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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Temporary Escape


I am such an advocate for moderation.  Which is hilarious because I can't seem to moderate my habits long term.  For instance, I can be the apex of health one week and the next give myself a coronary eating burgers and beer.  Right now, I happen to be on the up swing.  Self control is at a maximum, I am killing my work outs, getting sleep and the list goes on...

The thing is, I can't help but wonder how long this will last?  Sad that I know my motivation has an expiration date.  It only takes one night out, or one party or heck one bad hair day to send me off into a tail spin.It just so happens that right now I am so dissatisfied with myself that I am kicking booties and forgetting names.

Because, I am a broke student the current focus is exercise because I don't have the means to buy the optimal foods.  So my diet is kinda whacky right now, as I am literally just eating whatever I can get my hands on.  Going without so you can pay for school is cool guys, you wish you could do it.  Don't worry though, I at least have coffee and colleagues that care enough to feed me when I am look depleted and on the verge of syncope.
Running after you swim with wet hair is, ummm, awesomeIMG_1279
You know it's hot outside when your hair is dry in 5 minutes after you start running.

Like I mentioned yesterday, not having a specific training goal is feeling reallll nice for me mentally. 
 It makes my WANT to exercise, and I have lost that feeling of HAVING to do it.


So today, I swam some laps at the pool...ouch...and then ran four was hot.  And windy?  How horrible.  It was over 90 degrees with a super heavy head wind, so it kept me cool but it was difficult to run into.

Goliath also got in a swim
Water, is absolutely essential for these hot summer runs.  G and Me both would die without frequently indulging in some agua.

What I ate today: Giant coffee, chicken and broccoli, 2 slices of pizza (I AM SO POOR! I miss vegetables! Waaahhh)
How I worked out today: 20 minute lap swim,  4 mile run

This Post Brought to You By: "Young Blood" The Naked and Famous

Saturday, August 14, 2010

If I Die Young

It will be because of stress, and said stress making me push myself too hard during a run. Obviously, things haven't been going my way and my training has been kinda wayward. I run when I can, and when I can isn't very often. So my lack of updating is due to my lack of real training. Not that I'm not running I'm just not really training. I'm still running, but more for my sanity and more like "Oh Ok I have twenty minutes lets get two miles in and head to work stinky."

In the last two weeks, I have worked nearly 200 hours. No lie. Two jobs, and one coming to an end really took a toll on me: mentally, physically and emotionally. My head and my heart are in a million different directions, and my to-do lists have escalated and when I sit down to accomplish something I'm ignoring something else that has equal priority. Like right now? I smell so bad. I need a shower, clean and do laundry-my poor husband wore his swim trunks out last night. HE could easily do the laundry but it still made me feel guilty.

When push comes to shove, me and my family priorities fall by the wayside and everything else comes first. It's just a huge character flaw. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. So I did. I resigned from a position, and had my last day yesterday. It was so bittersweet, and I cried my whole way home. It's hard for me to be the one to "give up" or "quit" especially on such a personal employment and commitment. But the bottom line is this: if I didn't stop this commitment my other commitments would ultimately terminate because of my lack of focus.

I know this post doesn't seem to be directly about running, or marathoning or being a dog-mom-but it is. Indirectly. Whatever it is you commit to do, you really have to have to confidence and desire to put 100% and sometimes even 70% will get you there-but if you commit to five things how do you give 100% or even 70%? You can't. Exerting yourself 20% gets mediocre results.

Ya'll know how I feel about mediocrity.

I finally feel like I'm getting caught up on sleep, and laid around this morning until about 10. Golaith whined all morning, and I had no reason not to run this morning. After a week of ignoring my 5am alarms to run-I finally laced up and press start on the 405.

As hot as it has been, it was VERY decent outside. Very decent? That makes no sense, but I think 86 degrees with 70% humidity and the heat index at 93degrees calls for "very decent."
Goliath and I had an awesome 10k run. I stopped frequently to let him drink, and cool off-so don't call me negligent. We have a need to feel that thunder, so we pushed 9s and then a negative splits of 8s. Amazing run, and I don't think I've been this sweaty in weeks. Heat exhaustion tried to set in, I felt myself getting chills around mile 5-so I took out the headphones to pay closer attention to my body, eased up and ultimately finished strong.

On a run like this, I know DOMS will arrive sooner than later so I'm off to spend a solid half hour on my foam roller.

Mileage: 10k
Time: 50:02.15

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Put Your Foot in My Nikes

Last night was beautiful. Beautiful. After a long week, I was really looking forward to a night with the dog. The hubs had plans with his little brother, so it was just GoGo and me. We lounged around, snacked on some apples and peanut butter and ultimately wound up at the dog park. A weekend ritual that is seemingly unavoidable. Goliath's girlfriend Sarai (a boxer-mix) was there, along with his boxer pal Mishka. Another boxer showed up, 9 month old Archie. The four of them created the ultimate-boxer-club, and I'm pretty sure they thought they owned the park. That is until a Malamute named Seneca wanted in on the fun. Unfortunately, the OP Boxer club was much faster and Seneca was always late to the party. Doggy separatism aside, I had a good time with my fellow-furparents. It's pretty funny the people you meet just by forced interaction.

No surprise here: I overslept this morning, and didn't get start on training until close to 11. There's some Fourt of July festivities being set-up on my trail, yes I said it MY trail. So we took a right turn over a bridge to explore part of the trail we'd never explored. Much to our dismay, after 0.3 mile it lead to a deadend on a street. No wonder we'd never gone down that way. After two miles, we took a hiatus in the fountain. Today, it was hot enough that I got in. Say what you want, I was a kid this afternoon. Goliath was ecstatic to have me in the water with him. Several people joined us, and played with G too.

Both soaking wet, we finished the run. Happily. I like to think it was obvious we had been playing in water, but I think the looks we got means that people assumed I was just really sweaty.

This picture courtesy of Patty K. who took this and emailed it!

I burned 497 calories on the run, so what better way to replenish the deficit? FROZEN CUSTARD! The Bosky Family piled in our car, and ventured to Sheridan's for some delish custard. We particularly love this place because they serve complimentary doggie cones. Too bad a doggie cone doesn't suffice for this Goliath-sized sugar tooth.

Mileage: 4.0
Time: 38:13.04

Monday, June 28, 2010

Been Through the Pain

Balls! Ya'll, I don't know if you know this or not, it's hotttt. I don't know if you know this either, but I don't like to get up early, something you probably could have extrapolated from my lazy blogginess and my lack early runs. Therefore, heat + not-so-early bird makes for a runner that's forced to pick what circumstance they'd prefer.

Sunday, I had intended on running at 6:30am with a group for a six miler. Perfect. I committed to being there. It was early, so it beat the heat and they were meeting on a trail I frequent. WRONG. My abhorrence for waking up any earlier than what my body thinks is totally necessary beat out running in the heat.

So I slept past 10am, and begrudgingly awoke to a whiny antsy dog. I farted around for about an hour, flirting with the idea of a run or completely blowing it off. Before I knew it, 11am rolled around and I had accomplished nothing so I laced up the lunars. It was 90ish outside, so I went to leave without G. As I stepped out the door, the slightest cry escaped his jowls. I looked back only to see his little boxer head cocked, his eyes glistening and a look that absolutely slayed me. How could you? Well I couldn't.

Spare the lecture, we stopped every five to ten minutes for water and to cool down. With the heat index being well over 100, I knew it could be dangerous for him to be out running so I did my best to keep him hydrated, cooled down and we took it slow. We stopped at our swimming spot, then again under the 2 mile bridge, at two drinking fountains and then finally at a water fountain.

All in all, it was a wonderful run. I didn't feel too overheated, but all this water I found myself with the biggest urge to pee at the split. Typically, I can hold it or manage but not this time. I panicked, found a secluded tree and um, relieved myself. Goliath just stood there, cocked his head like before, I usually hike a leg-but that works too I guess.

Mileage: 6.01
Time: 1:02:44