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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nowhere to Run

Running in worn out shoes can be likened to having surgery without being anesthetized. You might think you're tough enough to take the pain, that your sheer power of will can overcome anything. In the end, you'll regret opting out of pain killers, be in more pain than when you started and only have a long recuperation to face. I learned that lesson the very painful way, and not wanting another semester of pain I invested in new shoes.

The Nike Factory store is like my field of dreams, my candy store. By no means am I label whore-but I am when it comes to Nike, and yes-I know it's not high end. It fits my lifestyle: cheap, and decent quality. I can safely put 300+ miles on Bowermans without risking injury, and I could not ask for more from a shoe that's not custom and under $60. Friday my super-sweet Husband bought me new Bowermans and a Nike Sport kit, since my first kit pooped out after Goliath chewed it up.

Here they are: originally $130, purchases for $49.99:

Snow is on the ground here, again. With new shoes, I know ultimately they will get dirty and wet, especially in the weather I force myself to run in, but I couldn't bring myself to go out on a tempo in them yesterday. Instead, I skipped training altogether to continue with my recent running sin pattern. Although I should be, I'm not worried.

This week, I will be top loading my marathon training because of vacation. I'm well aware top loading can be dangerous in the sense of taking too many days off at the end of the week may lose fitness. Although I should be, I'm not worried.

Goliath and I went out for our tempo run this afternoon, and after running the half mile to our trail we saw eight of so tweens playing on their bicycles in the snow. Not wanting to disturb their little party on the run/hike trail, we turned around and went home, after all the run/hike trail shouldn't be used for running or hiking. I finished my work out on a treadmill, and took Goliath to the dog park for his.

I got sweaty, he got muddy and in the end we both got baths. Speaking of getting clean, I found eleven of Goliath's toys hidden in the lining of my couch. How does he do it?

Today's Mileage: 3.1, 5k (runs combined)
Time: 23:45