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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Like a Shadow

Have I ever told you how much I love the weekend?

I don't know what happened, but I have gone from having the busiest weekends ever to the most laid back care free weekends.  It definitely helps not having to work every weekend.  I love have time to get organized, relax and enjoy just being.  I am one of those people who ALWAYS has to be doing something, working, laundry, cooking, hanging out with people...something.  Logan and Goliath have really helped me to realize that part of enjoying life, is just enjoying not.  Taking the time to decompress and not think or do.  It feels good.

SATURDAY was a glorious day.  The weather was a marvelous 70 degree day.  The Urbans took to the dog park and then Chipotle.  I had a shameless chicken bol with everything my little heart desired, including guacamole.  I figured my intense cardio work out from earlier earned that extra calories.  

The night was FREEZING.  By midnight, it was 31 degrees while I sat by a bonfire and enjoyed the company of my friends who I adore.
SUNDAY even better.  Woke up and dig a personal yoga routine and some minor strength and ab training before I met SwellMary at the gym.  We were suppose to go to Spin but there weren't enough bikes and there were some snobby ladies, so I just left and we did our own bike  hill work out. The remainder of my day was leisurely laying around with Goliath, baking and preparing my meals for the week (I LOVE HAVING TIME TO DO THAT!!) and then a family dinner.  Brussel sprouts!

This next week is going to be fabulous.  
MY SEESTER EMILY IS GOING TO BE BACK ON [email protected] [email protected]@@!#%$#$^@ 

Which day do you prefer Saturday or Sunday?
Do you take time do nothing?
How do you plan your meals?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip Rewind!

***Last week, I went on a roadtrip to drop my baby seester off at college, 15 hours away in Mobile Alabama.  It was the most devastating trip of my life, and I am still trying to be a non-weepy mess. It has LITERALLY been so hard for me to write any sort of post about it, so I am just gonna do a weekend-rewindy thing for ya'll***

7:00 PM:  Arrive home, finally. Burst into tears.

3:30:  Venture into Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, MO.  Tour a underground cave with fellow Missourians.  Have a hilarious experience, especially because the power went out while we were inside the cave and experienced the ultimate darkness.

7:30AM: Take advantage of the free hot breakFEAST at Holiday Inn Express.  That is total sarcasm.  They did have a pancake machine which was SWEET and a literal dream come true.  Press a button, out comes hot fresh pancakes.


11:00 PM: Fall asleep watching weird obsession show on TLC

9:30: Arrive in Grenada, Mississippi and check in to the first decent looking hotel we can find: Holiday Inn Express

5:30: Tearfully leave Mobile, Alabama.  Map our route home on the back roads, like one lane high streets and byways.

4:30: Eat our feelings at Dreamland BBQ.  Amazing.  'Nuff said.

3:45: The time I had been dreading.  Saying Goodbye.  Emily had to rush off to her first official soccer meet
thing with her new collegiate team.  Short goodbye. 

2:00: Go on a wild goose chase around Mobile, Alabama to find Emily shin guards with no avail.  My GPS lead us to an empty parking lot in the middle of downtown and everything was closed because it was Sunday.

1:00: Make our millionth target trip to suit up her room!

NOON: Get all her stuff moved into her new room.  Meet her room mate.  Get all teary and emotional.

8:00: Wake up, and face the day


8:00PM: Veg out with seester.  Spend our last night together doing what we do best, under a blanket watching television.

7:00: Feast on good ol' southern cookin, and meet my mom's old college buddies.

4:00: Arrive back at  Connie's, and watch a marathon of Swamp People. 

NOON: Set out to tour Spring Hill's Campus, and Mobile.  Eat at a hole in the wall joint called Butch Cassidy's. Slam a giant burger, jalapenos stuffed with crab meat and amazing onion rings.

10:00: Venture to Target and Walmart to equip Emily's new space with a ton of awesomeness.

8:00: Lace up my nikes to brave the Alabama humidity, run 4 miles and sweat out my body weight.


10:00 PM: Pass out after the long day

6:00: Feast on amazing Alabama shrimp and crab cakes
3:00: Arrive at Connie's, my mom's old college pal. Both are Spring Hill Alum

NOON: Finally, make it to the beach at Dauphin Island. Become a little kid again.

11:30: Eat lunch at the Dauphin Island golf course. Amazing fried pickles!!

8:00 AM: Leave Jackson, Mississippi. Alabama bound.


11:00PM: Fall asleep watching Jersey Shore

8:00: Run errands around Jackson, MS. Visit Target and Barnes and Nobles.

7:00: Eat at Raising Canes. Good.

6:00: Arrive in Jackson, Mississippi

NOON: Stop in West Plains, MO and eat at a hole in the wall burger joint called Suds-N. Had the most amazing fries I have ever West Plains. Root Beer in a frosty mug!

8:00AM: set out on our journey to Mobile, Alabama.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Rewind!

Midnight: Type out blog post, forget to post it.

11:00: Begrudginly head home, did not want to leave but forced myself due to my tiredness

8:00:  Head over to Rebecca and Isaac's for pizza, and movies.  Eat too much pizza drenched in ranch.

6:00: Play volleybal with friends and family in the scorching heat.

4:30: Run trails at Shawnee Mission Park with Goliath and seester Emily. Get kind of looped around on the trials, garmin is not function not sure of distance or splits. Really fun and slightly dangerous work out.  Incredibly hot and humid.

3:00 PM: Get off Work


Midnight: Make my way into bed.

6:30: Mosy over to our friends Nathan and Kristina's, scarf down giant spicy burgers.  Construct giant 30 foot slip-b-slide in their backyard.  Fly at top speed down hill, get incredible cuts and bruises, but have a hilarious time.

4:30: Wake up from epicnaptime

2:00: Start epicnaptime

11:00: Watch the Adjustment Burea with Logan

10:20: Head down to KU Med Center to do functional tests to start a Barefoot Running Clinical trial with the Orthopedic department

9:30 AM: Wake up!


10:00 PM: Pass out after 16 hour work day

9:30: Get off work

8:00: Pass the time at work with animal foods


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Rewind!

11:38 PM: Update the blog! (from an ipad!! I am sooo getting one.)

9:00: Visit Yogurtime with Marysol and Rebecca to celebrate National Ice cream day...irony??

8:00: Friends come over, eat and drink

7:00: Go into full on food coma, take a nap

6:00: Hit up sushi miso with Logan, devour amazing rolls with my love

5:00: Grocery shop and stop in at Petsmart

3:00:  Go into work

1:00: Take another epic nap

NOON: Wake up from epicnaptime drive to chipotle, order two bols one with just lettuce. Pour contents of both bols into a 4 quart mixing bowl. Eat.

11:00: Epicnaptime

10:00: LOGAN ARRIVES AT HOME: Most people would greet their significant others after a long absence all clean, and cute...not me I was sweaty and disgusting.

8:45: Visit the dog park with Goliath, meet Danee and Stormy there.

6:00: Run 10 Milesn....that's right friends, double digits!! So hottttt....soo humid!

4:30AM: Ugh, wake up!


11:30PM: Pass out.

10:00: Drive back from Weston, MO

9:30: Engulf my food from sonic

8:00: Run Weston Bend Park, in Weston,MO. Incredibly gorgeous trail, ridiculous elevation and overgrown vegetation. I can't even describe how amazing this run was. I must go back. Ran it with my fitness friends: SwellMary, Bob, Rebecca and Isaac.

6:30: head to Weston, MO

5:00: Pick up frozen yogurt...yes, by myself. Thanks Yogurtime for not judging me.

9:00: Go into work

8:00AM: Wake up, yawn


11:00PM: Fall asleeeeeeeeeep!

10:00: Skype and photos with my family!

8:00: Test out yogurtini in KCMO with my mom, make fun of hilarious of stools. I give this place a semi-seal of approval.

7:00: Test out taco factory in KCMO with my mom and sister, this place gets my seal of approval.

6:00: get off work