Then I am scheduling it. It may seem silly to schedule your dinner, or work out but guess what? Studies show if you schedule something or put it in writing, you will be more likely to follow through.

2. I will not be afraid to eat. Food is fuel. I will not restrict myself. I will eat what I want, when I am hungry. I will learn to cultivate a healthy desire for food. I will learn the difference between sampling something and scarfing something. I will not be afraid to eat. I will focus my diet on clean, whole foods. Snickers bars need not apply.

3. I am not going to count points, or calories for at least the first week. I am just going to journal, so I can reintroduce myself to tracking. I do not need culture shock, I need a realistic view of my intake and caloric burn.

4. My weigh in day will be Sunday morning before my long runs, so I can spend my long run reflecting on the week. This could be motivation or a hinderance, and I have accepted both. I need a devoted time to reflect but not dwell.

5. Strength training and I will reach a new mature relationship. I have purchased and read the New Rules of Lifting for Women, and intend on following their lifting plan twice weekly. Running and swimming will stay in my routine.

6. I will reward myself for a job well done, and I need new Toms. I will also reward you. Once I get there, there will be an epic giveaway to celebrate.

So there ya have it folks, my five steps to ten. Structure helps me succeed, but it can be difficult when the only person providing structure is yourself.

Standby for Part 3: Before I Start...

What kind of plan are you using to lose weight?
Do you count points, calories, carbs, etc?
If you reward yourself, what is your next reward?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back When it Started

I need to lose weight. Part 1: It is Hard

Yes, I am owning up to it. When I started this blog, I thought I was done losing and ready to start living. But a little over a year later, still running and weight loss maintained but I feel unhappier than ever with my body.

So, no. I am not obese or overweight. I am vain.

Here are few other things I know about myself that make it difficult for me to lose poundage:

1. I LOVE food. My quality of life revolves around what I am eating that day and how good it is. I very rarely eat for sustenance, I eat for pleasure. I make no qualms about it. I love food, and I have no intention of changing that.
2. I have zero self control. While I fully believe one can lose weight without denying oneself of favorites, I don't know how to say no to even things that I don't like. I know I can enjoy the things I love while losing, but I don't know how to say no to well...anything. Which leads to my next point...
3. My stomach never sends me signals that I am way full. I can eat and eat never feel sick. I can feel heavy, but I don't know what the nasty over eating feeling is, because my brain and belly can just bypass that.
4. When I am busy, exercise is the first thing out the window.

5. The best time if day for me to schedule exercise is first thing in the morning.

6. I MEGALOATHE waking up early.

7. I am addicted to sugar. I have two drawers full of candy at work. Once I tried to give up candy for a week and on the third day I cried.
8. Logan loves all thing processed, and can eat them until he is blue in the face. So my cubbard always is stocked with oatmeal cream pies, chips, oreos and the like.

9. The only real form of exercise I enjoy is running, and I fear my body is beyond use to it.

10. I am scale obsessed. When I commit to losing, I weigh myself far too frequently and I live and die but the fluctuation.

Ok. Now that the excuses are out of the way. I am ready for this.

I don't have a lofty goal, just 10 pounds or fit back into my size 4 pants. Whatever comes first, and then I will reassess my feelings.

This concludes Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2: How I am going to do this!

Are you currently working on any goals?
What kind of things are in your way?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Step

I love Saturday mornings. More than any other morning.

This morning was glorious, I sipped coffee with my SIL Manda. She loves my darker than sin coffee. Nothing is more enjoyable than slowly finishing my morning awakening with someone I adore. Especially since on Saturday mornings Logan can sleep the day away. Oh there was also bacon. Need I say more?

After we finished up, we set out the track some miles. Manda has been rocking out 5k after 5k, and we just signed up for one together in September.

It was a great morning for a run, and we sweat it out. Then I taught Manda the joys of foam rolling.

Now I am going to spend the rest of the day playing with nephews, and eating food I shouldn't....why yes, I am at Chic-Fil-a inhaling a chocolate shake.

What do you love about Saturdays?
How do you take your coffee?
Chocolate or vanilla?

Holy Moly, Look at Her

Night Running Rocks!

Lately, I feel like I have had a lot of quit in me during my runs.  I don't know what it is, but I just feel fatigued or something.  Not last night though, last night at 8PM, Goliath and I blasted through a B.A. run through the hills of Shawnee.  Everything was right.  It was just perfect.

Those perfect runs are few and far between, and so I relished every minute. We did 2.5 out and back, so 5 total.  I realized something too, it was the first time I had taken G running on city streets since the accident.  And ya know what?

We lived.

I think this may make running easier for both us, if we can run on sidewalks again, I won't need to waste the time driving to a trail.

When I arrived home my nephews were here!! YAY! Part time guys!

What time of day you prefer to run or exercise?
When was your last perfect run?
Do you have any nephews/nieces?