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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In My Dreams

I'm no stranger to pain. Oh, we've been introduced. We go waaaaay back, me and pain. It's been a long tumultuous relationship with pain. I keep going back, I just can't get enough. That's a lie, pain keeps finding me.

Today, thankfully, was my day of rest. No running. No cross training. Nothing. So to me that's the ideal day to schedule procedures. How sad is that? I put off necessary medical procedures until I have an open day on my running schedule...

For those that don't know and without going into much detail, I have some pretty major mandibular issues. I will most likely have to have routine life long procedures on my jaw, and today was one. I have come to accept this, but today I got some news I was not really prepared for. Even though I probably should have seen it coming, my doctor told me the lower left quadrant of my jaw has permanent never damage. There was so much necrotic tissue that, most of the nerves were either dead already or likely to die within the next few months. The upside? I can take a right hook like nobody's business.

Doctor breaking the news via laptop

The initial shock has completely worn off. It's not like I lost feeling in a leg, although that'd make ultra training super easy. I spent the rest of my day, well until work, in bed with Goliath. One giant milkshake later, I was back to solids.

These pictures cracked me up, he wouldn't stop hovering over me in bed, like 'why are you laying here when you should be running?'

The Mr. decided tonight would be a perfect night to settle a bet. See I bet my couch potato spouse, that I was faster than him. Obviously, I am. I mean c'mon, I spend 20+ hours a week training, while the most exercise he gets is clicking a mouse rapidly playing Battle Forge. Foolishly, I let him pick the distance: 100 meters. Well, let's just say sprinting is not my forte. He annihilated me, but I am chalking that up him taking advantage of someone who had just had oral surgery.

Today's Meterage: 100 meters
Time: Unknown