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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Without You

So iOS5...What's that about??

Ironically, I am blogging from my macbook that never got updated from OSX to leopard, and can't even support an ipod shuffle, as my iPad updates to iOS5...

So as I am using my laptop and my new found pride and joy, I was forced to flip through some old photos.  This is the laptop I bought for college, and honestly in the last year I have probably used it twice.  It's been neglected, which should never happen to any apple produce.  This evening I reluctantly forced myself to do those tedius tasks like deauthorize my itunes account on this device, sync my media to another hard drive and sort through old photos.  The last being the most dreaded of them all.

What is it about a photo that regardless of how terrible it is or what emotion it evokes, it's hard to delete?  I guess, for me at least, it has to do with the fact that a photograph captures a moment and if you delete that moment is gone, despite what connotation it carries.

I have flipped some of the most useless photos tonight, and can't bring myself to dispose of any of them.  Some of them serve a purpose though.  Some might say what I am about to do serves no positive purpose, but I want to share with you some photos of me.  Pictures of a time in my life where I was happy, but not happy with myself.  A time before I changed and a time before I ever even thought about changing.   

The before the Before pictures if you will:

To be fair, I did not go through all my pictures and select the worst ones. I just wanted ones that didn't have uncosenting friends in them.  

Why share these?  Well, why not?  These aren't my "fat' pictures, because at the time I certainly didn't see myself that way, no I was not comfortable but what late teen is?  In a few short years though, I'd reach my breaking point.  And now, almost five years later I feel better than I ever have.  It's weird to look back at my before-the before pictures and kinda feel uneasy because even though I felt okay about myself then, I feel confident about myself now. 

So like my new iOS 5 update that is taking five years to download, I too took five years to upgrade.  I just had one of those "daaamnnn! you look good moments" and a girl needs that every once in a while.  

Do you delete photos?
Have you ever used photos to reaffirm yourself?
Any of you Apple users update yet??

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Extra Bright, Baby

So if me updating at nearly midnight every night is not indicative of how busy I truly am, I don't know what else is...for serious.

Whatevers, I am dedicated to the TBB and you TBBians out there who read this novel of nonsense.

So my friend Issac recently sez to me:
"Julia, you  make these faces that in person just make no sense they are so weird and then when I see the picture, they make sense and they are hilarious."

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Ok, Isaac. Touche.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Ready, Let's Go

This just in: I reinstated Ten Mile Tuesday.

Why? Because I wanna.

Tuesday, I had the day off from work and so I leisurely work up, drank coffee, had breakfast and took Goliath out on the trail. As of late, running means scheduling in mileage and making sure I have enough time to get the miles in-which means pressure and stress to get the miles done. Sometimes pressure is good, but stress isn't. I don't like have exactly an hour to get a solid six miles in, it stresses me out. If something goes wrong, a cramp or a spill I'm screwed and may run the risk of being late for work. Not on Tuesday, we hit the trail with no goal.

I love these tights, new favorite.

I immediately could tell I felt amazing. Nothing hurt. It was phenomenal. A mile in, I decided we were going to push a full ten-and we did. It was absolutely ideal. Goliath really was loving it. It got to this point where I hadn't look at my Garmin for a while and when I finally did I was 4.67 miles in. Saaaayyyywhooo? I haven't had a run like this in a long, long, long time. Getting that mileage down made me feel super accomplished.

This is a little spot on the trail, that the photograph doesn't do any justice. The picture looks warped but it's a steep slope followed by a steep hill. It's totally brutal in the winter, but on Tuesday Goliath and I went half way down, took a left and explored around it.

I want to live in these homes, how lucky they are to live right on the trail.

There really are no words to adequately describe how perfect this run was, so I'll just leave it at that. We finished ten miles, and collapsed on the couch. I'm so excited about the weather right now too, fall is beautiful. During the fall, everyone is a runner.

So there that is: Ten Mile Tuesday

In other news, Goliath's Gang is looking pretty awesome! I got a lot of families added the other night, and I'm still working on it, so take a look-and make sure you email us your story.

Total Mileage: 10:03
Time: 1:30:14

Friday, June 11, 2010

Time Keeps On Slippin'

Here's what you've missed in the last week, lots of dog park-swimming-trail runnig: