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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Chest to the Sun


When I run in the am, I am hungry all day so that coupled with Weight Watchers which is essentially caloric restriction, I am really hungry.  Blugh.  At least tonight was sushi night with my love!

On the new WW plan, I only get 26 points...which is balls because I roughly eat a bajillion in one sitting.  Oh, that's why my jeans are tight? Ohhh ok. And it's weird trying to relearn the whole system again.  I was so successful on it in the past, that it kind of cheapens it now.  It's like retaking a CPR class when you were certified a few years ago, okay so yeah they have changed the number of compressions to breaths, but isn't it really generally the same: pump the heart-exhale in air, just like weight watchers: moderate your food and track it.  

Weight Watchers, you can finagle your point system all you want make chicken X points on this plan and Y points on that plan and then give me Z points on who's plan?  
Chicken is chicken, no matter how many points 
are attached and fat on my ass is fat on my ass no matter how many times I check the mirror. 

The point is this losing weight is hard, keeping up with plans is hard but I figure maybe if I pay for it....I will actually utilizing the tools they give me and make it work for me?  Misconception?  We will see I guess.

Goliath and I had a swell three miler this morning.  My Garmin is I think really dead this time.  So I just ran, and we both really enjoyed it.  Not just because we were running, but because we had the freedom and circumstance to....ahhh, thank you winter break.  

Now my shin splints are flarin'  so onto the next ouchie right?  It was REALLY cold,  my whole body was RED when I got home but so worth it.

Today's Food Not Pictured: Fage 0% yogurt, 2 clementines, Coffee, tuna with broccoli and rice and cheese, salad, crab rangoon,sushi, carrots

Today's Picture:

What time of day you prefer to run?
Have you ever returned to a eating-program after previously being successful?

This Post Brought to You By: "Good Feeling"-Flo Rida

Monday, December 19, 2011

You Got it Girl, There You Go

Hello Friends!!!!!!

Ahhh I am so excited to have enough time to breath, think and even update this little thing I call a blog!

Let me just say the past two weeks have been INSANE. Between starting a new job and finals, the transition, training and studying I was totally swamped.

By the end of it, I was exhausted and my fridge looked like this my laundry looked like this...
...and I found myself looking a lot like this most days...

Anyway, finals are over and I am getting acclimated to my new schedule but not for long because next semester I switch to night classes. So I apologize ahead of time for the weird hours I will be keeping come January.

Here's a quick update on Goliath and I, and then we jump right back in where we left off:
-Goliath is officially three years old, but still a puppy and next week we celebrate our three years of familyhood
-My knee was officially diagnosed with a torn medial meniscus.  I was depressed at first, but really the diagnosis didn't change anything, the treatment regime is still the same and I am still allowed to run in moderation and under my Sports Team's supervision
-My new position at work ROCKS! I lurrrv it and we are in the works of kicking off our 2012 wellness program with a bang
-I joined Weight Watchers again.  I figured that if my running wasn't going to as regular as it has been due to my knee injury, I needed something to keep my accountable.  I seriously can't deal with the scale guilt, and I seriously can't allow myself to get back to where I was three years ago.
-My sister is back in town!! WEEEE!!! Shannigans!!

So that's about it on my end, and now I leave you with pictures from yesterday's amazing run:
...and don't worry guys, I bought groceries and did my laundry.

How are you!?!?
Tell me three things about the last two weeks!
What's your favorite running setting: streets, treadmill, trail, other?

The Post Brought to You By: "Make Me Proud"-Drake feat. Nicki Minaj

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where There's Gold

So remember that time I said I needed to lose weight and then ignored that for two months?

So maybe now that I can't run, it is a good opportunity to focus on my diet and actually LOSING weight and not my mobility.

I have worked really hard on making my work space healthy. I know have talked about it before, but taken certain measures to ensure my success at work.

Drawer full of work out clothes:

Never ending supply of healthy dry goods like oatmeal and replinishing supply of hearty fruit/veggies:

Healthy Readings:

Workout necessities:

So now...I just gotta explore my exercise options. I am regular with yoga, will be hitting the pool pretty hard and MAYBE I will look into a spin class? Who knows! I need a plan.

How have you made your work space healthy?
What are your favorite non-running work outs?
Are you into new fall tv shows?

Monday, August 29, 2011

You and Tequila Make me Crazy

I don't feel so good.

Nausea just hit me like a ton of bricks, maybe it was the mustard-pickle-jalapeño-turkey wrap I made....maybe my blood sugar is dropping?? I dunno. I got all stoked to update y'all and boom! Grossness.

So I maintained radio silence since Friday because how crazy work has been. Friday turned out to be excellent. Margaritas and Mexican food with friends.

Saturday, was a rest day for me and I took Goliath to the dog park. We played. We swam. Well, he swam. It was hot.

I worked that night, which kept me tame so I could get up for my long run on Sunday. Which was disastrous when there are two accidents on the highway, a 5k on the trail you want to run and half of it is closed due to construction.

They literally blew up the trail. Awesome. I got my miles and am feeling it today.

So I know you are dying to know how the week panned out for my weight loss goals!

Start Weight: 152.6
Week One: 148.6

Woot! Prob just water weight, but I can deal!

OOOH and I finished the Hunger Games series. FINALLY. So good. Read it,

How was your weekend?
What's your favorite drink?
Do you take your pups to the dog park? What's yours like?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Look at Me Now

I need to lose weight. Part 3: Before I Start...

Even though, I started my plan technically this morning. I want everyone to know where I am at now...this minute. Not five minutes ago, I took some pictures I guess for your viewing pleasure. These pictures can stand on their own, and need no introduction or commentary. I am just ready for them to change.

So before I start I want to make a few things clear. 1)Although I am being public about this, this blog will not revolve around weight loss. 2) You will now be able to see my food journal on my What I Eat Page. 3) I am sharing my plan, menu and strategies to keep ME accountable and in no way should taken as gospel truth. 4)

Day one has been what I expected. As with anything new, I was ready. I went to the grocery last night, stocked up on new foods that I was excited to try, my exercise was built in through volleyball.

Mmm that would low fat chocolate milk, curry lentil soup with pretzels, and a buffalo chicken collard green wrap.

What was for lunch today?
How do you keep your food journal?
Tried any new foods lately?

The Long Way Around

I need to lose weight. Part 2: What goals are made of

In case you missed last post and you are just too darn lazy to scroll down, which face it-sometimes we all are-I am setting out to lose 10lbs OR fit into size four pants. Whichever comes first.

Last time, I dropped some personal knowledge on y'all on why losing weight is hard for ME. Now today, I am here to tell you HOW I plan on doing this.

How I plan on doing this:
1. I am getting organized, not just about menu planning but scheduling exercise. I have scheduled an hour ever Sunday to plan my week's menus, and exercise. Then I am scheduling it. It may seem silly to schedule your dinner, or work out but guess what? Studies show if you schedule something or put it in writing, you will be more likely to follow through.

2. I will not be afraid to eat. Food is fuel. I will not restrict myself. I will eat what I want, when I am hungry. I will learn to cultivate a healthy desire for food. I will learn the difference between sampling something and scarfing something. I will not be afraid to eat. I will focus my diet on clean, whole foods. Snickers bars need not apply.

3. I am not going to count points, or calories for at least the first week. I am just going to journal, so I can reintroduce myself to tracking. I do not need culture shock, I need a realistic view of my intake and caloric burn.

4. My weigh in day will be Sunday morning before my long runs, so I can spend my long run reflecting on the week. This could be motivation or a hinderance, and I have accepted both. I need a devoted time to reflect but not dwell.

5. Strength training and I will reach a new mature relationship. I have purchased and read the New Rules of Lifting for Women, and intend on following their lifting plan twice weekly. Running and swimming will stay in my routine.

6. I will reward myself for a job well done, and I need new Toms. I will also reward you. Once I get there, there will be an epic giveaway to celebrate.

So there ya have it folks, my five steps to ten. Structure helps me succeed, but it can be difficult when the only person providing structure is yourself.

Standby for Part 3: Before I Start...

What kind of plan are you using to lose weight?
Do you count points, calories, carbs, etc?
If you reward yourself, what is your next reward?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back When it Started

I need to lose weight. Part 1: It is Hard

Yes, I am owning up to it. When I started this blog, I thought I was done losing and ready to start living. But a little over a year later, still running and weight loss maintained but I feel unhappier than ever with my body.

So, no. I am not obese or overweight. I am vain.

Here are few other things I know about myself that make it difficult for me to lose poundage:

1. I LOVE food. My quality of life revolves around what I am eating that day and how good it is. I very rarely eat for sustenance, I eat for pleasure. I make no qualms about it. I love food, and I have no intention of changing that.
2. I have zero self control. While I fully believe one can lose weight without denying oneself of favorites, I don't know how to say no to even things that I don't like. I know I can enjoy the things I love while losing, but I don't know how to say no to well...anything. Which leads to my next point...
3. My stomach never sends me signals that I am way full. I can eat and eat never feel sick. I can feel heavy, but I don't know what the nasty over eating feeling is, because my brain and belly can just bypass that.
4. When I am busy, exercise is the first thing out the window.

5. The best time if day for me to schedule exercise is first thing in the morning.

6. I MEGALOATHE waking up early.

7. I am addicted to sugar. I have two drawers full of candy at work. Once I tried to give up candy for a week and on the third day I cried.
8. Logan loves all thing processed, and can eat them until he is blue in the face. So my cubbard always is stocked with oatmeal cream pies, chips, oreos and the like.

9. The only real form of exercise I enjoy is running, and I fear my body is beyond use to it.

10. I am scale obsessed. When I commit to losing, I weigh myself far too frequently and I live and die but the fluctuation.

Ok. Now that the excuses are out of the way. I am ready for this.

I don't have a lofty goal, just 10 pounds or fit back into my size 4 pants. Whatever comes first, and then I will reassess my feelings.

This concludes Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2: How I am going to do this!

Are you currently working on any goals?
What kind of things are in your way?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Take a Look

Give me strength.

I am sitting here, blogging at Buffalo Wild Wings...(don't ya love the iPad?) sitting and staring at some wings. I have already downed some tater wedges, but God knows that was more than my gut needed. In fact, after meeting tonight I was suppose hit the gym and run six excruciating treadmill miles. I committed to that prior to going in, but who can turn down a social invitation? Not me, but it seems kinda counterintuitive since I am here blogging anyway.

This blog has not been largely about weight loss since by the time I started I had previously reached my main weight loss goal. Now though, I am ready to chronicle a new journey I am starting.

So naturally this post is only about food.

Remember that lime graham gelato? Well I found it in sandwich form.

Also, I am taking my produce challenge seriously. Yeah I put a WHOLE tomato on my tuna sammie.

What's left? Left in my fridge:
-a pound of cherries
1 granny smith apples
-1 nectarine
-1 pound of green grapes
-3 limes
-1 0.5 0.25 of the GIANT zucchini
-half an onion
-8 2 1 tomaters

Is it weird to throw a tomato in a smoothie?

Are you currently working on losing weight?
How do you celebrate your success?
..seriously guys, what kind of bicycle should I get?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Everyday I'm Shuffling

I NEED to talk to you about something important....

Are you listening?

It's about something that could and will change your life.

It's called: DOING LIFE.

Ok, cheesy introductions aside.  Last week, I met up with a bunch of local Kansas Citians and the Do Life Tour to run a 5k around the giant phallic symbol that is the Liberty Memorial. 

How is that NOT a penis? Seriously. Come on.

Now, if you are familiar with the Do Life Tour and Movement please go to paragraph B, if not please read paragraph A.   (look I even color coded it for you)

Paragraph A: The Do Life Movement was started by Ben at  The name kind of explains it self right?  You're not dumb right?  It's about getting off your butt, and doing life.  Ben's story is beyond the description of inspiring, he's lost something like 120 lbs.  He's using his energy, and charisma to motivate others throughout  the grand ol'e US of A to get up, get out there and get ta doin'

This is their mission statement: 
Do Life is the idea that life doesn't have to be ordinary or inconsequential.  The idea that, through running, racing, and doing these things together, we can find and spread happiness.

what up creeper tongue

Paragraph B: High five you know what Do Life is all about!


Anyway, Goliath and I ventured down to Liberty Memorial last Wednesday for the grassroots 5k and we met really sweet peeps like MalayaPaul and a Mom-Son racing team! Since it was a bloggin' event there were lots of photos taken, lots of words spoken and advice shared.

All in all is was an incredibly inspiring event to be a part of, and I hope the rest of Ben's tour goes off without a hitch!!  It's not often someone has an opportunity to touch so many people's lives.

To read more about Ben and the Do Life Movement please check out their website or like them on facebook, and DEFINITELY hit them up when they are in your area!


Friday, July 01, 2011

Video Viernes: 5 Keys to Weight Loss and Keeping it Off

I really apologize for the quality, my mac sucks and I have zero editing skills.

Why do I do this? I guess I enjoy publicly humiliating myself on the internerd.

Love you guys!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Back in Your Head

I am officially doing two-a-day works outs to become adequately trained for the triathlon.  Are you guys so over me telling you how tired I am?  Because, you should be prepared for the onslaught of exhaustion posts.  I am renaming the blog The Tired Tales of Go-Go Goliath and Naptime Julia.  Yesterday, I had that stinkin run in the morning that totally whomped my butt.  Then, I swam half mile after work.  Running is so easy.  When you compare it to swimming. Running requires sneakers and grit.  Swimming requires a swim suit, goggles, skill and coordination. OH, and the fortitude to not panic every time your head is under water.

Maybe I spoiled myself with oxygen the last two years running, but I REALLY like being able to inhale whenever I so decide.  The biggest thing for me with swimming and keeping a steady pace is that to keep form, I will only have a quarter of a second to inhale when I'd really like to turn on my back and float down a lazy current.  Are floaties allowed in a triathlon? 

I am pretty sure a certain gym could sue me for this picture...
Infringements aside, I really am enjoying all the cross-exercising this triathlon has forced me to tackle.  I tell myself over and over again to try different forms of cardio and to build new muscles, I just like...never get around to it on my to do list?  Trails will always be my first love, but it's nice that I've officially used my gym membership more in the last month than I have all year so far.

If you look really close, you can see a fellow blogger....ahah, prize if you know who it is!

Last week, I posted about how I am tackling the little weight gain monster.  So I am gonna briefly give you the low down on my week and tell you how I did with my rules, they aren't goals-and for reference you can find HERE:
1. My sugar intake is low. Not all time low, but I'm at a minimum.  I feel good about this.  Only one day this week did I find myself spooning ice cream out of the carton in my mouth.

2. Revolving my meals around nutrient rich foods has not been a problem in the past, and no real deviation as of late.  I am going to get around to have a food journal up on this blog shortly, but give me time-it's taken me a while to get back to regularly blogging.

3. I am pleased to report that this goal was met, I really focused on water.  I didn't even gorge on gatorade-which is crazy, because I am pretty sure I bleed fruit punch during marathon training.

4. My drink balance from last week, I broke even. This week I am +5 drinks, and check this: I've gone out three times.  Woah, there Charlie.  I think this week I really couldn't bear the idea of any additional cardio.

5.  Did not have to adhere, see above. HIGH FIVE!

OK, with that said I am amending my Constitution with the following:
6. You must weigh yourself weekly. Do not avoid the scale.
7.  No more weekly pedicure until you get back to 140.