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Friday, March 05, 2010

Forever and Ever, Forever and Ever. Amen.

The difference positivity makes is remarkable. I have had one of the best fitness weeks of my life, and I believe I owe thanks to an attitude adjustment-and maybe the sun coming out. My calorie burn has been off the charts between speedy runs and work out classes at the gym. My diet has been completely on point and I feel fantastic. Where did this new found motivation come from? I love it, and I have a feeling a certain pup loves it to. As I type, he's crying at the door because we've yet to hit the pavement and knows our usual time has passed.

Yesterday's work out class was incredibly difficult, incredibly. I THOUGHT it was a kickboxing class, but it was really a boot camp. A boot camp full of burpies, frog jumps, wall sits and other completely insane things. There will be a full review once the experiment is complete, but let's just say after an hour of that I was exhausted. BUT the weather was just too gorgeous to not run in, so I mapped an eight miler to work and intentionally didn't give myself enough time to pace less than an 8:30/mile. Fifty degrees means I get to run in a tank and shorts, thank yoooouuuu:

It's kind of a bum out not running with G-Money, it's such a different-less-fun vibe. He makes me laugh when I wanna cry because of lactate pain and his curiosity of what comes next keeps me going. Other than races, and running to work I don't run without him and it's a million times less motivating. So when I completed eight yesterday all on me onsie, in record time I was pretty impressed with myself. I rely so much on the poor dog, that I do kinda forget that I am capable of running on my own. I don't need him, but when I arrived at work and there wasn't anyone there to celebrate with me I realized I want him to be there. I've trained Goliath to give "high fives" and so after a harrowing run, we collapse on the living room floor and I will say "High five buddy" and he'll raise his paw into my hand. When his rough paws tap my palm, I know we've had a good run.

There are few things more rewarding than that high-five, except good food. By no means am I "foodie," but I really love eating, and since my whole weight loss marathon started I've become exponentially smarter about food choices when it comes to fuel, runners gut, caloric intake and nutrition. The only rule I follow: Keep it simple. The foods I eat, and the recipes I come up with are simple in that they contain very few ingredients, are not processed and are relatively easy to make. Some examples:

Raw pepper stuffed with black beans and rosemary rice couscous
.1 bell pepper
.1 c cooked black beans
.1/2 c couscous seasoned with rosemary, and a pinch of salt
Directions: Cut&gut the pepper, stuff with beans and couscous. Eat.
To spice it up top with favorite cheese and bake or five minutes.

Shrimp Arrabiatta and Gluten Free Penne
. 1 box of penne (Mine if GF, your's doesn't have to be
. 1 lb of shrimp
. 4 cups broccoli
. 3 cups diced tomatoes
. 4 tbsp tomato paste
.4 cloves of diced garlic
.4 tsp olive oil
.Red pepper to taste
Directions: Boil pasta until finished, duh. Heat oil in pan on med-high heat, add garlic and then shrimp. Cook shrimp until pink. Add broccoli and cook until bright green. Add diced tomatoes and paste, and turn heat to medium heat. Add red pepper, 1 tsp for less spice 4 tsp for extra spice. Let simmer for three minutes for the pepper to permeate the sauce. Serve sauce on top of pasta, duh.

These are two meals I had this week, super filling and super yummy. Super Food!

Well, Goliath has whimpered throughout this post. Dog park, ho!

Yesterday's Mileage: 8.01 miles
Time: 1:09:13