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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Knock, Knock


Alright, so in case you missed it I am in the midst of training for some Bomb-Booty-Bustin' Halfaronis, relay and triathalon.  My schedule goes like this:
April 22nd: Kansas Half Marathon
April 29th: Trolley Run, 4 Mile Race (4 year Race-A-Versary!)

Allllssssoooooo, I am planning on:
April 30th-May5th: Beach Vacay-haaayooo

Yeah, it's gonna be a busy spring and I am already tired thinking about it.

All that craziness aside, lemme introduce my new trail:
ok, right??'s much better that that old rags place by the train tracks and it's longer than 3 miles, so it automatically wins!

My list of necessities for a trail:
1. Long: check
2. Near Fresh Water: check
3. Granola-earthy-hippie-back-to-naturey: check
4. Mile markers: check
5. Terrain: double check, this Biatch is a hill-BEAST. LOVE IT!

Only draw back is that it's not within running distance, well I mean it is, but by the time I got there I'd be ready to turn around.

G and I ran 7 miles on Monday, and it was gorgeous.  I am so excited for Spring, when everything is green 

After, that longish run I was depleted of nutrient and required sustenance quick:
It's a wrap I swear...not a salad with mustard as dressing.  Although, I am obsessed enough with mustard I might attempt that at some point.

What do you look for in a running locale?
Do you have any spring races?
What's your fav post-run eat?

This Post Brought to You By: "Knock, Knock" - Mac Miller

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chilling on a Dirt Road

Bust a movie!

All day today I looked forward to my run. All day I thought about how far I was gonna go, where I was gonna run and what I wanted to accomplish. But on my way home from work I still hadn't decided what I wanted to tackle, I guess that is what happens when you love all your possible options.

I finally opted to take the pup to Shawnee Mission Park for some brutal trail runs.

The goal was to run the length of the trail and back, for a total of six miles. Unfortunately, the trail was muddy and unclear what was the set trail and what was some beaten path by bikers. Goliath is an excellent tracker, but even he got a little confused. We ended up just running until we felt like we had explored all possible options. It definitely was not six miles, we were probably only out there for 40-45 minutes. I debated doing some hills, but I decided to eat instead.

The clock is ticking on my produce, but today I scarfed down: the remainder of my cherries,half of the giant zucchini, the remaining onion, and 6 tomatoes. Tonight, I diced up a ton of 'maters and the onion to make a marvelous pasta sauce.

What's left?>
Left in my fridge:
-a pound of cherries
-2 granny smith apples
-1 nectarine
-1 pound of green grapes
-3 limes
-1 0.5 zucchini (already grilled for consumption)
-half an onion
-8 2 tomaters


Also, my garmin is totally on the fritz. Boo! Lucky me that the Garmin Headquarters down the street!

How did you work out today?
Do you look forward to any kind of exercise?
What do you do when one of your gadgets is broken?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Climbing up the Top Sails

Monday's are the days where I pay for my transgressions over the weekend. Goliath makes me regret the fried pickles from Friday, and the chocolate cake from Penny's. It felt like eighteen degrees this morning, and with a headwind of 18 mph. After running an errand this morning, I yawned pulling in my parking lot and for a split second decided to blow off today's run.

Monday's are the days where I can find a million reasons not to run, but only one reason to: Goliath. I could put away laundry, organize my cabinets, finally hang the painting or figure out how to replace my carpet. Instead, I will lace up the nikes like I did today.

According to my training schedule, today was suppose to be speed work incorporated into a four mile run but at the two mile split I knew I'd have to go farther, faster and longer.

If you've ever struggled with your weight, and maintaining your goal you know as well as I do that having a daily reminder keeps you focused. Weight Watchers calls it an "anchor," and can you guess what mine is? We adopted my anchor after I lost my first five pounds, as both a reward and motivation. My anchor gets me up on cold mornings, and won't let me slow down on the uphills. When I try to stop, he'll shoot me a look like "Hey I'm not the one who ate that extra serving of pancakes and sausage," and then I get moving.

Our four by two run quickly turned into a 10k, our favorite distance. We run door to door, only stopping for a split or to greet another dog. For the first time in training, I felt like I might puke. I could feel those aforementioned food sins slowing me down. The desire to stop every five minutes didn't stop until mile four, when we approached another runner. An older man, clearly a seasoned vet, no running gadgets and worn out sneakers. As we passed each other, he said "Well at least the dog likes it!"

Darn it, I like it too. Before I knew it, I was home and peeling off sweat soaked gear. I look forward to my post work out protein. I usually have skim chocolate milk, and Goliath has a beggin strip. Lately, however, I've been playing mad scientist with protein powder and smoothies:

Monday's are the days where I need to remind myself why I do this, why I get up at 5am, why I need to push myself. The days where I need to find a million reasons to run, and throw the excuses out the bandwagon door. The days where I owe my success to my anchor on the end of a leash.

Today's Mileage: 6.21
Time: 1:08:43

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Struggle is Nothing but Love

Something I've always admired about Goliath is his relentless commitment to running. He doesn't care if it's thirty below, if there's a 20mph head wind or if it's 5am.

Even after our jaunt yesterday, a second walk and a full afternoon of playing-he wanted more. He always wants more of everything, except sleep and food. So where his energy comes from, I'll never fully understand, but maybe one day my home's power will run off it's source. At midnight as I'm winding down and finally getting into bed, he brings me this:

If you can't make it out, it's a squeaky bunny that has lasted in our home for a record toy-life: 3 months. His wanting to play at midnight should have been a sign of things to come.

A bored puppy makes for a completely torn up apartment. I awoke to a newly uncarpeted entry way, and 600 square feet sprinkled with coffee grounds and an array of trash. This is they way he likes things: Chaotic. Dirty. Fragrant. My personal taste prior to being a dog-owner revolved around: Order. Cleanliness. Fragrant,but of the different variety. My life pre-Goliath sat at 90 degrees, and didn't have dust. We now have carpet three shades darker than what it was when we moved in, and have balls hidden throughout the place. I used to anxiously dust because dust exacerbates my asthma and allergies !! Everyday I made sure contents of my closet was in order because I need to know where everything is, at all times!!

BUT this is why we run. We run to counteract the boredom, the pinned up energy and the anxiety. Nearly 1,000 miles later Goliath has taught me that I don't have asthma and that those brown pumps were ugly. The lessons were never easy ones to learn: sprinting after him uphill into oncoming traffic and finding three pairs of "ugly" shows chewed to shreds, but they gave me something invaluable. Peace of mind.

We ran today for both of our sakes. I was angry, and he was smug but we embarked on a quick four miler. The trail we use on daily basis rarely has anyone on it when the weather is bad, or during work hours. Yes, I advocate leash laws but today I gave Goliath a little freedom to roam, for a mile or so.

I no longer wear a pace watch, or a nike+ band that calibrates my pace. I've learned to recognize my pace with how fast his legs move, if he looks like he's walking I'm running a 10 min/mile and if his tail is wagging and he's galloping I'm sprinting.

We run this trail enough, that I do trust him for a short while off his leash. He knows where we stop for splits and he knows which forks we take. I have a special relationship with the trail, it's where I ran my first mile, my fastest mile, where I trained for all my previous races and where I ran my first half marathon. It's runs adjacent to a fresh water creek and goes through "forest" and it just makes me feel like a granola runner.

This was on our two mile split, he introspectively will stare at his reflection while I figure out how to breathe. He'll get impatient for the two minute period, and run in circles around me and try to spar but the next two miles will inevitably wear him out, even if it's just a little. As we neared the accident site from yesterday, I quickly thought about how the impact felt on my ego and face. I decided I'd hurdle it with him this time.

I jumped. He went around. One day we'll get it right.

Today's Mileage: 4 miles
Time: 42:56