Monday, January 24, 2011

Topeka to Auburn Race Recap

Last week, my faithful racing partner and I trekked the brutally epic Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon.

You guys can probably guess, I'm not really in any shape to be racing-let alone running a half. Details, right? I woke up yesterday, already stiff. Never a good sign, that you are SORE before the race. Why? It's cold, I have a bad mattress-I'm old. Pick your answer. I stretched a little, drank some coffee and then drove the hour and some change to Topeka, Kansas.

My road trip there, I thought about last year. Last year's race, was my second half marathon and my first time meeting and running with Megan. My ever-so-faithful madre, drove me last year and followed us through the course. We drove the course together, and we only got to mile six and I was nauseated by the course. Last year, I walked through the fairlawn mall severely intimidated by the stature of the runners. Last year, at the finish line Megan and I SWORE we'd never be back.

Urish Hill

This year, I followed the same path. I stopped at the same McDonald's to use the restroom. I parked in the same spot. Megan and I met in essentially the same place. The race has an afternoon start, due the weather and them trying to take advantage of the warmest part of the day. So at 10:58, we lined up for our 11:00 start. This race is seriously small. I think last year there were 200ish people, and this year 280ish. I don't know the best way to describe the race, but for whatever it's worth Megan and I are usually middle of the pack runners, just about average for the course-but at TtoA, we come in close to last.

Imagine the hilliest course of your life, and then you'll have Urish road-the mile 5-8 stretch. Imagine the slickest, most compacted slushy snow, and then you'll have 100% of the course. Image the most unstable, unlevel dirt and gravel road, and then you'll have miles 10-12. Imagine the hardest, most grueling course and the coldest winter winds and you'll have the Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon.

This year, even though we are in way better shape was equally as hard as last year. The first few miles are always the hardest, but I was so stiff and my shoes weren't tied right, my legs were cramping. It's kind of a blur now since, it's been over a week-but I still remember the misery. Miles 1-5, I always ask myself WHY? but miles 6-12, I know.

Something magical was the fact that we crossed the finish line at the EXACT SAME TIME as last year, pretty much down to the second. Crazy right? Our finish line photos were ruined by this douche that asked us to drag him the finish line, and then edged us out in the last second. Rude.
We finished up, ate some FREE pancakes-one of the many perks of this race. Then I drove him. The drive home was brutal, almost as hard as the race.

The end.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's About That Time

So you want some Winter Do's and Don'ts?

1. Do: Reuse your safety pins. That sweat wicking under layer can be a stickler for staying at your waist line. If it's tight fitting, like it should be-it will likely ride up. There is nothing more annoying then an under armor layer bunching under your boobs. So here's what you do, take those annoying safety pins you have left over from every race you've ever ran and pin the front/back of the shirt to your shorts and viola! no more riding.

2. Don't: Lick your lips. Seriously, do not do it. The cold and wind will dry out your lips fast and once you lick your lips once to add moisture you won't be able to stop. Cake your lips in plain chapstick before you g o out. If you forget to do that, if you can get through the first 5-10 minutes of outdoor running without licking your licks, you'll start to forget the annoyance of dry lips.

3. Do: Invest in menthol rubs, or anything menthol. When you get back from an hour in the frigid cold, your lungs might naturally be congested. You might be a little wheezy from the restriction the cold caused. I have menthol body wash, it's a soothing body analgesic and coupled with hot steam it helps me breathe easy. Also, here's an inside tip: Vicks Vaporub is applied to baby's feet in hospitals when the have URIs because the menthol is overwhelming to infants. When you get out of the shower, put some vicks on your feet and then put on socks. In about 10-15 minutes you'll start to exhale menthol. It's magic and works.

4. Don't: Rapidly breathe. You know what happens to things in the cold right? They shrink. Cold air will restrict your airways, and it will be harder to breathe. Cold weather running takes conditioning. Inhale through your nose and then "HA" it out your mouth, slowly. By no me ans, inhale and exhale rapidly-which might be a natural inclination.

5. Do: Buy a really good moisturizer. Do you have some lotions? Do any of them dispense through a pump? Those aren't any good. Any lotion that can be pumped or squirted have been thinned with alcohol additives. Winter running will dry your skin to new levels of alligator. Lotions in tubs with lids, no I don't mean bath and body works body butters, are the best. Eucerin, original and in the tub, gets my seal approval. Lotions with fragrances, pumps and aren't very viscous can actually dry out your skin.

6. Don't: Partner with someone who's a complainer. Wanna brave the cold? Don't do it with someone who is going to rely on you to drill Sergent them through it. Run with someone who is impervious to the cold, who is going to run with you like it's a spring day. Moaning about how miserable the cold it will only make it worse. Run with someone who is just happy to be running.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Turn it Up, Turn it Out

I’m not really one for writing down goals, or resolutions or whatever. It’s not that I’m not a goal oriented person, I just never write them down.

I decided to change that, in 2011 I have set the following goals for myself-I will check back on first of each month to see how I’m doing-and no, not all of them are running related:

Lost 10 lbs and see the 130s
Strength train twice a week
Run two full marathons
Average ten hours of volunteering a month
Study the Bible with someone
Make three new friends
Finish school
Pay off debt
Take care of myself
Learn to manage anger, stress and anxiety
Start saving money
Establish a good study routine
Fit into a size 2-4, and feel good about it
Changes someone’s life
Practice Honesty
Ignore lazy tendencies, and start a pattern of cleanliness
Limit television
Organize a 5k Race
Plan a vacation
Adopt a 2nd dog
Work to be a better communicator
Religiously track my food intake good or bad
Pay attention to details
Make Logan happier
Help my brother get his drivers license
Be proactive about my health
Pray daily
Start a garden
Go as organic as possible
Stop popping my jaw

What are your goals for this year? Share them with the boskyblog!

On Deck for tomorrow: Winter Running Do’s and Don’ts

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lookin' So Fly

Did you know that during the Winter it gets cold in Kansas? Like really cold. Guess who had the day off on Monday? I've been mah-jah-lee slacking, even though I have a brutal half marathon coming up, so I went out for a mah-jah run. Goliath was mah-jah-lee stoked. The first half mile was mah-jah-lee cold. Downhill, wind whipping in my face, numb. It got me thinking, OH MY GOD I'm only going a mile. Well, that, and This is my third winter running.

Now, I know three winters doesn't make me an expert or anything....but three Midwest winters with a husky might. I've compiled a list of my some winter running tips, gear suggestions and hilarious winter running stories. It's going to be a series.

Today, we are going to talk about: Julia's Winter Must Haves
1. First and foremost, VASELINE. It's a life saver. Schmear it everywhere, like cream cheese. I mainly put it on my face to break the wind, and prevent face chapping. I mega-abhor coming home from a run, and having pores the size of moon craters because of wind/cold chap. Not this lady. Vaseline is a useful tool that can also help winterize your shoeskis. Dab a little on mesh areas of shoes to prevent snow, ice and snowmelt from invading. Now you have a foot-snow barrier.

2. Something fleece to cover your ears. I prefer a headband, it's aerodynamic. However, ear muffs, a hat, you hands with gloves on them-would also work, I assume. Personally, I need something that gives me the freedom to have a pony tail, or a braid, the versatility of reversableness and the warmth of fleece.

3. Decent running tights. Here's a shocker: top of line tights are just as good as cheap ones. So you can't afford $100 tights-one of my favorite pair of tights are from Forever 21, meant to be worn under some skanky dress and were $5. Sure Brooks has awesome tights, and I'd love to have a pair-but if I'm only running for 30-40 minutes, my little spandex tights with two seams work just as well.

4. Layers. This is a no brainer, but layers-even ditchable layers are life savers. I like a dry fit base, a cotton tee, and a fleece lined hoodie. There's the ole' 20 degree rule, so I try to stick with that pretty closely. Old Navy right now has these pretty baller hoodies, that have the headphones built into the lining. It's machine washable and eliminates extra baggage, so that's my suggestion.

5. Throw away gloves. Total need. Gloves you can blow your nose into, and toss on the side of the road in a race. They are like a $1 for two pairs at target. Get hip.

Ok, that's it for now for my gear suggestions. Tune in tomorrow for survival tips.

Yesterday Mileage: 5.1
Times: 50:14

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Running is hard. Like it's really hard ya'll. I've never ever once said "WOOOO DOGGGY! What an easy run that was!" So yeah, running is hard. It's difficult. It's difficult ENOUGH, but when you toss in things like doubling your work hours, getting sick and limited daylight-it becomes what we humans like to deem impossible.

Impossible is a word we are taught as kids that should exist in the human language. Anything is POSSIBLE when you put your mind to it! The countless adages reminding us that we are mediocre, and perhaps gave up too soon , personally I've always loved: Impossible is just I'm Possible! What does that even mean? I'm possible? To me, that sounds like a colleged-up way of saying I'm DOABLE! Ok, so I digress.

Running becomes impossible sometimes. Regardless of what you were taught, or come to convince yourself: there are things that are impossible or implausible or impractical. You pick your synonym.

So you work 12 hours a day, and say you spend another hour driving to and from work, 30 minutes getting ready for work (which is conservative), 30 minutes getting ready for bed, and 8 hours sleeping a night (which is being generous): that puts you at a solid scheduled 22 hours, 8 of which are unconscious. So there's two hours you could spend running right? WRONG. That little formula didn't account for things like taking a poop, preparing meals, opening your mail, answering your cell phone or updating your blog. Sometimes taking a poop can block out a whole hour, not personally-but I know a guy, don't ask.

I don't mean to make you panic, but that was just a week day. Weekends would be great then right? WRONG. Think about all those basic needs you neglected throughout the week: laundry, dishes, sleep, etc. Writing this all out makes me feel overwhelmed-but the point is: Yes, buying out the time to run can be impossible. There are going to be days, weeks-maybe months where it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to run. It could because your injured, it could be because you have an insane schedule where you wake up and it's dark, and come home and it's dark.

Whatever the reason the prevents you from the pavement, the key is to let go of the guilt. So yeah, it sucks-you can't run. Running might be your biggest stress reliever. So don't let not running cause you stress.
Clearly, you can tell what prompted this post. I really haven't been running much, despite my best intentions. I'll put my running gear out in the morning, but it's a little nutty to run at 4AM right? I'll pack my running stuff to work, and promise myself I'll change into and come straight home and run-but then I work late. When I don't run, I do go a little crazy. Something in my internally feels off. Worst of all, I get really cranky.

Monday night, I snapped at Lo over something so meaningless and trivial that I literally stood up, put on my running clothes and walked to the disgusting apartment complex gym to run on the treadmill. Yes, you are reading that correct. I, Julia, Queen of the Trail, forger of creeks, lover of mud-ran on a treadmill. AND.....IT....WAS....miserable.

I can run for hours outdoors with G-Bonez but I can hardly last 10 minutes on the rotating belt. I'm going to have to figure out how to make it bearable, but right now it's my only possibility. So UP Next on The Bosky Blog: Learning how to enjoy the DreadMill.
In other husband has a moustache, and I don't hate it.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sigh, No More

Wow, I have been AWFUL about posting. My bad. But full disclosure: I
haven't really ran since Gobbler Grind, so there really hasn't been
much to update.

This happens every year. Every year I get really lazy, and skip out on
the running. It takes me a while to get out of the funk, so I'm
praying that tomorrow I can start to get out of it. Needless to say,
it's been cold and it's easier to stay in and remain warm.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do the Humpty Hump

Last night, LL's newest rescue came to play with Goliath-and finally a worthy companion for Goliath's energy.
Turbo is an 8 month old, Italian Greyhound with a ton of energy and very playful. When they first met , Goliath welcomed him inside and shoved his giant head between his legs and lifted the little fella off the ground. Both of them went back and forth playing, Goliath delicately nuzzling Turbo, and Turbo gallantly prancing atop Goliath.

Turbo was kinda getting a vertical complex, because Goliath was taller. He kept jumping up on the sofa, trying to see how tall he could get. It was absolutely cracking me up. Turbo is getting neutered today, so Goliath might have had ball envy-so it evened out.
Turbz is currently being fostered, and will be looking for his forever home soon. He'll be a great dog for an active family. He loves to curl up on the couch, and also would make a great running buddy for someone training for a 5k PR.
If you're interested in adopting Turbo, please contact LL Dog Rescue

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

That Grind Don't Stop

Sunday was the big day!! My bebe seester ran her very first half marathon-AND LIVED...AND FINISHED! Can you believe it? I can. I had no doubt in her, she's amazing! Anyone who runs marathons is amazing-but my sister is super amazing wonderful! Are you read for the recap? And AWAAAAYYYY WEEEE GO (because I promised her a super epic-legen-wait for it-DARY post):

mmm salty kisses

Day -1: 'Twas the day before 13.1 and all were asleep-but us. We were up and at 'em bright and early, to get our race stuff together. We had an agenda: t-shirts to make, shorts to buy, lunch to eat, dogs to adopt, soccer games to play and packets to pick up. Somehow we managed to get everything done, except: adopting a dog (another story, another post) and we only half way made our shirts. We ran what felt like several hundred errands Saturday getting ready for the big race. We had ideas of grandeur for our shirts, but we bit off way more than we could chew-and ran out of steam halfway through silkscreening. We only got our names on our shirts, and unfortunately it wasn't up to par to our standards-so we nixed the hilarious saying on the back. At least Em, got her name on her shirt-which I forewarned would be magic on the course. She'd just have to wait to see. We had chipotle for lunch, went to her soccer game and had a family dinner. The night ended with us roasting marshmallows at my mom's.

yeah! she finished!!!

Mile -1: This is perhaps my favorite half marathon, why because it's so close to my home AND ANNDDD it's on MY trail. Say where?! Yeah. So Emmers and I met at mi casa, geared up. We walked a little over a mile to the race start, and got there just on time. I shouldn't set this pattern for her-I am AWFUL about getting to races with enough time to stretch. Less the never, we lined up towards the back. For whatever reason, this race does not have a staggered start for the 5k, Half and Full-and from experience I advised that the rear was going to be best for us so we didn't gun it and run out of gas trying to keep up with 5kers.

family portait

Miles 1-3: Like I said, no staggered start. Even lining up toward the back didn't help at all, it was still wicked thick through the front. Emily and I vowed not wear ipods, so we could chat-and we quickly learned that hanging out all day yesterday tapped our conversation supply. I started making jokes and loudly said "This is like a one mile race right?" "We are almost done right?" to which no one really appreciated. Apparently, runners don't get a sense of a humor until the back miles-when everyone is a little loopy and delirious. The front miles people are still focused and set on PRing. After mile three, we ditched the 5k runners and pushed on. The weather was unseasonably warm, and I had already ditched our matching shirt.

Best Mom Evah

Miles 4-6: The miles were really flying by, Emily stated firmly she will not be walking until mile 6. So we trotted along, and I kept trying to talk it up. She was not having it and really needed to focus-so right around mile 4.5 I turned my iphone speakers on to my running playlist, tucked it back into my pocket-and rocked the muscle butt for the rest of the race. It was quite awesome, I must say. It set an ambiance for the whole race. Other runners would come up and hear Usher or Lil John, stop and pace with us to have a little jam session and move on. We'd jokingly dance and rock out. Since this was an out and back course, at mile five we got to see the leaders speed by us. We screamed out butts off cheering them on. It's always motivating to see the leaders, and that gave us some 'umph' to push on.

Logan had to contain Goliath's excitement...and mine too

Miles 7-9: This is when things started getting pretty tough, but just when Emily was ready to throw up we saw our Mommmm! She's magnificent, ain't she? Always there just when we need her. I tossed her my shirt, and Emily stopped and hugged her. This was on a giant uphill that lied and said was the worst hill of the course. This stint is a square of roads, you turn right and go up turn right again go uphill, turn right and go uphill and finally turn right but go down hill. Logan was at mile 9 with Goliath. There was an aid station right before we met them, and the volunteers were like "dude that dog is REALLY going crazy now!!" hah, it's because he could see us! Logan jogged along with us, I got to run a little with G. We got on that downhill, and got a second wind.

The finish four from L to R: Scott, Eric, Me and Emily

Mile 10-12: We kept seeing this group of guys along the course. Every time we saw them I'd shout "hey we're here! you didn't miss us! don't worry!!" and then they'd go crazy for us. It was hilarious. Emily was about ready to kill me at this point, but if you don't get a little homicidal during a marathon-maybe you aren't pushing yourself very hard. Mile 10 is when the full splits off from the half, and we waved good bye to the really crazy people and started making our way back the finish. We were back on the trail and facing familiarity. Emily almost punched out some super rude running girl, and that was funny. Right before mile 12, a 39 year old man collapsed from cardiac arrest. When we ran by him, he was being resuscitated and honestly-it was really frightening. I won't go into much detail about that, but it totally messed with our heads-especially with all the rumors and talk for the remaining of the race. I could only think about his family waiting for him at the finish line.

Mile 13.1: I made the mistake of telling Emily that after the bridge we'd be at the finish, but there were really two bridges so mentally she was done when there was a little less than half a mile to go. For that she was really ready to kill me, and I allowed her to punch me. It hurt but I think it was worth it. We went under the second bridge, saw the finish line and Emily picked it up. We sprinted the chute and BAM we crossed the finish line AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. How cool is that? Down to the millisecond. This is amazing to me, because this is our chip times-bot the running clock. How cool?

Huge Thanks to the Volunteer of the year, my BFF Megan!!

Mile +1: We walked through the food lines, got our medal and then sat down in the grass. Like I said, it was unseasonably warm-it felt like 60 degrees. Emily's feet were absolutely killing her, likely due to ill-fitting shoes, but I rubbed her feet. We took a million pictures, and then went to breakfast.

Oh and happy Race-a-versary to me! This was the anniversary of my first half marathon!
Gobbler Grind 2009!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sad News

One of my favorite local no-kill shelters is being forced to close their door due funding issues.
As a result, more than 100 animals need to be placed in forever homes with in a week.
The Pet Connection is offering adoptions without fees, and sending the animals home with treats and starter kits.
They have some of the most gorgeous dogs and kittehs evah.
To view their adoptbles please click the following: for CATS and for DOGS
This is your chance to save a life for free.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Ready, Let's Go

This just in: I reinstated Ten Mile Tuesday.

Why? Because I wanna.

Tuesday, I had the day off from work and so I leisurely work up, drank coffee, had breakfast and took Goliath out on the trail. As of late, running means scheduling in mileage and making sure I have enough time to get the miles in-which means pressure and stress to get the miles done. Sometimes pressure is good, but stress isn't. I don't like have exactly an hour to get a solid six miles in, it stresses me out. If something goes wrong, a cramp or a spill I'm screwed and may run the risk of being late for work. Not on Tuesday, we hit the trail with no goal.

I love these tights, new favorite.

I immediately could tell I felt amazing. Nothing hurt. It was phenomenal. A mile in, I decided we were going to push a full ten-and we did. It was absolutely ideal. Goliath really was loving it. It got to this point where I hadn't look at my Garmin for a while and when I finally did I was 4.67 miles in. Saaaayyyywhooo? I haven't had a run like this in a long, long, long time. Getting that mileage down made me feel super accomplished.

This is a little spot on the trail, that the photograph doesn't do any justice. The picture looks warped but it's a steep slope followed by a steep hill. It's totally brutal in the winter, but on Tuesday Goliath and I went half way down, took a left and explored around it.

I want to live in these homes, how lucky they are to live right on the trail.

There really are no words to adequately describe how perfect this run was, so I'll just leave it at that. We finished ten miles, and collapsed on the couch. I'm so excited about the weather right now too, fall is beautiful. During the fall, everyone is a runner.

So there that is: Ten Mile Tuesday

In other news, Goliath's Gang is looking pretty awesome! I got a lot of families added the other night, and I'm still working on it, so take a look-and make sure you email us your story.

Total Mileage: 10:03
Time: 1:30:14

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Invest Your Love

Saturday was the Fall Girls on the Run 5k, I signed up to volunteer. I
swear if I don't run this as a coach, I will always be volunteering.
If y'all don't know what GOTR is google it or look up the Spring 5k
recap in the blog history.

It's an amazing organization, that I really wish I had the time to be
more involved with. For now, I will just have to be a course monitor
twice a year. It was wicked cold, the wind was absolutely frigid. If I
hadn't promised to be there I would not have been outside, let alone
running in it. More than half of those girls looked absolutely
miserable. Lucky for me, the runners had to pass through my
intersection three times. The evolution of misery as the miles passed
was such a beautiful metaphor. On their third pass, they were in the
finish chute-and seeing them realize "hay! It's over and it wasn't
THAT bad!" was totally legendary. Why? Because no matter how many
races you do, no matter how good you get: you always feel that way in
the chute.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let Love Grow

I am seriously in love with this song right now.
What song are you in love with this very second?

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Heart Stumbles on Things I Don't Know

Holy Moly, has it really been since October 29 since I've updated. I apologize to all 113 legit followers and 100+ anonymous daily hits. You guys know the story, it's the same old same old-I was just wicked busy.

Well what can I say? We are a little over a week away from the Grind Half Marathon. I am SO excited. It's going to be so fun. It's on my home turf, it's with my best friend-my sister, and we've been having the best time training together. Our long runs have become "Miles and Bagels" Saturday. We are having a hard time picking out what we should wear? Suggestions? We want to match, and we want to get a little crazy. If you suggest something, and we wear it-you'll get a prize. So get to online shopping ;)

Speaking of costumes, are you guys ready to hear about my next marathon? Ok you are?

Why yes, it's is the OZ Marathon right here in the heart of Kansas.

Why yes, I will be wearing a costume.

Why yes, I will be dressed as Dorothy.

Why yes, my sneakers will be ruby red.



There's no place like the finish line.

There's no place like the finish line.

FYI: If I see anyone at the start with MY costume and MY shirt idea, someone will die from idea infringement.

Keep the emails coming for Goliath's Gang! I'm trying to catch up, but my email is jammed!
Once I get caught up, we'll move on to the next giveaway-but in the meantime if you have any questions or post topics you'd like to see discussed on TBB please email us at our newly set up and totally official blog email:

When we get our own domain, it will be more official, but this will do for now.