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Monday, June 18, 2012

Time is Love

Today, I made a vow.

I vowed to start blogging again.

Ya'll have heard all the excuses before, so I'm just gonna skip it and jump back to where we left offf.....

So quick recap of the last few month since my Kansas Half Marathon recap:
-Finished three more half marathons since then: Running with the Cows, Kansas City Corporate Challenge, and Hospital Hill
-Bailed AGAIN out of a triathlon
-Tried to jumble a training schedule, and work and school and well everything
-Failed to blog
-Gained some weight
-Paid off some debt
-Ate some good food, mostly candy

Thaaaaat's about it.....why do I blog again?  I am relatively uneventful, yet somehow I can always find a way to fill the page with words.  I'm mouthy like that I guess.

I have been thinking about doing a reformat, reorganizing and just generally redoing the blog.  Like new name and everything, but while the creative juices flow we shall stick to The Bosky Blog, a punny blog that no one fully understands.


Anyway, on to the important things.  I am not registered for any more races this year, well long ones that will require extensive training or maintenance.  Which really excites me because now, I feel like I can focus on different goals. Like getting to my goal weight, building some muskles, getting faster and giving my knee a chance to heal.  So next year when I go to attempt six half marathons in five months, I won't feel totally terrible about myself and lack of progress.


There's such a thing as tangible progress and intangible progress.  Quite honestly, if I have made any progress in the last year it's completely intangible, and I am unable to recognize it.  Ya'll might think I am too hard on myself, but the second I give myself a break I get stagnant and placid....and end up with a year of zip, oh like last year!


I need to focus, and werk.  It's like wicked hard to start, but I got out there today in 100 degree heat and hit the trail with my pooch.  We hit the hills, did some strength training moves and worked up a decent sweat.  The best feeling in the world right now is just being able to get out there, with no pressure.  I can relax and get the benefit of my run without stressing myself out about pace and my upcoming PR goal.

Goliath likes it too, because he doesn't feel so bad when he wants to stop and smell the pheromones.


What I ate today: Coffee with half and half and sugar, 1 cup of hot and sour soup, chicken and broccoli over white rice, slice of supreme pizza
How I worked out today: 3 mile sweat fest with Goliath

This Post Brought to You By: "Time is Love" Josh Turner

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Give Me Hugs and Lots of Kisses

Guess what I did today?!?!

Did you say win the lottery?  Because, although a good guess is wrong.  I ran.

My sincere apologies for the lame-o photos, I took my camera with us out on the run and guess who forgot the memory card?  You're right, Goliath did.  Whattta dummie.

I thought about running all day, and prayed I got outta work early enough to see some daylight on my run.  Unfortunately, the sun was setting on my way home and by the time I geared up it was dark.  Goliath knew something was up the second I got home, and he ran circles around me, barked and stretched.  Which is something I should have done....hmpf.

I planned on testing the waters, but I intended on going for three solid miles.  With the new orthotics in toe, ha get it? pun INTENDED.  I prepared myself for the worst: excruciating pain, like at the marathon and hoped for the best: a pain-free-speedy-few miles. 

I got a hybrid.  My muscle memory was pretty solid, I expected to feel fatigue pretty early on and anticipated muscle failure.  Apparently, the cross training has kept my fitness pretty decent.  Unfortunately, my upper respirtory fitness was a whole 'notha story.  I am wheezy, probably from the cold, but man breathing was ROUGH.  Most importantly, my knee felt great until about a half mile in.  It hurts specifically more on the downhill, which is common for lower joint injuries, and the uphill was a breeze.  

For our first run back, we had pretty decent splits based on estimates because I didn't wear my garmin, as it hasn't been charged since...uhm...Chicago Half?  eek.

I can already tell I am going to have a little DOMs tomorrow, and

The husband and I went for our regular Wednesday sushi date, and I tried two new rolls:
Midnight Fantasy Roll, it's a mix of salmon and yellow tail with minced scallion
Alaskan Roll, salmon-avocado-cucumber in a rice wrapper

Food not pictured: Coffee, Chocolate Chip cliff bar, spinach salad with red peppers and banana peppers, apple and peanut butter

...and Today's Daily Picture:

Did you run today?
What is the hardest part of your workout?
What are some good gifts for runners?

This post brought to you by: "Yes"-LMFAO

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, I Needed That

I heard something wonderful today: "I need you to run now."

'Scuze me Doc, nerbody needs to tell me that twice...not even once.  In fact, I am use to the "hey don't run for X weeks and then we will see."  Things are little different when you work with a team that has a goal, and the goal is not to treat symptoms but to get you back to running permanently.  

So once I heard that, there was some of this going on:
Booty Dancing
The Wave
Fist Pumpin

Why? My orthotics came in, and even though I dropped a cool $300 on them, I was told to break them over the next two days and then run.  In fact, Dr. Tony said I HAVE to run in the next 7-10 days.  I will ACE this homework.

Unfortunately, I was so hyped on this news that I didn't photograph much of anything else today.  Blogger fail. So here's  funny pictureS of Goliath.

Food not pictured:  ALL Egg and pepperjack cheese on a bagel thin, beef jerky, sweedish fish (a really wholesome lunch), ginger salad, assorted sushi

Today's Picture:

What's the longest you've been "benched"?
What is your go-to dance move?
Do you have a date night?

This post brought to you by: "Headlines"-Drake

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Days Go By

Without running, every day is the same.

Wake up. Eat. Work. Eat. Work Eat. Blog.Sleep. Repeat.

I suddenly remember what it's like to watch TV, and no I don't mean like on my iPad catch up, I mean like watch shows that aren't even entertaining but just are on...know what I mean?  I really need to face the music and get into the gym.

Today's PT was another round of STEM therapy cranked up to 50, which was a little much.  It hurt, but I guess it suppose to, and it hurts better than the knee.  Dr. Tony is really reassuring, my orthotics come in next week and I might get to run...maybe!  ARP!  I can tell he senses my urgency to get back out there, I am sure he thinks I think I should be better now. I KNOW it's gonna take time, this is an over use injury which took months of running and hundreds of miles.
Kinesio Tape is for serious athletes yo.

Today is Wednesday which means sushi night with the spouse.  Don't judge me American Heart Association says to eat two servings of fish a week....I happen to just get all my servings in one night!! Just kidding, this would be third day of fishy fish...that might be bad...I might grow gills.
We may have been a little over eager.
Be proud, I did not force myself to eat it all!

Food not pictured: Egg over whole grain toast, coffee, turkey chili, apple sauce, greek yogurt, and three gummy worms

It's also a day of the week, so that means Goliath threw his kong at me several times until I swabbed the inside with peanut butter.  He cracks me up.  He will literally throw that little black thing in the lower left corner at me until it is full of creamy Jiff.
I even made this video for you...

...and finally my daily picture, I had a pretty good hair day today! Win!

What kind of excuses do you use to not work out?
Do you have a date night with your significant other?
How did you wear your hair today?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breaks the Sea

Torn Meniscus.


Torn MCL.


We won't know until my MRI in a week. Doc wants to give my knee two weeks of NSAIDs and support to let the swelling go down.

In the mean time, I am figuring out ways to manifest my anxieties and stress. Friday night, I had a wonderful dinner with my mom and her two friends at Blue Grotto in Brookside.

Sitting by a fire pit, drinking red wine and shoving food in my face was step one in grieving.

Step two was meeting my new love Andre. SwellMary brought a new puppy into her life and he is gonna be a big 'in. Great Dane. He is aaaadddoooorrrraaable!!!

My final step, was well...a picture is worth a 1,000 words right?

Up next: The Anatomy of a Gym Bag and What I thought about my first spin class.

Have you ever had a MRI?
Do you go to exercise classes? Which ones?
What's the newest song on your iPod?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Good Reason

WHY OH WHY I keep getting sick with sinus infections? Gimme one minute to just pout and whine. waaah Welp, I have full blown sinusitis and it is AWESOME! I dunno if it is allergies, is the ragweed high? If I'm just run down, is it normal to sleep 3 hours a night? If just around way too many strange sickies, it's ok to hug people on the street right?
I'm suppose to put that where???
Yeah, trying the neti pot, got an expectorant and pushing fluids. Weak.

What always makes me feel better is spicy food though, so I zinged up some tacos for my mom and I. I love street tacos, ya know? The kind with just meat and cilantro. Mmm. Keep it simple, y'all. Beef, cilantro, red onion, and avocado. Unfortunately the avocado was a tad too ripe, but it was delish.

Remember that gelato I was obsessed with last week?? Found an excellent, healthier, pre-portioned alternative. Key lime Greek yogurt. It's not fat free so it's delicate and lush. If it get desperate enough, I could crush up Graham crackers and call it a day.

BTW it is important to READ coupons before you check out, I got all excited about getting $3 off my coffee today...but yeah you need to buy two. Oops.

Obligatory Goliath Photo.
Have you tried the neti pot or any sinus washes?
What kind of food alternatives have you found?
Are there are any coupons you clip?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Skies Are So Blue

90% Healthy.

I decided to not run yesterday, and play it by ear this morning. If I was feeling better, I'd test the waters. If not, I'd give myself another day. But every day that I don't run, is another day of pent up anxiety about the marathon.

So after a cup of coffee, I decided that I would at least feel better mentally if I tried.

Goliath and I tested the trail, and had no real mileage or time goals...but you now me. I pushed pretty hard, and at our split the train came by and Goliath even started to try to race the train. We were running way too fast for a run after being sick.

At the end of four miles, we both collapsed in the grass. It was a great run, beautiful day but I should not have pushed that hard. Yet, I don't regret it.

I do feel like I am starting a clean running slate though. My shin splints are gone, and I felt pretty good overall. This might be the opportunity I need to start taking care of myself and fueling properly.

This evening, I finally made it out to see my adopted puppy family! Ever since my lovie, Megan moved east I don't see her as often which also means I don't see her babies as often. Last winter, Megan went to a dog auction and adopted a puppy mill doggie, who she named Emma. Last November, Emma was timid and spooked. She hid in her crate and would eat her poop. Now after the love and support of her new family, she's a boss. She runs after balls, plays with toys and cuddles. It is an absolute miracle, and Megan could not be a better fur mom. She also has two adorable weinies: Barney and Lacey. I love them all!!

What kind of steps do you take to get back into working out after a hiatus?
Do you have doggie extended family?
How was your weekend?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Look at my Socks

What What! Finals are dizzone.

Thanks for the well wishes, I passed!

I have been doing my fair share of celebrating, ala Warrior Dash and if you guys know me: food.

Goliath has had his fair share of stress with me being swamped, which means less exercise for not just me but him.   Maybe my puppy is just getting older, which totally breaks my heart, but I can see him getting worn out faster.  He's not able to tirelessly play and run at the dog park for hours anymore.  Maybe it's the heat?  I just can't help but feel a little guilty because I have no been running as much with him as when this blog was a newborn baby blog.

I rewarded Goliath with a trip to the dog beach on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous night, and just being there-knowing in the back of my head I didn't have any pesky school work to do and I was finally caught up on stuff at home, I was peaceful.  Something I very rarely feel. 

There is a constant storm in my head, running through to do lists and priortizing things just to stay afloat

But on Sunday night, it was clear.  I was laughing at Goliath, and his carefree attitude. 
Goodness, I love my dog.