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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dancing in the Dark

Feet are WEIRD. Amiright?

So today, I tried reflexology.  Why? Because I can.  Well also because I am really interested in trying anything that might make my knee feel better.  

What is reflexology?  It's the ancient art that uses pressure on certain zones in the body to treat other areas of the body.  The belief is that zones in the feet, ears and hands correlate with another area of the body based on circulation patterns.  

I spent an hour today having my feet worked out, and it was absolutely amazing.  I was blown away by which very specific areas hurt, and what she had to say about them.  Even if it's not real, what's the problem with getting your feet rubbed on for an hour? None. Amiright?  
She did say there was a definite difference in my right and left side and the tension patterns.
I will totally be back.
Tomorrow: I go to the Inside Sports Clinic for my first evaluation. So excited!

Goliath and I are off the cuddle, I have been taken it so easy...I can not shake this headache.
Today I ate:
Chicken Apple Salad smothered in Ranch Dressing, can't help the schtuff

Cheez-its, Goliath really likes them
All Natural Jalapeno-Mango Chicken sausage and broccoli, with the latest issue of RW
soooo not the most rounded day, I am being super lazy.  

Have you ever tried reflexology before?
How do you treat a headache
What is your favorite late night snack?