Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tell Me the World Ain't Mine

Are you ready for MEGA MID WEEK PHOTO-THON!?! I don't know why, but I've got a lot of bases to cover today so brace yourself and get your scroll finger ready, here's to hoping your reader doesn't freeze.

Last evening after an additional two miles, I came home to Goliath nestled in our bed. No surprise. He has a nasty habit though, he likes to eat bed skirts and sheets. Unfortunately for the Bosky Family his tastes have matured to comforters. Now this surely will break the bank. Buying a new fitted sheet every so often is really no skin off my teeth, but I absolutely can not replace the habit with comforters. Even if they are cheapo Target comforters. My guess is he figured out that the blanket was stuffed with his favorite batting, and it simulates disemboweling an animal and you know the rest.

Who doesn't want a hole in their comforter? Seriously.

Regardless of the motive, it also tells me that even after a six mile run he wasn't completely worn out. The joys of a working breed. This looming thought left me worried about our brief jaunt this afternoon. BUT I promised myself that I would take the shorter runs more seriously, so two miles it was and two miles only. There's a reason the schedule has a two mile run, and not "at least two miles" on it. Tacking mileage on to scheduled runs is a bad habit of mine, and is the most likely culprit of my over training.

Our trail is half a mile away, so by the time we get there on two mile days we only get about eight minutes on it. That's such a shame is it not? Our favorite place in the whole-wide-world, and we only get eight minutes? We know we'll be back tomorrow so our whining is really so pointless. The turn around came quick enough, we were both feeling it. My lactate threshold peaked pretty quickly, and Goliath was panting pretty heavily. At one point, I had a mini heart attack because I thought he had gotten off his leash but when I looked down he was trotting with me completely in sync. Maybe he'll make that a habit too? Slack in the lead, how cool!

That's his "HUH?" face

Remember how I said I would NOT tack on mileage? Well I lied, but maybe you'll forgive me and understand. I ran exactly two miles, no more no less. When we arrived home, and synced our run onto Nike+ it showed us that we were less than a mile away from achieving a new status. GREEN! So we went back out and looped around the block a few times, is that cheating nike? Maybe. So now since we bought that sport kit in January, Goliath and I have logged over 250 kilometers. Pretty nifty.

I always feel like ultracool training in a race shirt

Is it odd that I crave protein bars? Is there an addictive substance in them? Like Cocaine Power Protein Plus Bars? As clean as my diet is, protein bars and supplements are my one exception to the rule. I've toyed around with a few but, I always go back to one. This morning I gave the Kashi variety a try:

...and honestly? Not a fan. I thought I was going to be all YAY NATURAL PROTEIN BAR YAY! But no. It was really small, didn't satiate me and was kind of dry. Now I know protein bars aren't like some dietary excellence but as far as they go, this was blugh. My favorite?

The only real problem is that I can eat like six or hundred in a day. Not to mention there's nearly twice the amount of protein than the Kashi bar, with the same calories. Sorry natural diet, PowerBar wins.

I have never been the type of person to count calories, and that's why Weight Watchers has been so successful in helping me get to goal. Now that I am so close, it was suggested to me to count calories in addition to points. It's quite the feat, but I downloaded another food tracking application for my iPhone. Tracking points is second nature, so it's calorie cousin hasn't been too difficult. The funny thing is, as educated as I am in food choices I still get surprised by the amount of calories in things. Today, for instance, I added my broccoli and was shocked to see that it had ACTUAL calories. BUT broccoli is ZERO. Don't be fooled, I KNOW everything has calories but you forget sometimes ya know?

Have you guys met Sally yet? Sally is a whoodle who lives at my place of work. She's an awesome dog, and hypoallergenic too!

Today's Mileage: 2.94
Time: 20:41

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grab Hold and Don't Look Left

It's the little things. The little things that add up. Every hundred pennies make a dollar, and with a dollar you can buy some GU. Every few thousand steps accumulate into a mile, and if you can figure out how to run one mile you can sure as shoes run twenty-six.

The minutia have been falling off my radar. I'm zoomed out on the big picture, when really I need to be examining each pixel. There are a little over a 160 days until my full marathon, and that's all I can think about. Yet, I'm still overlooking fundamentals that are going to make me succeed.

Building blocks like form, stretching, proper warm ups and things of that ilk. Do you ever get a little cocky and think Two miles? That's a waste of my time. Truth be told, that's my line of thought lately. My training schedule usually has a two miler mid week, and I've been either skipping it or not taking it seriously. After my 10k this morning, I realized that those two miles regardless of how short it may seem, could really benefit my training. I could use those as form-miles, or to interval train or a million other things that could make me not just better, but great. Great runners don't skip training do they? Great runners also don't phone in cross-training, but we shall save that epiphany for another post.

Yesterday, we didn't have anything set in stone and after my awful performance on Sunday I knew I needed something. So Goliath, my friend Amanda and myself went for a little stroll. It's so odd walking. How novel? It's actually quite relaxing. We walked to Goliath's favorite spot, hoping to catch some geese. Sure enough, there were four. Four meant, four times the effort for Goliath. He jumped in and I swear he ran on water, or well maybe rocks just beneath the surface. I may never really know if wants to play with the geese or eat them, but it's pretty funny watching him try.

Has anyone seen my dog?

We had our fun yesterday, so today was the real work. I think G-Money knew that too, because the second the leash clicked he was ready to roll. There were six miles to tread, and man did we. At our split, I was ready to be finished. Maybe that's why my training has been so successful on my trail, when I split I HAVE to go back. Running loops makes it too easy for me to quit, or make excuses.

Do not lecture me but, I have been running in retired shoes. OH MY GOD! GASP! I know, I'm awful. What is an injury prone runner doing in shoes that in effect caused injury? Well, my new Bowerman's have been killing my feet. For the life of me, I can not figure out why. They are the exact same shoe, just a newer model. Nike says there were no major changes, so why oh why do my feet ache after a mile? Today, I decided to give them one last shot before I gave up and splurged on a new pair. As expected the outer edge of my feet started aching at mile one, and was unbearable by mile two. Well I sat down, and untied the shoes. Instantly the pain dissipated. All this time my shoes were too tight, the last four miles my feet felt like feathers. Like I said, it's the little things.

Today's Mileage: 6.2
Time: 53:22

Monday, April 19, 2010

Do I Make Your Heart Beat?

MRS-to-be-Meagan tagged The Bosky Blog, which marks our first blogosphere award. ever.
Thanks Chief!

This is when I tell you ten things Goliath& Julia love, in no real relevant order:

o1. Peanut Butter

o2. Our Person
o3. Long Run days
o4. Pizza
o5. Races

o6. THE DOG PARK! o7. Our comfy couch corner
o8. Afternoon naps

o9. Big hugs
1o. Treats

I crown thee:
Geeky Blake from Pulling the Plug
Jessica from Jessica's Jaunt

Do not underestimate this post, it took me forever!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Perfectin' My Hustle

Hey TBB readers! The IPhone is back in action, big thanks to my friend Blake! Here are a few pictures to go along with the previous post.

Today was suppose to be my long run, 12 miles, well I went 3.4 and felt like I was going to die. I wanted to cut out my lungs, my knees and anything in my way. I attempted to run at a different park, with a looping path. Absolutely, useless. Who wants to run in half mile circles? Twenty-four times nonetheless. Not me obviously.

Today's Mileage: 3.4

Monday, April 12, 2010

5k Winner Profile

Kari H.

Age: 27
City: Kenyon, MN
When I started running: I started the C25k early this year and jumped into full on jogging in March!
Favorite thing about running: The feeling of accomplishment afterward!
Running goals for this year: I entered myself in Grandma's Half Marathon lottery for the race in June and was selected! That's actually what motivated me to get going with daily running. I figured that there are many people who would have loved to have been selected in the lottery, I CAN NOT BLOW THIS OFF! :-)
Fun quirky running fact about myself:...umm...Prior to 2010, the last time I "ran" was the physical fitness enforced mile run in 10th grade (1999), and I never was able to finish the mile run without walking! I know know that running is 98% mental...we are capable of anything we put our minds to and you can be a "runner" even if you weren't a "natural born runner" :-)

Kari will be running the 8th Annual Time to Fly 5k to benefit Children's Cancer Research Fun.
The race is in June, and TBB can't wait to hear how she does!

The Rush is Worth the Price I Pay

Wow, what a neglectful blogger I have been! This will be a post of epic proportions. So today will be a blog-update-a-rama-spectacular.

Where to start...where to start...Since it's been over a week, and a week of really exciting happenings, we'll start where we left off.

Last weekend, Goliath and I were bored and the spouse was sleeping in later than usual so we made the executive decision to run to the dog park. We routed out our trail, gave the hubs and ETA and set off. Neither of us were really ready to run in the heat, and by heat I mean like 70+ degrees. Which comparatively, that's HOT to us. There seemed to be like half a million people on the trail, and even more people at the dog park.

We met some friends there, and sorry followers, there were pictures but I can't upload them. You'll soon find out why. As per normal, the park was a giant mud pit and Goliath was all over it. He found a 4-month old Husky to play with, that is until the puppy's owner thought it was a good idea to KICK Goliath. To make a really interesting story, a not so interesting one: we got in a little altercation which ended in the opposite owner cussing me out. You read that correctly, he cussed me out because I was angry he kicked my dog. People are so stable.

Well considerably upset, I mistakenly put my phone in its case but didn't close it so it flew out and shattered. Peace out iPhone. What a great afternoon, right?

In the days to follow, I complained about that doucher and my phone enough to drive any sane person insane. We have since shipped off the phone to be repaired, and then the blog will be full operational once again.

Yesterday, I ran the Olathe Half Marathon with my friend Megan, while my friends Megan, Anna, and Colleen ran the 5k portion. AND all of us ran with Meagan in spirit, who's luck dealt her one too many flat tire cards.

Without spilling too many excuses and telling you some long drawn out story, it was a hilarious series of events which lead up to a fun race with good people. It also makes the second race for me to vomit. Let's not make that a ritual, please oh please. Unfortunately no PR for me, but my partner set one and that's all I can really ask for right?

Now, that a week's worth of training and doggie happenings have been meshed into a few paragraphs I'll leave you with a montage of last night's trip to the DP:

Week's Mileage: 35

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Help! I'm Alive!


Sorry for the lack of updates, Goliath and I have been super busy getting yelled at the dog park and then breaking iphones :(

We have had zero time to do anything but squeeze in our runs, and eat.

Goliath is going to the vet today, and Saturday I'm running another half marathon so we'll have tons of updates to come!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Meet Me Halfway

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately. B-E-A-UUUTIFUL! We've been spending as much time out of doors as possible. It's still rest time for me, so we are avoiding running. I thought today was a five mile run, but I was mistaken that isn't until tomorrow!

We've been going on lots of walks, and visiting parks. Ya know, playing fetch and digging holes. Things of that ilk. When I say "we've" been doing those things, I mean Goliath has done them and I've abetted to them. Last night, I strolled through my mother-in-law's backyard just counting the holes. Seven. Seven holes we'll eventually have to fill and reseed, but for now they are Goliath's trophies. I couldn't help but laugh, I feel terrible he's destroyed the yard but he's just so proud of himself. When I would walk up to one, he'd would stand in it. Goliath is a proud dog, and I appreciate that. Sometimes, when I don't recognize my accomplishments he helps me to realize that even a ten minute hole is something worth cheering over.

Even if it's getting all dirty, and smelly-he's proud. Maybe especially proud. Whilst walking through the trails at the dog park, I caught him cock roaching and snapped a quick picture. Little did I know, he was roaching in a DEAD SNAKE! AH. I almost puked everywhere. Snakes don't both me, and dead things don't bother me-but decomposition is a smell I just can not deal with. Apparently, canines adore it. I was mortified that he would want to perfume himself in that, but a black lab named Carly came right up and followed in same suit. Carly had a bandanna around her neck, so I fear her scent may be a tad more permanent.

Now this got me thinking, his proudest to me is the most repulsive. Are there accomplishments out there that I've lessened for other people because to me they weren't that impressive? I know in recent events, I have experienced this. Why aren't you proud of me? That was the look G-MonZ gave me as I tossed him in the bath tub, I worked really hard and you're just washing it away! It was a reminder to me, and hopefully to you, that personal achievements are just that: personal. Sometimes they are such an achievement that only you can recognize them, and others might be quick the dismiss them. At the end of the day, only you can determine the weight of your satisfaction and even though people may be proud that you achieved, only you can be proud of the journey to get there.


Thanks everyone for participating, runners up will be receiving prizes in the mail.

More details to come.