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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rush is Worth the Price I Pay

Wow, what a neglectful blogger I have been! This will be a post of epic proportions. So today will be a blog-update-a-rama-spectacular.

Where to start...where to start...Since it's been over a week, and a week of really exciting happenings, we'll start where we left off.

Last weekend, Goliath and I were bored and the spouse was sleeping in later than usual so we made the executive decision to run to the dog park. We routed out our trail, gave the hubs and ETA and set off. Neither of us were really ready to run in the heat, and by heat I mean like 70+ degrees. Which comparatively, that's HOT to us. There seemed to be like half a million people on the trail, and even more people at the dog park.

We met some friends there, and sorry followers, there were pictures but I can't upload them. You'll soon find out why. As per normal, the park was a giant mud pit and Goliath was all over it. He found a 4-month old Husky to play with, that is until the puppy's owner thought it was a good idea to KICK Goliath. To make a really interesting story, a not so interesting one: we got in a little altercation which ended in the opposite owner cussing me out. You read that correctly, he cussed me out because I was angry he kicked my dog. People are so stable.

Well considerably upset, I mistakenly put my phone in its case but didn't close it so it flew out and shattered. Peace out iPhone. What a great afternoon, right?

In the days to follow, I complained about that doucher and my phone enough to drive any sane person insane. We have since shipped off the phone to be repaired, and then the blog will be full operational once again.

Yesterday, I ran the Olathe Half Marathon with my friend Megan, while my friends Megan, Anna, and Colleen ran the 5k portion. AND all of us ran with Meagan in spirit, who's luck dealt her one too many flat tire cards.

Without spilling too many excuses and telling you some long drawn out story, it was a hilarious series of events which lead up to a fun race with good people. It also makes the second race for me to vomit. Let's not make that a ritual, please oh please. Unfortunately no PR for me, but my partner set one and that's all I can really ask for right?

Now, that a week's worth of training and doggie happenings have been meshed into a few paragraphs I'll leave you with a montage of last night's trip to the DP:

Week's Mileage: 35

Monday, March 08, 2010

Rather hurt than feel nothing at all

Food wise this weekend turned out to be a total disaster, between home made doughnuts and several trysts with ice cream I've put myself weeks away from goal. Yesterday, was embarrassingly bad. I told myself in secret that "high calorie" days are necessary, but I still felt completely defeated by my own poor decisions.

Goliath had a good weekend though, he worked out like nuts as usual and his calorie intake was a minimum as usual. Like we do most weekends we ventured to the dog park, the weather dictated that we do so. I think the weather dictated that every dog owner in Overland Park do so because the park was full. The people to dog ratio was a little off, it seemed like pooches brought their entire families.

The DP is the best when it's full, Goliath darts from one end to another finding new friends and periodically checking in on us. We come so often that he's recognized, one of the last times we came someone walked in and said "Oh Goliath's here!" as their dog ran off to greet him. There are few dogs that can match his energy and endurance, but the few that can have very thankful owners. The beautiful bevy of breeds was fun, Logan and I like to stand and guess the mixes and comment on all the different varieties, Oh babe, check out that alpha blue bull dog!

Here are some highlights from Sunday's visit:

Duncan, a Bichon-miniature Schnauzer mix. He's one of the seven dogs our friend's Blake and Danee have, and also happens to be my number one. He loves laps, and standing in the water bowl.

This is Ellie, a retired racing Greyhound. She's also one of Blake&Danee's. Ellmillionaire likes to give you nose kisses, and walks at my sprinting pace.

These little Yorkies were having a wittle too much fun...the one with the bow is Lili, remember Sarai from last week? Lili is Sarai's little sister. The guy giving her, a uh-hug, was a three year old male, named Tyson. BUT it was love at first sight, when his mom tried to separate them he ran the acre across the park to find Lilly.

This little guy loved Danee(mom to Duncan and Ellie). He wanted to be held and oversee the dog park with her. He lives in a house with a Great Dane that is over 100 pounds.

Paulo, a brindle Boxer, has been coming to the dog park a little over a year now. His owner moved here from Russia, but loves German dogs. Paulo has champion blood line, but would rather play.

Oliver, the Pugle (Beagle+Pug) fell head over paws for Ellie. Seriously. He LOVED her. Ellie played a little hard to get, and totally not interested but we think she kinda liked him too.

This is Scout the Siberian Husky. Scout plays with Goliath frequently in the winter months, they both love the snow and to run in it.

Now that we aren't the only family at the dog park, you can plan on seeing more posts like these-so I hope you like dogs.

Dog park aside, when the reality of what happened this weekend, nominally my binge eating, finally hit me I felt pretty low. Breakfast came around and I still was not ready to correct my diet, I wanted junk. Sugar and Butter. So I put a little in my oatmeal, and begrudgingly put one foot in front of another. I intended to run six miles, just an easy six-but at two and half miles my Nike+ ended my work out unexpectedly. So I restarted it for the 5k distance, and had this major energy surge-like out of no where? It was kind of awesome considering those first two miles I seriously thought I was going to vomit from all the unfriendly running foods I inhaled.

The 5k turned out to be my fastest 5k ever. My race PR is 27:11, and it wasn't a chipped timed race so I'll never know how accurate that is. Today, I ran five whole kilometers in just over twenty five minutes. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES. Excuse me while I toot my own horn, but I did that after running two and half miles. Take that weekend binge eating! Goliath and I laid down on the trail after that, the cold ground felt delicious.

Like the brace? I owe my miles to Megan C.


Today's Mileage: 6.1 (5k+3 miles)
Total Time: 55:45