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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Race Recap: Kansas Half Marathon

Holy Moly, I hate the new blogger set up.

I'm sure it rolled out like a long time ago, and I just haven't been on since then.  I mega fail.

ANYWAY, I need to recap the Kansas Half Marathon which was....ummm...April, 22nd?  Yeah....that sounds right.  Because I ran RTP on the 14th and it was a week later....

YEAH, you read that correctly, I did two half marathons in two weeks.  Like what what?  I know there are people out there who do like full marathons back to back, but honestly that sounds absolutely horrific to me...and 2 halves in 2 weeks was a lot physically on my weakling body.


Sunday, the 22nd was the Kanas Half Marathon in Lawrence, KS, a week and a day after the Rock the Parkway half marathon.  A week and a day after I ran into so many fueling and knee problems, and struggling to finish 20 minutes over my goal time.  So I was mentally prepping myself more than anything. 

I wasn't quite sure how my running schedule should be the week in between races, so I did a bunch of cross training and kept my mileage moderately and increased my speed.  I invested in Cliff Shot Blocks for the race to avoid my fueling issues, but I did fail to eat.  Except some small cookie thing that was in my packet. 

I met my Marathoning Mate Megan before the start, and we decided it would be best to use the porties before the gun time, but the lines were SO LONG.  It was determined that it was best to just start late, so we waited and waited and waited.  We were running to the start when the gun went off, and ultimately lined up with the correct pace group and started on time....but it was close enough to give me anxiety.

Right off the bat, I felt great.  No knee pain, I had energy and didn't feel dehydrated.  The only complaint I had was the wind was pretty strong.  The first five miles kind of flew by, except for a climb that I have climbed many times in the past. 

We ran up Daisy Hill, on KU's campus.  It's the hill where all of the dormitories overlook campus, it's a fairly steep incline and stretches for what seems like forever.  I lived atop that hill for a year.  Do you EVER think I ran it ONCE? Nope.  Never even dreamed of it.  I walked it several times, but I thought it would kill me.  Most of the time, I hopped the bus and had it drop me off in front of the cafeteria.  Where I ate myself the cliche 15lbs heavier.

So there I was, three years later, and nearly 30lbs lighter, running up it.  

Miles 6-7 were REALLY fast.  We were downhill and had a tail wind.  I felt really good.

My only complaint about this race is that there are over a thousand runners, and we run on basically the lead runners can get slowed down by gobs of runners getting through aid stations or passing each other.  Or high fiving them...which is what I did.   So maybe it's a toss up, I really enjoyed high fiving all the lead runners, and cheering them on very personally. But wow, does it make you feel slow.

The biggest problem I had with the sidewalk cluster is that whatever pack you were in when you got it, was the pack you were stuck in, because trying to pass people was impossible especially as you approach mile 7 because you turn loop around and switch directions.  So the sidewalk is split in two directions with runners, one pack still hitting the front miles and the other pack on their way back to the finish.  

I ended up getting a wicked bad chub rub around mile 7 also, and it was gnarly.  I think because of the wind, my legs couldn't warm up and they weren't sweating like they normally do, which is gross but prevents the chaff.  I had to stop to ask a pacer for something to alleviate the pain.  

I also had to stop a lot because every time I hydrate while running, I am getting really bad side cramps when I try to resume running.  Anyone have this issue?

Finishing after all the side cramps from hyrdrating was pretty freaking brutal, but we did it...and Megan is the ultimate trooper.  She stayed with me, when she's a super speed demon and probably could have finished 20 minutes before our final time.

Megan, is the best.

This week we will finish Running with the Cows Half Marathon, to close out the 39.3 series!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Race Recap: Rock the Parkway Half Marathon

And man, am I still tired?

It may have been the two day expo that I worked for the race or it may have been the actual 13.1 miles,
but I was pooped.  I'm still pooped...and it's Wednesday.

I was really excited about this race, because it kicks off the Heartland 39.3 Series and my company PRA decided to be one of the sponsors, so unlike most races I had a gaggle of family and friends there running also.  

My goal for this race was to run it in under 2 hours.  Thinking that a sub 2-hour half would get the ball rolling for the spring in a big way.  I have been training relentlessly, and it was attainable.

My long-distance-long-distance Running Love!!  Pre-Race.
The Race started at 7:30, and it was kind of hectic.  As usual, I had planned on getting there earlier and it just didn't happen, so I ended up getting pretty stressed out.  Also, large groups of people are kind of annoying to me-a terrible phobia for someone who's addicted to road races.  I was suppose to have baller status parking, and we couldn't find the lot and we ended up trying to walk to the start and my shoes got all wet, and I whined a lot about it.

Anyway long story short, Megan and I got separated at the start but I met my dear friend Mary, who was running her first (!!!) half marathon.  The race was off and the humidity was really thick.  I hate it when you sweat, and it doesn't go anywhere, it just stays on your skin.  Sitting there...all wet...and hot. GRossss.

I decided to try and line up with a pace group, but turns out I am also not a fan of those. People get really weird about trying to stay near the pacer.  There were runners who were doing everything short of throwing elbows to get people out of their way.  It was really crammed and made me feel really anxious.  So I drew back and slowed so they could pass.

The first few miles were easy peasy, nice and slow but I still felt like I was going too fast.  By like mile 4, I started to notice that I was turning over my left foot in an odd way.  Like my shoe wasn't tied right or, the unlevel road was making me strike funny?  

Around Mile 6, I noticed a familiar pain in my left knee.  No doubt from the odd strike pattern in my left foot. I started to get really discouraged.  I started to think about not finishing the KC Marathon, and how crappy that felt.  

Around Mile 7, I slowed myself waaaay down.  I was exhausted, pretty much out of gas and starving.  I didn't eat or drink anything before the race, and only water so far during.  I am struggling with GI issues while running, and want to find a happy medium.  I switched to gatorade mid-race hoping that would help.

For the rest of the race, my pace was slower than anticipated and I knew I wasn't going to hit my goal.   I was pretty defeated, there's nothing like forcing yourself to finish when what you wanted to achieve is out of the question.  But running a half marathon is an achievement in itself, so I should be proud each and every time.  

I finished with a smile on my face, and that felt awkward.  Physically I could have done more, I just didn't have it in my knee or my energy to get the job done.  I ended up finishing 20 minutes over my goal. Ouch.

The course is beautiful.   Of course I am going to say it's an amazing race :)  I will be back. Hopefully faster.