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Monday, December 19, 2011

You Got it Girl, There You Go

Hello Friends!!!!!!

Ahhh I am so excited to have enough time to breath, think and even update this little thing I call a blog!

Let me just say the past two weeks have been INSANE. Between starting a new job and finals, the transition, training and studying I was totally swamped.

By the end of it, I was exhausted and my fridge looked like this my laundry looked like this...
...and I found myself looking a lot like this most days...

Anyway, finals are over and I am getting acclimated to my new schedule but not for long because next semester I switch to night classes. So I apologize ahead of time for the weird hours I will be keeping come January.

Here's a quick update on Goliath and I, and then we jump right back in where we left off:
-Goliath is officially three years old, but still a puppy and next week we celebrate our three years of familyhood
-My knee was officially diagnosed with a torn medial meniscus.  I was depressed at first, but really the diagnosis didn't change anything, the treatment regime is still the same and I am still allowed to run in moderation and under my Sports Team's supervision
-My new position at work ROCKS! I lurrrv it and we are in the works of kicking off our 2012 wellness program with a bang
-I joined Weight Watchers again.  I figured that if my running wasn't going to as regular as it has been due to my knee injury, I needed something to keep my accountable.  I seriously can't deal with the scale guilt, and I seriously can't allow myself to get back to where I was three years ago.
-My sister is back in town!! WEEEE!!! Shannigans!!

So that's about it on my end, and now I leave you with pictures from yesterday's amazing run:
...and don't worry guys, I bought groceries and did my laundry.

How are you!?!?
Tell me three things about the last two weeks!
What's your favorite running setting: streets, treadmill, trail, other?

The Post Brought to You By: "Make Me Proud"-Drake feat. Nicki Minaj

Friday, August 26, 2011

Video Viernes: How to Get Through Running Roadblocks

Title explains itself, in response to an email, here are 5 really common running roadblocks and how I have personally faced them all.

I swear one day, I will figure out editing and make the videos purdy.

Not today though, in fact the video cuts out weird. I did my best.

What kind of running roadblocks have you faced?
How did you get through them?
I'm repping the sports teams today, who is your team?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Faceplant in an iceberg

I have been wanting to blog for a while now, and until this morning I never thought I had anything interesting to discuss, explain and/or teach. That was until this morning when I found myself nose deep in a pile of muddy snow with Goliath sitting patiently waiting for me to get up.

Meet Goliath:

He's a one year-old German Boxer and Siberian Husky mix. He joined my family in December of 2008, at 5lbs and 6 weeks old. He's now a little over 60lbs and loves peanut butter by the pint, tearing sheets and three feet long raw hides. More than anything though, he loves to run. His Husky family tree is most likely full of Iditarod champions, because something about a leash with someone/something on the end triggers a long-lasting-never-ending energy surge. What is he pulling?

I'm a 22 year-old human. With little money and little time, I started running in December, 2008 tipping the scales at a little over 170lbs. Figuring that all I needed was sneakers and pavement, now 30lbs lighter I run marathons and log an average of 30 miles a week. I, also, love peanut butter by the pint, purchasing new sheets and hunting for world's biggest raw hide. My family tree is full of educationally decorated individuals, competitive athletes and America's finest shoppers.

So you see? We make a pair. We feed each others needs. When Goliath is hungry, three cups of food in the bowl. When I need motivation, he pulls me six miles.

The boskyblog will take you on our whirlwind adventures during marathon training, dog park jaunts and everything along the way, including this morning's faceplant into compacted snow.

There has been record snow fall this year in Kansas City to Goliath's delight, and when the ground is white the leash is off. There is no controlling this snow obsessed maniac. This week has been the first week in over a month where the sidewalks are clear enough, and devoid of ice where the leash can be worn and the yak traks are no longer needed.

We logged 5.8 miles without any hiccups, no major arm amputations or squirrels on the trail we frequent. It was around 5.8 on a half mile-long uphill did we come across a molehill of plowed snow. Now, I don't know how big molehills typically run but this one was about two feet high and three fee wide, polka dotted with car splattered mud and whatever else.

It was upon this "snowhill" did we face an Oregon Trail decision: go around it? or forge the river?

Guess what Goliath decided? He jumped, I fell.

Today's Mileage: 6.2 Miles, 10k
Time: 1:08:02