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Friday, July 08, 2011

All Right, All Ready

This is gonna be a quick post.

A)I am tired.
B) No, scratch that I am exhausted.
C) Logan leaves tomorrow for 11 days, so I should be hanging out with him
D) All of the above.

Yesterday, I decided to make up for my skipped run due to rain.  So G and I set out to tackle an easy four miler.  The heat was bearable, and the humidity was meh.  Us runners should be use to it though.  We constantly complain about the heat, the humidity, the cold the wind, the sun, the air..erm not the air.  Regardless of the conditions, we will probably complain.  Well...I will probably complain.  Maybe I should speak so generally?

Goliath was so not into photos
It was just like any other four mile run, except I am all like time obsessed these days.  My head keeps telling me I need to be pushing sub 8s, and my body is like "uhm what the frick? no."   Mentally, I want to be back to where I was last year at this time.  Holding an 8 for 8 miles, the idea of doing that now makes me want to vomit a little.  Speed takes soooo long to develop, and yet it takes so little to lose.  Frustration.

Forget my nay saying, it was a pretty good run.  Toward the end though my legs bricked pretty bad and I felt like I was running in sand.  I think it was a tad dehydrated.  Goliath was so tired.  I dunno what was up, but he actually sat down in the car. He NEVER does that!

Late last night, Logan and I were eating our dinner.  Yeah, it was almost 11PM and we finally got around to eating a nutritious dinner of chicken nuggets and twizzlers.  I am not even ashamed.  Sometimes, you gotta eat chicken nuggets and twizzlers for dinner.  I may have gotten a ltitle carried away and started being Twizzler Ninja when I started hitting Logan and teasing Goliath.  

I know it looks like I am just dangling it in his face, but I was dancing around and swinging them like nun-chucks.  When I would hit Logan with them, Goliath would intervene to defend Logan.  But instead of going to play fight back, he just went right for the twizzler.  
My dog knows what's up.  G's down with the Twizzlers.

We took it back though, Goliath may not know this but 
twizzlers are minutes on the jowls, 
but hours of loose bowels.



(so much for a quick post!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

As Fast as A Rambler Goes

So I have been MISERABLY sick. I will spare you all the gory details, but basically a water main broke in our area which caused low pressure in the water main.  Our water company issued a boil advisory to surrounding areas-but we didn't get the memo.  Like literally, they sent out a memo...we didn't get it.  My house sits on old farm land, so due to low pressure whatever is in the soil can seep into our water. So I have been working out twice a day, and then drinking contaminated water. 


This all started Tuesday.  I hadn't been symptomatic until after a 4 mile run with Scooter.  Honestly, I didn't feel so hot during the run but whatever.  Scott trains and races with a 5 on, 1 off technique.  Where you run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute.  I am not sure I love this, but I do it anyway because that's the price you pay for a running buddy right?  And honestly, how is it any different than the multiple potty stops I make for G-Skrilla? Running 5, walking 1 is supposed to be good for muscle confusion, endurance and injury prevention.  It's just not good for me mentally.  The second I stop my stride, I'm mentally broke.  Walking feels so good, but running feels so...ouch.  It works for Scootz though because he's ran like 856 marathons this way.

I am pleased to announce I made it through that entire run sans complaining!  Someone ring a bell, make me a cake and buy me a beer.  The less I complain, the more I sweat though.  I am really gonna have to start bringing towels for my car because it's pretty gross to get back into your sedan for work and sit down in a soggy seat.  ICK!

Since that run, I have been in the most agonizing stomach pain you can imagine. Probably because I am some water parasite that's eating my insides and insecticide poisoning.  Posting may get kinda lame since I am avoiding most foods and working out.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Gotta Let Go

I did it. I put aside the fear, and got up and ran this morning. AANNNND I was *this* close to not. Yes, I legit almost put it off another day. It really had been a full week since I last ran, so the fear of sucking was added to my health concerns. We've discussed this before, you know? That sinking rock in your gut telling you how hard it's going to be when you start again. Knowing that you won't be able to be as good as you were, even it was only one week. Fitness takes months to build, and days to lose.

When you miss a day of training, it's no big deal to jump right back and start where you left off. But what do you do when you miss a full week, including a long run? There's debate on what's beneficial and let's face it, practical. Do you attempt to make up mileage, so your weekly mileage isn't touched? Do you just dive in, as if you haven't missed the last vital work outs? Whatever you should do, I made my decision on what I knew I could handle. Four miles. Which also happens to be in line with today's scheduled run anyway. So win-win? Maybe.

Really, I don't have any weeks to spare with training so missing one Not even kinda, it just does. I don't have time to worry about things, and I don't have time to stress the miles. I only have time to get it done, and not think about it.

So I got it done. Goliath and I ran four, a 2x2-and he wanted to dilly-dally in the creek, and chase squirrels, but not today. We forged two miles out, and we forged two miles back. It was almost like I need to proved to myself that I could still run, and well prove to everyone on the trail too. There are days, that I still feel like that chubby girl trying to lose weight and I wonder if that's what people see me as. Does it even matter, Julia? Does it even matter? No, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about it.

I guess in a lot of ways I am still the chubby girl trying to lose weight if I continue to doubt myself as much as I did this week.

Total Mileage: 4.0
Time: 38:09

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is Me on the Hurtin' Side of Pain

It's time to retire the Bowerman's. They've gotten my through two half marathons, and their training. Today's run, although scheduled to be brief, was excruciatingly painful. From over zealous training, I experienced not just one but TWO tibial stress fractures. During the month hiatus from running to recover I went a little crazy. The mental low from not having the excess endorphins was just added insult.

Driving to work, I'd see runners and get bitter. Normally, I'd wave or give them a chin nod even if they couldn't see me-but there's no camaraderie in injury. Today, I felt the familiar pang in my leg. There are way too many miles on my shoes, and I know better.

So what should have been interval training for four miles, became a two mile jog and a two mile exploration walk.

Goliath swims in this fall when it's warmer, today the frigid twenty degree water swayed him against it.

We got home about an hour after we set out. I think Goliath was still tired from yesterday's run, because he's been sprawled out, passed out since I took off my shoes only waking to see what I was cooking for lunch.

(Cajun Lettuce Wraps)

Today's Mileage: 4 miles
Time: 1:00:32