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Monday, August 29, 2011

You and Tequila Make me Crazy

I don't feel so good.

Nausea just hit me like a ton of bricks, maybe it was the mustard-pickle-jalapeño-turkey wrap I made....maybe my blood sugar is dropping?? I dunno. I got all stoked to update y'all and boom! Grossness.

So I maintained radio silence since Friday because how crazy work has been. Friday turned out to be excellent. Margaritas and Mexican food with friends.

Saturday, was a rest day for me and I took Goliath to the dog park. We played. We swam. Well, he swam. It was hot.

I worked that night, which kept me tame so I could get up for my long run on Sunday. Which was disastrous when there are two accidents on the highway, a 5k on the trail you want to run and half of it is closed due to construction.

They literally blew up the trail. Awesome. I got my miles and am feeling it today.

So I know you are dying to know how the week panned out for my weight loss goals!

Start Weight: 152.6
Week One: 148.6

Woot! Prob just water weight, but I can deal!

OOOH and I finished the Hunger Games series. FINALLY. So good. Read it,

How was your weekend?
What's your favorite drink?
Do you take your pups to the dog park? What's yours like?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Must Be Doing Something Right

Guess what lovies?!  It's my wedding anniversary to the Mr. Man.  THREE WHOLE YEARS! Amazing someone would want to put up with me that long, let alone share a bed and smell my toots at night, am I right?! So happy anniversary to us, we celebrated this weekend and will continue to do so throughout the week.  Because we are party-ers like that, you know.

But before we started out celebration, I took my furry beth frand on a long run.  I am officially going to start following a training plan again, and get my balls back.  So, you will start seeing my long run posts again.  This was going to be my pre-long run, or the PRLRBJGHBB (the pre-long run before julia gets her balls back). By "balls back" I mean the courage to attempt another marathon, since my ego took a major hit in October.

So anyway, tangent, we went to run before we started our anniversary fun.  I decided to go to the old trail since it's better for runs over four miles.  I was met with the most frustrating deluge of traffic due to road construction and it put my about 20 minutes behind schedule.  Those 20 minutes really messed me up.  First of all, I became irrationally angry with traffic.  Second, I knew this would throw off my hydrating schedule since I gulped water before I left.  Third, ARDESJDNG EFFING TRAFFIC!!!

I had a REALLY hard time getting him out the water

Whatever, we got there.  I was determined to have a positive run.  I told myself in the car, I wanted to just destroy this.  I wanted to be exhausted.  However, that 20 minute difference put is at the hottest point of the day and I kinda started to feel bad keeping G out in the heat that long.  We did 5:1, which turned out pretty well.  I was able to keep my stamina up a lot longer, I didn't feel the normal fatigue that I do in my back mileage.  We stopped frequently to allow for Goliath to cool off in the stream and drink up. I hate to admit but one of the stops was for me, due to those 20 minutes I had to pee like 1 mile into the run.  I was able to ignore until mile 5, I HAD to go.  So I became one with nature, and peed in the woods. This in turn Judge me, I dare you. 

As a reward for the run, I let Goliath play in the fountain.  My reward, however, was watching some amateur LARPers go into battle. I would go into great depth of this hilarity that ensued, but trust me when I tell you these guys were amateurs.  There is a group of people who LARP at a local park, in full costume and they have well developed characters and weaponry.  But these kids, on this day kinda showed up to a park in jeans with things that didn't even resemble weapons.  One kid even had a bouncy ball. You must click that if you don't know what I am saying. Come on, dudes.  Like go big or go home right?  If you're gonna LARP do it correctly, am I right?  Maybe they were practicing? To be fair, one guy did have a tail on and another girl kept saying she was a fairy. My favorite part was when they finally were going to start battle, they all stood in pairs in a swampy field until some rogue knight bellowed FIIIIGGGGHHHHTTT. Then.......nothing happened.  They all just continued to stand there, kinda just looking at each other.  Until finally Mr. Rogue Knight, came yelling out from behind a tree and smacked some kid upside the head with his bouncy ball.  DANGEROUS! 


Saturday, September 18, 2010

That Grind Don't Stop

I get really emotional. I can grit though the toughest stuff but when it comes to things like change, and accomplishing things: I get wicked emotional. The last few days I have been completely wrought with anxiety....and overwhelmed with feelings. I just have a lot of feelings. A few months ago, I signed up for the Kansas City Runner's Edge group training run for the KC Marathon. It's not a big training group, it's just a run they organize for anyone training to help them with the longest run during training.

Knowing me, and my flakiness-I signed up so I would have no excuses to not get 20 miles under my belt. Little did I know, that this farting run would cause me more anxiety than the actual race. For SOME reason, I couldn't help but freak out that maybe my training wasn't where it needed to be do this distance and that I was going to totally embarrass myself. My training style for this marathon has been pretty unorthodox, and honestly I haven't stuck much to a rigid plans as I have just gotten out there and followed a 10% build up each week. Every run for me is a fartlek, and every run I struggle to figure out what I need to do albeit hydrating, fueling, and gear. So for someone who still is trying to figure out their rhythm, showing up to a group run with other runners who've been training (and probably more consistently) was a little intimidating.

Admittedly, my nerves got the best of me before I even walked in the door. My drive there I turned up my 5k play list CD, and tried to just relax. Then that stupid Inida Arie song lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks, and I felt like I had to cry-but I couldn't cry because I was so nervous-but I was so nervous I wanted to cry-and then I got angry. KNOCK IT OFF. I don't know why I allow myself to be consumed with self doubt, and wrapped up in minutia like what people might think. God forbid, someone laughs at my gait. I quickly changed the song, to "Let's Go" and tried to get amped. As I pulled into my parking spot, I saw other runners all geared up walking into the shopping center to get their wrist bands.

Sure enough, the demographics were exactly what I feared. Guess what my first thought was? Dannnngggit, you're the fattest person here. ACK, everyone was super lean and super toned and looked super fast. I took a deep breath, and got out of my car. I felt like everyone was staring at me, haha look at the noob, as I walked in and got my wrist band. Thankfully, I planned on meeting up with two guys from the marathon's facebook. They both found me, and distracted me from being a big ball of nerves. One of which, Scott, talked me into this didn't run because of an injury-but just came for moral support, he knew a bunch of people there and introduced me to a few. Then Eric, who I talked into running this. Eric and I had decided to stick together, thick and thin-running and walking.

At 6:30 everyone lined up with a pace group, much like a race. My group kinda huddled around our pacer, Lynette. We shot the poop while we waited for a time to be called. Since this wasn't a race, they were really strict about not wearing ipods. Ya'll know me and my obsession with my ipod, so here I am: longest run of my life, with essentially strangers, and no ipod. I was seriously struggling to not shut down from nerves, so I pushed myself to talk to people. Once I got to talking and introducing myself, I kinda started feeling more like myself. It didn't even take me a mile to realize, everyone there was just as unsure, if not terrified as I was.
The organizers did a wonderful job, and the pacers were amazing. There were water and fuel stations every 2 miles, the pacer answered all your questions and everyone was just rocking and rolling. Our whole group was really chatty, and I hate chatting-but there I was just kinda running my mouth about anything and everything to whoever would listen. We talked about how we got into running, our jobs, our family, TV and movies, stuff in Kansas City, other races we've ran, fueling and nutrition-basically everything. Other than the fact that I had to pee wicked bad, I didn't realize I was even running. Before I knew it, we were at the 10 mile mark. Say what? I didn't even feel like I had ran ten miles.
Everyone had the option of turning back, and running the route for the desired distance-with the maximum distance option being 22 miles. I had talked Eric into pushing 20 miles, even though he only intended on running 18 per his schedule. Selfishly, I begged him to go 20 and I am ever so thankful he agreed. At mile 10, we found out our pacer wouldn't be splitting back to complete the back mileage. Most of our group went on to run another mile before turning around, but Eric and I split of at 10.
Without a gaggle of runners, we just kinda paced our way back and took it really easy. The front ten miles were pretty thick with runners and other groups, but the back ten we'd go for a mile without seeing fellow trainees. As the mileage increased on our garmins, it got progressively harder to put one foot in front of the other. By mile 16 we were both ready to call it and Eric said he was considering walking the final two miles. I didn't mean to get all cliche and motivationally hackneyed on him, but I was like "Buddy, you don't want to regret this later. You know later this afternoon you're gonna kick yourself in the butt for not pushing those last two miles!" He agreed and we kept trucking.
My mom drove by and honked us a serenade of encouragement. We ran through our last aid station, and then it clicked that we were almost done. HOLY CRAP....eighteen miles are finished, two more to go. My legs felt like bricks, but I was on top of the world. Those last two miles, were sooo smooth. Dare I say, smoother than the first anxiety-ful firs two??! With a half a mile left, we ran into this guy...

This is Moose, and 11 Month Boxer.
We both HAD to stop and pet him, being that we a) both love dogs and b) really love Boxers. Eric has a boxer name Daly, who also is tattooed on his arm-that's love. And well, you all know the boxer in my life. Moose had enough energy for the both of us, he showed us how he can sit and shake-and we could tell just from a distance he was a fun dog.
Moose shook us on our way, and before we knew it the shopping center from where we started was in view. It was surreal, had we really just logged 20 miles? Like TWO-ZERO. It felt like TWO. We finished really strong, and even felt like we could do more. Walking into the shopping area, the air conditioning was shocking. We high fived and were just generally elated. Walking to the area where we checked in, we strolled by a huge wall of mirrors. I glanced over my shoulder and said "Yeah,we looked like we just ran 20 miles!" and snapped this...

we killed it.
That's right. I ran 20 miles, and it felt second nature. No one made fun of me. I enjoyed myself. I will be back next year, and I guess this means I'm officially trained to run the KC Marathon. Oh and this is how I recover:
Total Mileage: 20
pssssttttt...12DoGA: GU Winner is Kate Smith! Kate email me your address, and the GU is yours! Thanks for your support! Part Two of 12DoGA coming to a blogpost near you soon.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So Scared of Breaking It

Monday was the first run where I thought Maybe I can't do this, maybe I'm not made to run, maybe 26.2 miles isn't in my cards. I was on the last quarter mile of my longest run in training. I had 15.75 miles under my knees, and I just had to get to the top of the hill. Everything ached, I was so close to finishing and then I realized: You've only gone 16 miles, you'll have 10 more miles to go. Certain death was looming, and all I could focus on was how I would need to push 10 MORE miles on race day. WHATTHEFUDGEARAMA?! zomg.

I can do this. I can do this. I'm already pooping myself. It took everything in my just to do 16-but in retrospect: the headwind was retched (no excuses) and even though the weather was decent the sun was cooking. The front eight miles were smooth, but the back eight really kicked my shins. Maybe there's a correlation between the mileage with and without Goliath? Take a stab at which miles he ran with me. Yah, the front eight. We did a four mile out and back, dropped him off, and then I ran the same out back. Is that my mistake? I was almost to mile 12, when a cyclist rolled up and hollers at me "THIIISSS WIIIND IS AWFUL!" I could barely hear him over my headphones and the gusts beating against my ears.

Enough about my running let's talk about clothes! Who loves clothes?! Me. Well I love running clothes and I thought I'd share what gear I've found successes with so maybe you can too. The following is a visual representation of all my crapola. I'ma do my best to point out to my favorite products, and tell you what hasn't and what has worked.

C9 by Champion Sports Bras found at Target
They retail for like $17 so I have a million. This picture is just from my clean laundry....
When I was a larger cup size I would double up, since they are seamless-but now I only have to wear one because my chesticles have completely eroded. I adore these bras-they are cheap, comfortable and do the dang thing.

Nike Tempo Track Shorts
OH OK-you already knew I loved these? I wear these bad boys year round-short and long runs alike. They retail for $28 but they came in a million different colors, and you can find them at Factory stores for wicked cheap. They take a little getting-used-to because they have built in underwear, and I've heard people complain about riding up. WELL-don't wear underwear with them, that's what causes the riding up and bunching. They danties are built in for a reason, rock them with pride. I've also noticed that these are the new errand-running short, I see girls in these out shopping and stuff-soooo DUAL USE!!

Gnarly Old Cotton T-Shirt
Pick them up at whatever event you're willing to put your blood, sweat and tears into. Cotton isn't the best for long runs, but you bet your bottom dollar I let my sleeved badge of honor soak up every ounce of sweat, even if it will weight 2lbs when I get home. Runners don't get much for running race after race, and often the t-shirt and the bib are the only physical evidence. Obviously wearing a bib around, is silly-but not a t-shirt. Wear them loud. Wear them proud. and Wear them even if you can't wash the smell of BO out of them.

Bowerman Series Nike Shoes
So not all of the above are Nike Bowerman Series shoes, but that's what I've evolved to run in. Who is Bowerman? Well Bill Bowerman is the famous track& field coach behind the Nike Swoosh. He didn't run until college, but he ended up sayin super inspirational things and all that jazz. Well long story short, he wanted a better brand of shoes-better quality-and then many decades later Nike named some high quality running shoes after him. I was told at my local running store, a Bowerman shoe ensures the best quality out of Nike.

Other Things That Aren't Important Enough to Be Photographed:
Scunci Head Wraps-pictured and given away last post
Champion Double Dry Fit Socks-purchased at Costco, I love because each pair has it's own color so you NEVER EVER loser a sock or mismatch them.
Top Paw Nylon Dog Harness-This has changed running for G-Money and Me, he appreciates not being strangled.
Remington Hunting Leash- Long enough to loop around my waist and give him three feet of lead. The color? Fabulous! There are fancy shmancy running leashes with actual belts-but we're too country for that.
GU Energy Gels-I prefer strawberry banana, tastes like candy. Just don't vom it meters from the finish line ala Olathe Marathon ok? Also, don't look at the gel, the fact that it's clear might freak you out. With Gu ALL things are possible.

Total Mileage: 16.0
Time: 2:40:19

Thursday, August 26, 2010

All The Gold

Last night I had a dream that I ran a 5k in under seventeen minutes. I placed first, and it was magical-but no one cared. Not even my mom. Thanks Mom! While, I know this will likely never happen at least I can dream, literally. What does it mean when you are actually eating, sleeping and dreaming running?

Sundays are for long runs aren't they? Well I thought so-but I keep pushing it back so this week my long run fell on Tuesday. Odd I know. I had what I thought was ample time before work on Tuesday to squeeze in fourteen miles. You can't really squeeze in fourteen miles can you? Ideally I should be able to complete that in under two and half hours-but when you run with a dog you kinda gotta plan for some variable stops.

I wasted too much time drinking coffee, so much so that my "ample" time four fourteen became "ample" time for half of that. So I set out for seven, with the idea that I'll run the remaining after work. By mile two, I quickly realized that I hardly have time for five. We weren't running at a snail's pace or anything-but Goliath had a few detours that he decided we MUST make-including a little play time with a boxer named Barron.

Once that five was complete, I felt refreshed and ready to conquer my work load. Eight hours later, I came home and without hesitation strapped up the nikes. Goliath was well rested, so even though fourteen miles might be pushing it-I took him with.

We took it easy, I know the point of long runs is to build endurance not speed. So 'twas a nice jaunt through the woods and over the hills and back. I usually run in the mornings, so one thing I came to know is that after 5pm my trail is cyclist central. Yes, MY trail. I'm all for sharing the pavement, but it's a little irksome when someone clearly doesn't know trail protocol or gets huffy with me. I'm always apologetic if I impede someone's workout, but that's only ever happened once. So when people act like our running duo is a hindrance, I can't help but laugh. Really? Our six legs bother you? In case you forgot you have a pulley system attached to WHEELS to cover your mileage. Give us a break. Don't get me wrong, nothing against people who cycle-good for you, it's an excellent work out-but please don't act like bike/hike trails are just BIKE trails.

OMG SO GROSS! I will never be wearing this clothing combo again, muffin top by leash!

The weather was phenomenal! ARGH! I can't wait until fall and not just because I'm running a marathon! We clocked our fourteen miles total for the day,but I feel cheapened since it was in one solid session. Split sessions by definition are misery. I came home feeling like absolute garbage. My legs were cramping, I was extremely tired and nauseated. Interested parties believe my electrolytes were way off, so I'm going to be drinking for gatorade. It took me about 24 hours to fully recovery from that abuse, but I'm glad I got it under my belt.

Total Mileage: 14.01
Times: 2:11:23

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Cryin' Shame

Am I nuts? You guys can tell honest, I'm nuts right? Only clinically crazy people think they can go out and run 16 miles without having ran anymore more than six in the last three weeks...right? I'm pretty sure attempting that makes me eligible for commitment, because I sure did attempt that. AND I sure did not accomplish that.

I'm well aware that I've been sleep deprived, not properly fueling, just got new shoes-oh and haven't really been training....but what the heck? I had the day off, so I figured I had all day to get in sixteen miles and I told myself that I'd get every inch in even if it took six hours. Well, I did get quite a few inches in...just not 1,013,760 inches.

Goliath and I ran three miles out, and I could tell he was pretty tired. After a long weekend of running and the dog park, I figured he could sit this one out. So I ran him back home, and by the last half mile I was leading him. I dropped him off, and with ten more miles to run I turned right back around and ran the same course.

This bush now property of Goliath

By that same three mile mark, I was spent. Like WAY done. I was ready to collapse, and my legs felt like monoliths. By this time, I had completely dried up. My body had stopped sweating so long ago, that my clothes had time to dry. Not a good sign. Just a short time earlier, I was standing in my living room soaked in sweat. Generally, this is the first sign of dehydration. Apparently, all the water along the way wasn't enough. I did a jog/walk/crawl combo home. This was a wall I needed to hit, so I can learn from it.

Way back when I played softball in grade school, I became seriously dehydrated after a tournament and spent the next two days vomiting my brains out. Therefore, dehydration scares the patootie outta yours truly. I drink water like I get paid by the ounce, and so for me to experience this was slightly confusing. Until it was brought to my attention that a) it was hot, and I needed to be drinking twice as much as I'm use to and b) I also need to be replenishing electrolytes. The conclusion? Invest in either salt packets, more GU (which I run with on the reg) and some gatorade.

The rest of the day was spent in self loathing and disappointment so naturally I took my main-man to his favorite store to splurge. Goliath loves retail therapy. He prefers the treats at PetSmart but we went to PetCo, because I had a coupon. This dog has made me world's biggest sucker. My theory is this: he's only with me for such a short period of time and he's absolutely changed my life, and made me the happiest person-so why shouldn't I give him everything in my power to give him a plushy-treat-toy-filled life? I AM that crazy lady who talks to her dog, and let's him pick out his toys, even if I know he'll destroy in in 0.5 seconds. Hey, it might be $20 but he'll get solid minute or two of disemboweling joy and to me that joy is absolutely priceless.

What has been your biggest mistake during training, and how have you gotten over it mentally?

Total Mileage: 12.0
Time: 2:17.23

Friday, July 23, 2010

When It All Goes to Hell

The best runs can turn into your worst runs. I read recently in Runner's World that when you start to get better at running, you have more bad runs than not. Theoretically, this makes sense to me. When you start out running, it seems like you'll never be able to run a mile without walking and that averaging fifteen minutes a mile is something to be proud of. Once you are able to comfortably run a mile, you move on. You build stamina, muscle strength and a lactate threshold. Then a year later, you can average 9 min/miles for 10 miles.

But just because you can do something, doesn't mean you always should. AND just because you've done something once, doesn't mean you can always repeat it as often as you'd like. As a runner, I think it's hard to recognize progress. Forward progress is usually measured in seconds, and much like losing weight, initially the first few minutes come off pretty easily but the last few seconds can take years to lose. In a year, you can go from average 15 min/miles to 8:30s if you so choose, but if you want to go from 8:30s to 8:00s get ready for a long tumultuous journey down frustration path.

There are so many metaphors that come to mind, when trying to articulate this point but that is erroneous. I bring this all up because, much like many of my counterparts, I put an inordinate amount of pressure on myself to improve. Training is my time to do so, and I put a lot of emphasis on my long runs. Which, hey-I know can be detrimental-but it's what I do, so sue me.

Sunday, Goliath and I set out for twelve. Eek. Very proud of myself, I woke up early enough and fueled. All my long runs are suppose to be at 10:04/mile pace, but I see that and go pfffft that's so Julia2008 and shoot to push 9:00s. At our split, I felt fantastic. WOOOHOO Just ran six in 46! Then I made a mistake, I sat down on a bench. Took out my iphone, snapped a few pictures-where else do you think the pictures come from? When my two minutes were up, I went to move but neither of us wanted to go anywhere. I gave myself another two minutes, and before I knew it I'd been sitting on that bench long enough for someone to have run a mile.

Begrudgingly, I got up. Shook out my hammies and started out. Each half mile, I stopped. Evaluated. Walked a little and checked my pulse, and pace. For the run in me, I could not break this cycle. Finally, I started saying Okay, just run to the end of this song then you can walk so I would, and a new song would start and I'd say the same thing. Finally, about mile eight I got my groove back. I think I was a little intimidated by the mileage, I KNEW I could run six but double that? Meh...

Well, Stella got her groove-but someone didn't get the memo. Goliath and were trucking along, and we were about half a mile away from a water fountain when SPLAT! Someboddddy decided he wanted to play in the creek, and kinda forgot he was attached to me. Goliath jolted into the creek to my right, and I slipped down an embankment of mud and kerplunked flat on my back. ouch to the ego and to the back.

I swear I wear other shorts...these are just my fav.
So Yeah, I was soaking wet and covered in clay-like mud and boy was it AWESOME. My shoes were full, and it looked as if I had poopied myself. We jogged to the water fountain where I rinsed off my hands and ringed out my shirt. I splashed water on my face, but that seemed redundant. There really is no moral to this story, except that if you join your dog to be four-legged running machine make sure they remember that at all times.

Total Mileage: 12.05
Times: 2:27.33

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All the Courage You Have Left

Two weeks complete. Roughly eleven more to go. Now, that I'm officially training for the KC W&R, I gotta say I feel like a total bad ass. I know I'm a pretty decent runner these days, and I know I've come a looooonnng way-but following a training schedule makes me seem so official. I am running with a purpose now. Clearly all my half marathons were self-derived and Goliath inspired running plans. I went off some Internet acquired know-how, basic running principles and a dog's energy. Obviously, not the best strategy but it worked-but I don't think it will be get satisfactory results for 26.2 miles.

My second super-official-marathon-training-long-run, we shall call these SOMTLR from now on, was this Sunday passed. I slept in, WOAH major surprise there, and ended up pushing the run back into the afternoon. Luckily it was raining, again. Mother Nature knows I run better in the rain. There's something about my playlist, being with Goliath on a muddy trail and just putting my heart into a run that makes me feel like an epic Nike commercial. The song "Shots" by LMFAO is like the most annoying song, unless I'm running. It's perfect for my cadence, and regardless of the lyrics it makes me move.

Maybe I rely too much on my ipod. Sure, I'd love to be some crunchy granola runner with no shoes and natural deodorant, but the reality is that I'm not. Running is easier if I can put a soundtrack to it, and sorry but I run for so many reasons and none of them include adding stress to my life. A bad run stresses me out, it puts pressure on my next run and fills me with self doubt. Logging nine miles in one day is not second nature to me, but getting lost in some fun Bieber on mile six definitely makes it feel like it is.

By our split, Colbie Caillat was calming down my playlist. I put songs like her's on there, because I unintentionally slow down. Sometimes I need that reminder, sometimes I don't but on this run it came just at the right time. I let my heart rate recover to 60%, stretched and allowed Goliath to explore the banks. By that time, the clouds had cleared and the sun was evaporating all the fallen rain. Steam was coming off the trail's pavement, and that's when my power song came on.

I have a special relationship with "All the Above" by Maino, and admittedly when I think about how motivating it has been to me and all the races and runs it's pushed me through, I get overwhelmed emotionally. So no, I've never been shot or spent hard time in prison-but I can relate to songs, running wise I guess. It's a song about struggle. I struggle on even my easiest runs. It's a struggle for me to put my shoes on most days, let alone spend the upside of an afternoon running. I struggle just to break into the middle of the pack. So, what's up Maino-I struggle too and thank you for making me a better runner.

We pushed nine that day. We spent the rest of the day recovery couchside with ice.

Total Mileage: 9.05

Monday, July 05, 2010

Rain Is A Good Thing

Sunday = Long run day! I think it was so exhausted, that it's prevented me from updating.

Goliath and I woke up around 4:30AM to run 9 miles. Why so early? Well we had plans at 10AM and that's the price you pay for being a marathon-runner-in-training and, I guess being my dog.

When we started pacing, it was slightly humid and still dark. The fog lifted, and then the rain set in.

It misted, then it sprinkled and then it poured. By the time it was dumping inches, we were at our split and waiting it out under a bridge. Several other runners and bikers whized by, probably thinking we were wusses-but the short break paid off.

The rain halted, we set off and half a mile later it picked back up.

As it was raining, I started thinking about my half marathon PR at Rock the Parkway. It was pouring rain, even hailing. I thought of this because, never have I ran so well in my life until that race and it was in horrid conditions-so why not during training am I sluggishly pushing each quarter mile and dreading the rain? Maybe it was the leash burn or maybe lack of sleep, but just recognizing that I could perform better in worse circumstance made me run just a little better.

Goliath, of course, ran just fine. Especially with the prospect of creamy Jiff in his future.

Total Mileage: 9.0
Time: 1:28:03

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taking the Long Way Around

Oh my, is it really Tuesday? Have I really gone this long without updating you? Shocker! Well, it's official, marathon training is in full swing and my schedule is three days of running and three days of cross training and one full day of rest. So how does this really translate in Julia+Goliath land? Three days of running, and three days at the dog park.

Schedule in mind, I'm still trying to fit Kyle into the mix and help him with endurance and taper myself for a half marathon next week. Juggling the aforementioned has been tricky, but since I'm "tapering" cross training is kept to a minimum. Long runs fall two days after a tempo or speedwork day, and that meant Friday was LRD. Have you ever seen me post about a long run on a Friday? Or what about a run on Friday at all? Truth be told, I don't think since I've started running I've ever put in serious mileage on a Friday. Mainly because my Weight Watcher's meetings and races are typically Saturday mornings.

Regardless, after work on Friday (yeah, in the evening too...) Goliath and prepped up for what was sure to be a grueling eight miles. Let me get the whines out first: It was HOT. It was HUMID. I was TIRED. It was MISERABLE. There, with that said it was the most gratifying run I've had in a long time. I had to stop every so often, and my sweat was coming down in torrents but I finished it. Unintentionally, I went at marat-race pace which is what I'm suppose to be doing anyway so it worked out. The heat and humidity really took a toll on my endurance and my attitude. It's not like running in ten below, where after five minutes you get acclimated. The heat doesn't go away, and it only gets worse with every mile.

The good news? We saw a DEER! It was a baby buck, and I was so delirious that at first I thought it was a great dane off it's leash. It took me a whole minute to process, oh hay that's no Marmaduke! Goliath wanted to play with the little guy so bad, and for a second I thought the buck wanted to as well. He inched toward us, as I stood completely still- isn't that what deer do? Goliath's whining to get off-leash eventually spooked him off.

Like the brilliant genius that I am, I also did not realize that the city water fountains are on! HOLY BALLS! This was a game changer. I almost went hypoxic guzzling water. Hilariously, this old gentleman sitting at a picnic table stared blankly at me as I drank like I had never seen water and when I finally had my fill, he said "I hope you left some for the rest of us." No sir, I didn't. The entire city of Overland Park will now be without water until the troops can bring in reinforcements.

Friday's Mileage: 8.01
Time: 1:12:07