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Monday, July 11, 2011

Race Recap: Rock the Crossroads 5k

So in case you don't remember last year's epic sufferfest, the bottom line was: it was hot, humid and hilly. 

This year no different, except I was missing my bestie Megan to suffer with.

I roped my friend Isaac into running it, as we are doing the Warrior Dash in July together.  So he wanted to get a road race under his belt before he mudded it up later this month.  It was 90-some-odd degrees at 7:30PM which was gun time.  I promised him most races aren't this hot, warned him about the hills and went over some racing protocols.

I'm standing on the curb

Before too long, it was gun time and we were off.  Isaac is at LEAST a foot taller than me, so I was really worried about being able to keep up with him.  We stuck together for the first half of the race.  It's really thick through the first half mile, like any other race.  Some reason there were  A LOT of walkers who lined up toward the front.  From what I could tell at packet pick up, we had a lot of first timers and that is probably why.  There was a lot of darting around people and weaving in and out just to get near people in the same pace.

There was an aid station at 0.75ish with sprinklers, and water.  Amazing!  It was a nice refreshing cool down, and amazing addition from last year.  Last year, there was one aid staion and no sprinklers.  This year TWO stations both with SPRINKLERS, brilliant!

This is my friend's dad, he is stinky.

We got seperated around mile 1.3,  which is also the biggest-longest hill in the race.  Same as last year, half mile incline that is brutal.  It picks people off their run, left and right.  I am pleased to announce that unlike last year, I kept a 8and under pace the entire way.  I trotted through the aid station at the top, and turned right for a nice relief from the incline.

I made an effort to thank every single volunteer and officer along the course, super awesome for them to be out there in this heat. 

I was on point for a PR, which was kinda impressing me.  At 2.5 I was still under 20 minutes, and I wasn't really shooting for a PR so I slowed down and turned around to see if I could find Isaac so we could finish together.  We never ending up crossing paths until the finish line.

I finished in 28:31, 13th out of 51 in my division.  I could have easily beat my time from last year, possibly set a PR, but I wasn't really looking for that on Saturday.  I had ran earlier in the day, and that was my real satisfaction. 

All in all, it was a great race.  Amazing post-race snacks (SHOT BLOCKS!) and water.  Great organization.  Good crowd. Challenging course!  I love it!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Rewind!


8:30: Take out trash, do some laundry and the dishes

8:00: Drive home

7:00: Eat DELICIOUS dinner, Menu: Sliced avocado, organic brown rice and cilantro lime shrimp

6:00: Veg out on the couch with my seester, watch a really weird episode of SVU.

5:00: Go to target, buy a GIANT bag of Swedish fish.  Eat a quarter half bag.

4:00: Arrive at Mom's house, bottoming out.  Major sugar need.  Emily brings me a bag of cookies, eat entire bag, resume to normal self.

3:30: Give up trying to figure out the lawn mower.

2:00: Start mowing the acre of land I live on.  Mow the front lawn without a problem.  The problem arose in the back, broke a window, the mower died three times and on the third I was unable to revive it.

1:00: Worshipped it Up!

11:00: At "breakfast"

10:00: Woke up, cuddled with G.  Worst night of sleep of my life.

2:00AM: Reluctantly go to bed
Midnight: Friends leave
9:00PM: Bon fire at mi casa!  Beers, steaks, and s'mores!   Photos courtesy of SwellMary

8:30: Head home all sweaty.

8:00: Cheer Isaac as he finishes his first road race ever!!! WOOOOT!!!

7:30: Gun time at Rock the Crossroads 5k with Isaac. Race Recap to follow.

7:00: Register Isaac for his first race! Balls right? Signing up for your first race 30 minutes before?

6:00: Do some sweet hatha flow yoga

3:00: Hang out with Goliath, watch How I Met Your Mother. Do homework. Clean, etc. Randoms.

2:30: Head to yogurtime with Amanda.  Freak out when green tea was no longer available.  Explained to the manager that I'd no longer be blogging if it didn't come back.  He said next week...

1:00: Go to the pool with Amanda.  Lounge in the lazy river, and ride the slides.  No laying out for this Irish girl. 

Noon: Head home from Founders Park

11:00: Run 5 miles with Goliath. AMAZING RUN! Except for the part when G jumped into the creek and swam half a mile away.  It was AWESOME though.

9:00: Finally face the day, lounge around. Update the blog.  Mope around.
5:00: Send Logan off on his trip :( 

11:00PM: Pass out

8:30: Go to sushi mido, feast of Sushi.  No ashamed to admit I ate three whole rolls, salad and crab Rangoon.  I was FAMISHED! Lamented that Lo was leaving tomorrow.

(This is where the last post left off, so I won't repeat!)


Saturday, July 09, 2011

Live It Up Like It's the Weekend

So I know I don't normally update on the weekends, but Logan left four hours ago and I'm already bored out of mind.  Who am I suppose to make pancakes for right now?  I could make Goliath his PBcakes, but if I did I'd end up eating a whole stack by me onsie.  Does this mean I am codependent?  Probably.  I am ok with it.  You guys will get me through the next 11 days right? 

Yesterday was a pretty busy day...and if you're gonna conquer a busy day you better start it right.  With a sugary carby bagel. Right? I feel like yes, yes I am right.  Tell me I'm wrong and I will show you my mean face.

I worked packet pick up for Rock the Crossroads.  We have about 1,000 runners!  That's a grand brave souls ready to brave the heat for a 5k. Winners!  Working a race is such a different perspective.  Running attracts the most diverse group of people.  I love it.  It's so universal.  
Anyone can do it.  Come one, Come all: All races, all ages, all genders, all shapes and sizes.  You CAN run.

People are funny creatures though.  I could tell who was picking up their packets the second they walked in to the mall.  I could tell who races regularly.  I could tell who was nervous just to pick up their packet.  I could tell who was the douchey guy on the trail who doesn't wave.  It made me think about all the times I've picked up a packet, and how I come off.  I have come up with a list of categories most runners fall in to, of course this is all for fun, none of it's serious-so don't be offended, and won't apply to everyone:

1) Vet Runner:  They show up to packet pick up in an old race tee.  They don't need safety pins.  They know the race director, because they saw him last week...and the week before...and the week before.

2) Older First Time Racer: They have a deer in the headlights look.  They are not afraid to ask you questions like "Do people wear the race t-shirt to the race?" "What's a bib?" They need safety pins.
3) Young First Time Racer: They have a front of bravery.  They are too afraid to ask questions, google is their best friend.  They secretly grab and hoard safety pins.

4) Races for fun: They pick up 11 packets for friends and family.  Grab a handful of safety pins.
5) Races for glory: They pick up 1 packer, theirs.  They make sure the shirt is perfect.  They take it out, put up to their chest.  Make sure the seams are good and the screen printing is perfect.  Ask to trade for different sizes six times. The shirt is their prize! They don't need safety pins, they have a bib belt.
5) Races for satisfaction: They show up after work, grab their packet and maybe a friend's.  Grab enough safety pins, exchange pleasantries and ask about parking, the weather and post-race events.  
7) Elite Runner: They arrive, don't even need to provide a name.  Take the goods and leave with out a word, other than "thanks!"

Are you thinking: OMG SHE JUDGED ME ON MY SAFETY PINS!?!? Yes, yes I did but please know this: Regardless of where you fall, you're  runner.  We are all the same and yet so different.  I love each and every one of these people who get out there, put themselves on the line and put one foot in front of another. 

Otherwise, I wouldn't be here.  I wouldn't be blogging or volunteering. I love running and I love runners.  All of them, yes even the douchey ones.

After five hours on my feet serving the runners of KC, I got fitted for new shoes. Goodness, how I love the smell of new shoes...and new shorts...and shot blocks. 


Friday, July 08, 2011

Video Viernes: BIG NEWS!! BIG NEWS!!!

(BWAHAHAHAHA  youtube always picks GREAT thumbnails)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rock the Crossroads 5k Recap

Welp, I ran a 5k on Saturday. The heat index was 109+ and it was an inaugural race.

Rock the Crossroads 5k is a course through the crossroads art district in KC, which is downtown. So lots of asphalt and buildings with glass reflecting heat. It was just hot. Record breaking hot. Did I mention it was hot?

Determined to place in my age group, and perhaps set a PR I took off rather quickly. They had pace group signs, but they disappeared before guntime. Regardless, I had my garmin so I could pace myself. So I take off and I'm pushing myself really hard and MAYBE one minute in I think to myself Wow, can't do this race, stop now. Something in my head just went, nope not gonna do it. I wasn't even a mile in-so yes, this will be a story about the little runner girl who could, but didn't want to.

Finally, mile one came around and I felt like I had been running a lot faster-but alas it was 8:47 minutes in. The mile marker was on a corner, at which we turned right. So this big gob of runners take a sharp right and there lies a half mile long hill. Not even exaggerating more than 75% of the runners at my pace or better were picked off by this baby. They stopped to walk, but yes I did keep going.

Yay, cliches! I just told myself I really wasn't allowed to quit and that what goes up must go down. At the top of the hill was the only water station for the course, and the line for water was line. My ego drove me right on by, thinking maybe my counterparts would stop and this could give me a leg up. After, all there was only a mile and half left-water could wait. The rest of the course took us through the Power and Light District, where bar goers and patrons gazed with confusion.

There were timers at each mile and I knew even with me being the last person to cross the start pads, there was no way I'd be setting a PR or even placing in my age group. When that realization set in, the pressure came off-but unfortunately by that time I only have 0.1 left and the finish line was in sight. So I turned it out, passed a few people in the last few hundred meters and finished.

I waited for my buddies to finish, and we entered the after party. Free beer! YAY! I knew I'd regret it Sunday, but it was cold and I was hot. We sat around and cooled off as much as we could, drank my brew and headed to get some frozen yogurt. It was a good time despite the blistering sauna of a course. I ended up placing 9th.

Mileage: 5k, 3.1 miles
Time: 27:20 (boo :( )