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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Meet Me Halfway

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately. B-E-A-UUUTIFUL! We've been spending as much time out of doors as possible. It's still rest time for me, so we are avoiding running. I thought today was a five mile run, but I was mistaken that isn't until tomorrow!

We've been going on lots of walks, and visiting parks. Ya know, playing fetch and digging holes. Things of that ilk. When I say "we've" been doing those things, I mean Goliath has done them and I've abetted to them. Last night, I strolled through my mother-in-law's backyard just counting the holes. Seven. Seven holes we'll eventually have to fill and reseed, but for now they are Goliath's trophies. I couldn't help but laugh, I feel terrible he's destroyed the yard but he's just so proud of himself. When I would walk up to one, he'd would stand in it. Goliath is a proud dog, and I appreciate that. Sometimes, when I don't recognize my accomplishments he helps me to realize that even a ten minute hole is something worth cheering over.

Even if it's getting all dirty, and smelly-he's proud. Maybe especially proud. Whilst walking through the trails at the dog park, I caught him cock roaching and snapped a quick picture. Little did I know, he was roaching in a DEAD SNAKE! AH. I almost puked everywhere. Snakes don't both me, and dead things don't bother me-but decomposition is a smell I just can not deal with. Apparently, canines adore it. I was mortified that he would want to perfume himself in that, but a black lab named Carly came right up and followed in same suit. Carly had a bandanna around her neck, so I fear her scent may be a tad more permanent.

Now this got me thinking, his proudest to me is the most repulsive. Are there accomplishments out there that I've lessened for other people because to me they weren't that impressive? I know in recent events, I have experienced this. Why aren't you proud of me? That was the look G-MonZ gave me as I tossed him in the bath tub, I worked really hard and you're just washing it away! It was a reminder to me, and hopefully to you, that personal achievements are just that: personal. Sometimes they are such an achievement that only you can recognize them, and others might be quick the dismiss them. At the end of the day, only you can determine the weight of your satisfaction and even though people may be proud that you achieved, only you can be proud of the journey to get there.


Thanks everyone for participating, runners up will be receiving prizes in the mail.

More details to come.