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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shake That

Howdy Folks! Happy Tempo Thursday!

I am ashamed that in my first week of goal getting, I got sidetracked with the books. Anyway, prolonging the start if book three allowed me to return to normal life. I got some laundry done, cleaned, made some cupcakes, did some homework. Oh, what? Yeah I made some cupcakes.
Dark chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes, totally organic and sweetened with apple sauce. Sorry, recipe is top secret. Made for my work spouse.

G-Bonez and I set out for a brief tempo this afternoon. At first, I felt kinda sluggish. I am focusing in my posture during runs, and I am realizing that my poor posture has totally changed my lung capacity and my breathing patterns.

Along the way, we ran into either a stray or a runaway. The pup ran across a busy street as we approached, and due to our hstory it literally made my heart stop. Which made running up the hill. One of the most gorgeous dogs ever though. She ran with us for a while, and I desperately hoped she would stick with us so we could find her home, but after a while she bolted in the opposite direction as if she knew where she was going.
I have convinced myself she went home, otherwise the alternative would absolutely consume me.
Can't save them all right? The stronghold dogs have over me is crippling.

That is a wicked stretch for your outer calves by the way, try it. Ouchies.

What kind of cupcake do you favor?
What are you working on during your runs?
Have you ever found a stray or a runaway dog? What did you do?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pretend You're Alive

I have been really overwhelmed as of late. Overwhelmed with school, work, maintaining house, paying bills, and just keeping my head above water. My priorities are all out of whack, and no matter what avenue I pursue I am still not finding balance. I am twenty-two. I am a student. I am a pioneer. I am a wife. I am a furmom. I am a runner. I am a ASD specialist. I am a volunteer. I am a friend. I am a coach. I goes on. I know there's that adage: I am ALL I want to be, but what if you want to be EVERYTHING? What if not only doing everything is what you want, but you want to be the best and do the best?

At the end of crammed schedule, you can only be as a good as what you put in and if you can't put in your best you can't be the best. Admittedly, I am not the best at anything I do I'm not even good. I struggle and push to break into the middle of the pack, or to be average. With all this in mind, when someone comes to me for help I can't help but be majorly flattered. Who? Me? Help you better yourself? My dear friend Megan's fiancee Kyle needed a little endurance assistance, and he facebooked me.

Tuesday is Tempo day, a five mile run with a two mile warm up incorporated. Kyle met up with us after a mile. The plan was to test out three miles, at a 9min/mile pace not wanting to push him to burn out or something. Surprisingly, Kyle's natural pace was around 7:57min/miles on the first split. I usually practice negative splits, which means my second half is faster than my first. I'm conservative with my energy, so I can confidently finish strong. Negative splits can not happen for me if I push 7:57s the first half, so we ended up averaging 8:25min/miles by the split.

Goliath was so excited to be running with someone else, and a little faster than the norm. I could tell he was showing off, he behaved really well on the lead. Does your dog do that? I've noticed when I walk or run with another person, Goliath does so much better. Maybe it's that pack mentality?

We were both so dead after Tempo Tuesday

After, Kyle's three miles Goliath and I ran the last mile home. My lactate threshold really needs to be boosted all over again, because the last four hundred agonized my body. My legs, my lungs and heart were all just throbbing. There was light at the end of the tunnel though, Tiger Woods complimented me on my fasted mile ever. Woo.

Yesterday's Mileage: 5.01
Time: 42:13

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nowhere to Run

Running in worn out shoes can be likened to having surgery without being anesthetized. You might think you're tough enough to take the pain, that your sheer power of will can overcome anything. In the end, you'll regret opting out of pain killers, be in more pain than when you started and only have a long recuperation to face. I learned that lesson the very painful way, and not wanting another semester of pain I invested in new shoes.

The Nike Factory store is like my field of dreams, my candy store. By no means am I label whore-but I am when it comes to Nike, and yes-I know it's not high end. It fits my lifestyle: cheap, and decent quality. I can safely put 300+ miles on Bowermans without risking injury, and I could not ask for more from a shoe that's not custom and under $60. Friday my super-sweet Husband bought me new Bowermans and a Nike Sport kit, since my first kit pooped out after Goliath chewed it up.

Here they are: originally $130, purchases for $49.99:

Snow is on the ground here, again. With new shoes, I know ultimately they will get dirty and wet, especially in the weather I force myself to run in, but I couldn't bring myself to go out on a tempo in them yesterday. Instead, I skipped training altogether to continue with my recent running sin pattern. Although I should be, I'm not worried.

This week, I will be top loading my marathon training because of vacation. I'm well aware top loading can be dangerous in the sense of taking too many days off at the end of the week may lose fitness. Although I should be, I'm not worried.

Goliath and I went out for our tempo run this afternoon, and after running the half mile to our trail we saw eight of so tweens playing on their bicycles in the snow. Not wanting to disturb their little party on the run/hike trail, we turned around and went home, after all the run/hike trail shouldn't be used for running or hiking. I finished my work out on a treadmill, and took Goliath to the dog park for his.

I got sweaty, he got muddy and in the end we both got baths. Speaking of getting clean, I found eleven of Goliath's toys hidden in the lining of my couch. How does he do it?

Today's Mileage: 3.1, 5k (runs combined)
Time: 23:45