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Monday, December 19, 2011

You Got it Girl, There You Go

Hello Friends!!!!!!

Ahhh I am so excited to have enough time to breath, think and even update this little thing I call a blog!

Let me just say the past two weeks have been INSANE. Between starting a new job and finals, the transition, training and studying I was totally swamped.

By the end of it, I was exhausted and my fridge looked like this my laundry looked like this...
...and I found myself looking a lot like this most days...

Anyway, finals are over and I am getting acclimated to my new schedule but not for long because next semester I switch to night classes. So I apologize ahead of time for the weird hours I will be keeping come January.

Here's a quick update on Goliath and I, and then we jump right back in where we left off:
-Goliath is officially three years old, but still a puppy and next week we celebrate our three years of familyhood
-My knee was officially diagnosed with a torn medial meniscus.  I was depressed at first, but really the diagnosis didn't change anything, the treatment regime is still the same and I am still allowed to run in moderation and under my Sports Team's supervision
-My new position at work ROCKS! I lurrrv it and we are in the works of kicking off our 2012 wellness program with a bang
-I joined Weight Watchers again.  I figured that if my running wasn't going to as regular as it has been due to my knee injury, I needed something to keep my accountable.  I seriously can't deal with the scale guilt, and I seriously can't allow myself to get back to where I was three years ago.
-My sister is back in town!! WEEEE!!! Shannigans!!

So that's about it on my end, and now I leave you with pictures from yesterday's amazing run:
...and don't worry guys, I bought groceries and did my laundry.

How are you!?!?
Tell me three things about the last two weeks!
What's your favorite running setting: streets, treadmill, trail, other?

The Post Brought to You By: "Make Me Proud"-Drake feat. Nicki Minaj

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Hammer Time

Today was a good day.

 Yes, it was a very good day. Despite waking up with world's worst migraine and staying in bed most of the morning.  Why?  Because today I mosied my way down to a Sports Medicine Clinic called Inside Sports Clinic.

My head was throbbing, but I did not want to put this off.  I met with Dr. Phillips, who right off the cuff I could tell was going to be awesome.  This clinic is use to treating all kinds of sport related injuries, and took me seriously.  
We talked a lot about biomechanics of running, and how most likely since my knee pain can't be diagnosed the problem is probably in my feet.  We did some functional tests, and guess what they revealed?

My left foot is TOTALLY different from my right.  He showed me that when I stand up, my left arch totally collapses.  He also showed me based on my strike patterns where the imbalances are.  So I am getting custom orthotics for my shoes and I am REALLY excited about this.  He said he wasn't quite sure how I was able to get through so many marathons.

My treatment today was STEM therapy and this futurist ice-compression machine, and I left with my knee taped up for comfort.   The best part, he said: : "We will fix this."  

That's all I need....and I think I am going to be running sooner than anticipated!

I treated myself to a nice luncharoo with the spouse at Panera.  For the record, I totally endorse the turkey-artichoke panini.  So good!!

...and five minutes later.

Lo ordered a danish, which I covetted.  

This is the look I get when I ask for a bite.

How do you 'treat' yourself?
What is your favorite pastry?
What do you have planned this weekend?

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Keep Slipping Away

Booo. Hoooo.

I decided I needed a day. A day to just stay in bed and recover. I wish I could say it helped, but alas. It did not. I just need to let this run it's course, but life must got on, amiright?

Being home allowed me to have some good eatin though. Even though I am lacking appetite, I am forcing myself to eat high fat foods to abet in recovering.

Breakfast was a jalapeño omelet.

Lunch was a grilled ham and cheese.

Somewhere in between those meals I finished off the ice cream...

Then my mom came to the rescue. She stopped by Trader Joe's and brought my feel-good foods and flowers. Ain't she the best?? I love her so much. She bought everything in sight that seemed to be high in antioxidants, healing or a sick steadfast. Oh and of course chocolate.

Day three, no exercise. Clinically insane.

Do you ever take sick days?
What's your favorite sandwich?
Are you close with your mom?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Show Goes On

I finally broke down.

A girl can only take so much ya know? I went to the doctor.

My appointment was at 2:45...
"What's wrong with you?"
"Drug allergies?"
"Stop by on you way home, feel better kiddo."

Out by 2:47. love it.

So Keflex for 10 days. Yay. I hope I start feeling better soon, especially since Chicago half is next weekend.

I have been resting since my appointment, imagine how hard that is for me. Dinner was simple: spicy sweet potato fries and pork tenderloin.

Next to spicy food, ice cream always makes me feel better. Logan brought me home Carmel cup sundae. I ate...maybe...half?

Two days no exercise is making me crazy. How should I cope?

Do you hate going to the doctor?
Do you have any upcoming races?
What is your comfort food?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Good Reason

WHY OH WHY I keep getting sick with sinus infections? Gimme one minute to just pout and whine. waaah Welp, I have full blown sinusitis and it is AWESOME! I dunno if it is allergies, is the ragweed high? If I'm just run down, is it normal to sleep 3 hours a night? If just around way too many strange sickies, it's ok to hug people on the street right?
I'm suppose to put that where???
Yeah, trying the neti pot, got an expectorant and pushing fluids. Weak.

What always makes me feel better is spicy food though, so I zinged up some tacos for my mom and I. I love street tacos, ya know? The kind with just meat and cilantro. Mmm. Keep it simple, y'all. Beef, cilantro, red onion, and avocado. Unfortunately the avocado was a tad too ripe, but it was delish.

Remember that gelato I was obsessed with last week?? Found an excellent, healthier, pre-portioned alternative. Key lime Greek yogurt. It's not fat free so it's delicate and lush. If it get desperate enough, I could crush up Graham crackers and call it a day.

BTW it is important to READ coupons before you check out, I got all excited about getting $3 off my coffee today...but yeah you need to buy two. Oops.

Obligatory Goliath Photo.
Have you tried the neti pot or any sinus washes?
What kind of food alternatives have you found?
Are there are any coupons you clip?

Monday, August 29, 2011

You and Tequila Make me Crazy

I don't feel so good.

Nausea just hit me like a ton of bricks, maybe it was the mustard-pickle-jalapeño-turkey wrap I made....maybe my blood sugar is dropping?? I dunno. I got all stoked to update y'all and boom! Grossness.

So I maintained radio silence since Friday because how crazy work has been. Friday turned out to be excellent. Margaritas and Mexican food with friends.

Saturday, was a rest day for me and I took Goliath to the dog park. We played. We swam. Well, he swam. It was hot.

I worked that night, which kept me tame so I could get up for my long run on Sunday. Which was disastrous when there are two accidents on the highway, a 5k on the trail you want to run and half of it is closed due to construction.

They literally blew up the trail. Awesome. I got my miles and am feeling it today.

So I know you are dying to know how the week panned out for my weight loss goals!

Start Weight: 152.6
Week One: 148.6

Woot! Prob just water weight, but I can deal!

OOOH and I finished the Hunger Games series. FINALLY. So good. Read it,

How was your weekend?
What's your favorite drink?
Do you take your pups to the dog park? What's yours like?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Video Viernes: How to Get Through Running Roadblocks

Title explains itself, in response to an email, here are 5 really common running roadblocks and how I have personally faced them all.

I swear one day, I will figure out editing and make the videos purdy.

Not today though, in fact the video cuts out weird. I did my best.

What kind of running roadblocks have you faced?
How did you get through them?
I'm repping the sports teams today, who is your team?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gettin' Paper

"This post will be brief.

Why? Logan nagged me to read a book. Riiiiiight! Who READS? gross.

Anyway, he downright harassed me about reading The Hunger Games. Which was introduced to him via Manda. Well I have been severely distracted by this novel. So much so I skipped my run today just to finish it. I kept saying "one more chapter, then I run..." I said that 23 times and it was dark. All I can say is, read it.

So if anyone happened to stumble on me tonight, you'd find me stunned clinging to my iPad adorned in my running get up, looking a little like this...

I am kind of ashamed to admit this, but other David Sedaris compilations I can't remember the last novel I read. I am kind of partial to 50lb text books, that leave me zero time for leisure reading.

Oh and buy these pretzels...thank me later!

Do you read for fun?
When and what was the last book you read?
Have you read The Hunger Games?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Skies Are So Blue

90% Healthy.

I decided to not run yesterday, and play it by ear this morning. If I was feeling better, I'd test the waters. If not, I'd give myself another day. But every day that I don't run, is another day of pent up anxiety about the marathon.

So after a cup of coffee, I decided that I would at least feel better mentally if I tried.

Goliath and I tested the trail, and had no real mileage or time goals...but you now me. I pushed pretty hard, and at our split the train came by and Goliath even started to try to race the train. We were running way too fast for a run after being sick.

At the end of four miles, we both collapsed in the grass. It was a great run, beautiful day but I should not have pushed that hard. Yet, I don't regret it.

I do feel like I am starting a clean running slate though. My shin splints are gone, and I felt pretty good overall. This might be the opportunity I need to start taking care of myself and fueling properly.

This evening, I finally made it out to see my adopted puppy family! Ever since my lovie, Megan moved east I don't see her as often which also means I don't see her babies as often. Last winter, Megan went to a dog auction and adopted a puppy mill doggie, who she named Emma. Last November, Emma was timid and spooked. She hid in her crate and would eat her poop. Now after the love and support of her new family, she's a boss. She runs after balls, plays with toys and cuddles. It is an absolute miracle, and Megan could not be a better fur mom. She also has two adorable weinies: Barney and Lacey. I love them all!!

What kind of steps do you take to get back into working out after a hiatus?
Do you have doggie extended family?
How was your weekend?