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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Chest to the Sun


When I run in the am, I am hungry all day so that coupled with Weight Watchers which is essentially caloric restriction, I am really hungry.  Blugh.  At least tonight was sushi night with my love!

On the new WW plan, I only get 26 points...which is balls because I roughly eat a bajillion in one sitting.  Oh, that's why my jeans are tight? Ohhh ok. And it's weird trying to relearn the whole system again.  I was so successful on it in the past, that it kind of cheapens it now.  It's like retaking a CPR class when you were certified a few years ago, okay so yeah they have changed the number of compressions to breaths, but isn't it really generally the same: pump the heart-exhale in air, just like weight watchers: moderate your food and track it.  

Weight Watchers, you can finagle your point system all you want make chicken X points on this plan and Y points on that plan and then give me Z points on who's plan?  
Chicken is chicken, no matter how many points 
are attached and fat on my ass is fat on my ass no matter how many times I check the mirror. 

The point is this losing weight is hard, keeping up with plans is hard but I figure maybe if I pay for it....I will actually utilizing the tools they give me and make it work for me?  Misconception?  We will see I guess.

Goliath and I had a swell three miler this morning.  My Garmin is I think really dead this time.  So I just ran, and we both really enjoyed it.  Not just because we were running, but because we had the freedom and circumstance to....ahhh, thank you winter break.  

Now my shin splints are flarin'  so onto the next ouchie right?  It was REALLY cold,  my whole body was RED when I got home but so worth it.

Today's Food Not Pictured: Fage 0% yogurt, 2 clementines, Coffee, tuna with broccoli and rice and cheese, salad, crab rangoon,sushi, carrots

Today's Picture:

What time of day you prefer to run?
Have you ever returned to a eating-program after previously being successful?

This Post Brought to You By: "Good Feeling"-Flo Rida

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's About That Time

So you want some Winter Do's and Don'ts?

1. Do: Reuse your safety pins. That sweat wicking under layer can be a stickler for staying at your waist line. If it's tight fitting, like it should be-it will likely ride up. There is nothing more annoying then an under armor layer bunching under your boobs. So here's what you do, take those annoying safety pins you have left over from every race you've ever ran and pin the front/back of the shirt to your shorts and viola! no more riding.

2. Don't: Lick your lips. Seriously, do not do it. The cold and wind will dry out your lips fast and once you lick your lips once to add moisture you won't be able to stop. Cake your lips in plain chapstick before you g o out. If you forget to do that, if you can get through the first 5-10 minutes of outdoor running without licking your licks, you'll start to forget the annoyance of dry lips.

3. Do: Invest in menthol rubs, or anything menthol. When you get back from an hour in the frigid cold, your lungs might naturally be congested. You might be a little wheezy from the restriction the cold caused. I have menthol body wash, it's a soothing body analgesic and coupled with hot steam it helps me breathe easy. Also, here's an inside tip: Vicks Vaporub is applied to baby's feet in hospitals when the have URIs because the menthol is overwhelming to infants. When you get out of the shower, put some vicks on your feet and then put on socks. In about 10-15 minutes you'll start to exhale menthol. It's magic and works.

4. Don't: Rapidly breathe. You know what happens to things in the cold right? They shrink. Cold air will restrict your airways, and it will be harder to breathe. Cold weather running takes conditioning. Inhale through your nose and then "HA" it out your mouth, slowly. By no me ans, inhale and exhale rapidly-which might be a natural inclination.

5. Do: Buy a really good moisturizer. Do you have some lotions? Do any of them dispense through a pump? Those aren't any good. Any lotion that can be pumped or squirted have been thinned with alcohol additives. Winter running will dry your skin to new levels of alligator. Lotions in tubs with lids, no I don't mean bath and body works body butters, are the best. Eucerin, original and in the tub, gets my seal approval. Lotions with fragrances, pumps and aren't very viscous can actually dry out your skin.

6. Don't: Partner with someone who's a complainer. Wanna brave the cold? Don't do it with someone who is going to rely on you to drill Sergent them through it. Run with someone who is impervious to the cold, who is going to run with you like it's a spring day. Moaning about how miserable the cold it will only make it worse. Run with someone who is just happy to be running.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lookin' So Fly

Did you know that during the Winter it gets cold in Kansas? Like really cold. Guess who had the day off on Monday? I've been mah-jah-lee slacking, even though I have a brutal half marathon coming up, so I went out for a mah-jah run. Goliath was mah-jah-lee stoked. The first half mile was mah-jah-lee cold. Downhill, wind whipping in my face, numb. It got me thinking, OH MY GOD I'm only going a mile. Well, that, and This is my third winter running.

Now, I know three winters doesn't make me an expert or anything....but three Midwest winters with a husky might. I've compiled a list of my some winter running tips, gear suggestions and hilarious winter running stories. It's going to be a series.

Today, we are going to talk about: Julia's Winter Must Haves
1. First and foremost, VASELINE. It's a life saver. Schmear it everywhere, like cream cheese. I mainly put it on my face to break the wind, and prevent face chapping. I mega-abhor coming home from a run, and having pores the size of moon craters because of wind/cold chap. Not this lady. Vaseline is a useful tool that can also help winterize your shoeskis. Dab a little on mesh areas of shoes to prevent snow, ice and snowmelt from invading. Now you have a foot-snow barrier.

2. Something fleece to cover your ears. I prefer a headband, it's aerodynamic. However, ear muffs, a hat, you hands with gloves on them-would also work, I assume. Personally, I need something that gives me the freedom to have a pony tail, or a braid, the versatility of reversableness and the warmth of fleece.

3. Decent running tights. Here's a shocker: top of line tights are just as good as cheap ones. So you can't afford $100 tights-one of my favorite pair of tights are from Forever 21, meant to be worn under some skanky dress and were $5. Sure Brooks has awesome tights, and I'd love to have a pair-but if I'm only running for 30-40 minutes, my little spandex tights with two seams work just as well.

4. Layers. This is a no brainer, but layers-even ditchable layers are life savers. I like a dry fit base, a cotton tee, and a fleece lined hoodie. There's the ole' 20 degree rule, so I try to stick with that pretty closely. Old Navy right now has these pretty baller hoodies, that have the headphones built into the lining. It's machine washable and eliminates extra baggage, so that's my suggestion.

5. Throw away gloves. Total need. Gloves you can blow your nose into, and toss on the side of the road in a race. They are like a $1 for two pairs at target. Get hip.

Ok, that's it for now for my gear suggestions. Tune in tomorrow for survival tips.

Yesterday Mileage: 5.1
Times: 50:14

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Running is hard. Like it's really hard ya'll. I've never ever once said "WOOOO DOGGGY! What an easy run that was!" So yeah, running is hard. It's difficult. It's difficult ENOUGH, but when you toss in things like doubling your work hours, getting sick and limited daylight-it becomes what we humans like to deem impossible.

Impossible is a word we are taught as kids that should exist in the human language. Anything is POSSIBLE when you put your mind to it! The countless adages reminding us that we are mediocre, and perhaps gave up too soon , personally I've always loved: Impossible is just I'm Possible! What does that even mean? I'm possible? To me, that sounds like a colleged-up way of saying I'm DOABLE! Ok, so I digress.

Running becomes impossible sometimes. Regardless of what you were taught, or come to convince yourself: there are things that are impossible or implausible or impractical. You pick your synonym.

So you work 12 hours a day, and say you spend another hour driving to and from work, 30 minutes getting ready for work (which is conservative), 30 minutes getting ready for bed, and 8 hours sleeping a night (which is being generous): that puts you at a solid scheduled 22 hours, 8 of which are unconscious. So there's two hours you could spend running right? WRONG. That little formula didn't account for things like taking a poop, preparing meals, opening your mail, answering your cell phone or updating your blog. Sometimes taking a poop can block out a whole hour, not personally-but I know a guy, don't ask.

I don't mean to make you panic, but that was just a week day. Weekends would be great then right? WRONG. Think about all those basic needs you neglected throughout the week: laundry, dishes, sleep, etc. Writing this all out makes me feel overwhelmed-but the point is: Yes, buying out the time to run can be impossible. There are going to be days, weeks-maybe months where it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to run. It could because your injured, it could be because you have an insane schedule where you wake up and it's dark, and come home and it's dark.

Whatever the reason the prevents you from the pavement, the key is to let go of the guilt. So yeah, it sucks-you can't run. Running might be your biggest stress reliever. So don't let not running cause you stress.
Clearly, you can tell what prompted this post. I really haven't been running much, despite my best intentions. I'll put my running gear out in the morning, but it's a little nutty to run at 4AM right? I'll pack my running stuff to work, and promise myself I'll change into and come straight home and run-but then I work late. When I don't run, I do go a little crazy. Something in my internally feels off. Worst of all, I get really cranky.

Monday night, I snapped at Lo over something so meaningless and trivial that I literally stood up, put on my running clothes and walked to the disgusting apartment complex gym to run on the treadmill. Yes, you are reading that correct. I, Julia, Queen of the Trail, forger of creeks, lover of mud-ran on a treadmill. AND.....IT....WAS....miserable.

I can run for hours outdoors with G-Bonez but I can hardly last 10 minutes on the rotating belt. I'm going to have to figure out how to make it bearable, but right now it's my only possibility. So UP Next on The Bosky Blog: Learning how to enjoy the DreadMill.
In other husband has a moustache, and I don't hate it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teary Eyed Nose Running, Wipe the Snot on my Sleeve

Disaster. Can't a sister catch a break? If there were ever an injury prevention poster child of what NOT to do, I'd be it. We can now add: messed up right knee, to my unending list of injuries. If you were wondering "messed up right knee" is the official diagnosis.

The equation goes like this: solid ice + G-Money on a leash + birds = jolted right arm, twisted hip and knee and face met trail. Ow. Goliath's biggest downfall is how prey driven he is, and it's one of those traits that's hard to knock and out train. I've forgiven him emotionally, but physically I have a feeling this injury will take a while to heal. The ice bath was like insult to injury, it's five degrees today and instead of a nice hot shower I got an freezing ice bath to ward off swelling.

We managed a total of 2.78 miles today of our scheduled 6, but it was mostly walking. The fall occurred early on, and I hoped I could "walk it off."

I like this picture, it's a half woman half dog running machine.

Today's Mileage: 2.78
Time: why bother

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fifteen Percent Concentrated Power of Will

Tons of things to report since last Thursday. And by tons, I mean very few. The weekend wasn't eventful for me, but Goliath? He had the time of his life with his girlfriend Sarai. Sarai is a boxer mix like Goliath, but she's missing the breed that's wired for continual energy. Goliath never gave the poor pup a break, she went from this:

To this:

...after four hours of non-stop playing.

I swear the guy never wears out, and only sleeps out of boredom. So the idea that I need to run him daily is both negated, and supported. He needs to work out, but it certainly doesn't tire him out like it should. While he's already marathon ready, and built for speed I am not.

We set out for our daily miles today, just like any other day except one thing. I really didn't want to. I've been in this wicked funk: eating poopie foods, and not running. Essentially being sedentary. Optimistically, I thought if it got warm I'd want to run but it didn't and I keep skipping training. I even put on my marathon socks to get me motivated.

As usual, however, after the first half mile I renewed my love and pushed the work out.

The trail was solid, solid ice and running on it was more like jumping up and forward over and over as to not slip. If I had used my normal form it would have been akin to running up the down escalator. Goliath was splendid on the ice, and did not pull me. I have this inherit fear of falling terribly, alone and breaking a leg or something. Maybe Goliath shares that fear, because it's as if he inherently knows not to pull on ice.

At our split we took a two minute breather, and by breather I mean: I caught my breath and Goliath sniffed and explored. It was the type of cold today that makes your teeth hurt, and nose ache. My eyes stung, and my face was so dry. This did not make me very happy.

The back end of my run was incredible, I averaged an 8:30 minute/mile and spent most it on grass. Pushing myself felt great, but afterwards I couldn't help be be annoyed with myself. Over the span of a year I have progressed in running a lot, so why am I putting up roadblocks? Why do I need to continue to kick myself to get out there and run? I know full well that the hardest part is getting up and doing it, but I hate starting my runs with resentment-it makes them less enjoyable, and by the time I'm halfway finished I wish I had enjoyed the first half more. My runs are too short and far between these days to be angry at the miles.

I know it's cold, and I know I'm prone to injury but no more excuses, and avoiding the pavement.

Today's Mileage: 5.1
Time: 45:24

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Pain that Buckles out Your Knees

Yesterday's run really made today's eight a lot harder. My legs are exhausted, and my shoes are pushing 380 miles. I haven't pushed that mileage on our trail since running the Gobbler Grind in November. It was motivating to remember that the last time I paced through those woods was when I completed my first marathon.

Our scenery improves as the foliage turns green, and the animals come out. When the grass gets tall, Goliath likes to chomp at it and cut his own path. Some days I would be so focused, I wouldn't notice that he'd found some carcass and was proudly strutting it alongside me. Little puppy Goliath found a lot gross things, including snakes. He's such a prey driven dog, that anything that moves along our path catches his attention and needs inspection. The milliseconds where he decides to attack or ignore are priceless. His stance gets wide, and his neck elongates. The ears perk, and twitch like radar.

I get a little intimidated at our splits. My mind gets caught up in the pain in my knees, the muscles that are now bricks and how raw my lungs are. Then the thought of "I'm only halfway finished," enters my head and suddenly I feel exponentially exhausted. Suddenly, I mentally don't think I can do it. Regardless of what the total mileage is, it could be 2 or it could 15, I feel this way.

At 4.1, I collapsed into the grass to stretch. Our scheduled two minute split became a five minute rest. It was laughable: me sprawled out in the grass while he darted in and out of the tall weeds. Smart money says that for every mile I log, Goliath doubles it. I couldn't even get him to sit still for this:

Today's Mileage: 8.3
Time: 1:20:18