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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Dos What I Pleases

^^^THAT SUCKS! Especially when I was really looking forward to super duper long run with G-Bonez.  I refuse to run him on city streets and sidewalks, so I had to take him home and do my work out all by me onsie. 

I got a killer hill work out it.  Totally kicked my glutes.  Of course my garmin pooped out too so I have no real data for you guys, but trust me when I say it was GOOD.  I ran 1.75 miles to this quarter mile hill, and did repeats at full speed.  So 2800, with 400x8 incline repeats and 2800.  I just made that up, but it sounds legit right?

This is my: ZOMG! It's hotttt face.

It was seriously balls hott yesterday, and I fought myself to not jump into the city pool that was on my route.  It felt really good to push that hard.  During a work out, do you ever feel like you literally can't do anymore-like you are on the brink of passing out and then the second you stop you immediate think I could of gone harder/faster/longer? Running is constant battle with dissatisfaction and desire to go harder/faster/longer, but last night I was smitten.  I did exactly what my body would physically allow for.

That was my last hill work out before Hospital Hill Marathon on Saturday! So excited!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Higher and Higher

Julia's Do's and Don'ts for Hill Repeats
  • Don't run hill repeats when the heat index is 109 degrees
  • Do pick a hill that is at least quarter to half a mile long. If you need to run seven miles of hill repeats, you probably don't want to be running up and down the same hill 42 times.
  • Don't expect to run hill repeats at your 5k pace, take it slow-this isn't a work up to build speed, it's about strength
  • Do take water
  • Don't be afraid to walk, even if it's just downhill
  • Don't pick a hill with heavy construction, traffic and newly laid tar-you'll likely induce an environmental asthma attack with a SUV full of frat boys watching
  • Do pick a decent grade of hill, but not one that you need ropes and pulleys to climb
  • Don't think people watching are even remotely keyed in to what you're doing, so when you stop at the bottom to turn around and go back up don't worry about if anyone saw you and thought "What a slacker, they just stopped their run"
  • Do trick someone into doing this workout with you
  • Don't expect to run 5 miles of hill repeats on your first time
  • Do invest in a foam roller, and take extra good care of your muscles after
  • Don't pay any mind to your pace, or overall time
Got any tips of your own? Post them!