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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crazy Girl

So you wanna try spin?

I did too. So I tried it.

Here are my thoughts on my VERY FIRST spin class:
1. I was really intimidated by my goddess instructor, but she was really nice about adjusting my bike. Definitly go early, and get help getting your bike set up
2. Spin is not easy, as a runner you kinda assume that all other cardio workouts can't hold candle to logging mileage. Spin is hard, after 5 minutes I wasn't sure if I could do a whole hour.
3. Spin is hard, but it's only as hard as you make it. Want a good work out? Don't phone it in. Push. Need a break? Pull off the resistance. You set the difficulty.
4. My cooter hurts. Still. My class was Sunday. A seat cushion is a must if you want to make spin a regular habit. Honestly, I am not sure how it is even feasible for dudes to do spin.
5. Falling out of your pedals really hurts, but don't make a big deal out of it.
6. Posture is important, if you want the best work out. Engage your core, no slouching.
7. All you need is a towel and water bowel, but make your water bottle isn't an open lid, lie, the basic nalgene. Spilling water everywhere is kinda awkward but it will make you look extra sweaty.
8. Everyone looks in the mirror, don't be ashamed.
9. Capris are a good idea.
10. Spin wins!

I will be back, I haven't decided how often. I think my crotch may only be able to take once a week.

Now I leave you with a Goliath pic.

Up next on the blog: Pumpkin bread and Injury Outlook

What do you love/hate about spin?
Does your pup get into trouble?
What is your favorite fall treat?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Early Mornin'

I REALLY love my bed.
It is like waaaarrrm, and comfy...and it doesn't judge me. Which is why it is really really hard for me to get out of it.

So when the occasion arose that the best time for me to exercise is in the AM I knew I would need some advanced planning. I have tried this several times, and am ashamed to say I have failed every time. Seems to be that I'd rather be well rested than well exercised, but maybe that's not too bad.

Planning started with figuring out what non-weight bearing exercise I could do, and identifying what I am likely to do and what I probably won't follow through with. I know I am pretty good at showing up to structured classes, swimming laps and yoga. So I am not going to even bother pretending like I will get on a rowing machine or stationary bike.

Next thing I did was plotted my workouts and classes.

Final step was building something important: my gym bag. Since I plan on going before class or after work, I need a lot of things. So after a week of gym classes, I have learned some ticks and tips:

The Anatomy of a Gym Bag
What I gots I in my bag:
1. Extra gym clothes for last minute work outs
2. Sneakers
3. Three pairs of socks
4. A lock
5. Water bottle
6. Two swim suits
7. Body towel
8. Sweat towel
9. Swim cap and goggles
10. Hair dryer
11. Make up remover towelettes
12. Shower stuff
13. Make up
14. Plastic bag for wet clothes
15. Flip flops

Some things that are good ideas to try:
-If you buy a new lock, practice the combination and store it in two different places, like on our cell phone.
-Scout your locker room. Make sure what you need is available. Some gyms have blow dryers built in, some gyms don't have outlets, and some shower set ups are tricky.
-Do a run through. Go to the gym on a Saturday or Sunday to make sure that what you plan to during the week is feasible.
-If you are trying new clsssses, don't be shy to talk to the instructor or other class goers. Ask questions.

Up next: What I thought of my first spin class and Pumpkin bread Recipe

Are you a gym "regular"?
What is in your gym bag?
Do you have tips for gym goers that helped you stick with a gym routine?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where There's Gold

So remember that time I said I needed to lose weight and then ignored that for two months?

So maybe now that I can't run, it is a good opportunity to focus on my diet and actually LOSING weight and not my mobility.

I have worked really hard on making my work space healthy. I know have talked about it before, but taken certain measures to ensure my success at work.

Drawer full of work out clothes:

Never ending supply of healthy dry goods like oatmeal and replinishing supply of hearty fruit/veggies:

Healthy Readings:

Workout necessities:

So now...I just gotta explore my exercise options. I am regular with yoga, will be hitting the pool pretty hard and MAYBE I will look into a spin class? Who knows! I need a plan.

How have you made your work space healthy?
What are your favorite non-running work outs?
Are you into new fall tv shows?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Do That Booty Work

AHHHH IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Do you know how excited this makes me!  Here's why:
1. No Class
2. F is for Favorite, and it's also the first letter of Friday, so naturally favorite!
3. After Friday comes Saturday and that means epic nap time.
4. Friday is Latin for fun
5. I am unofficially dubbing Friday: Frozen Yogurt Friday.

Do you like my Friday skirt? I am on the fence.
Yesterday was a good day!  Work was not hectic.  I finally got out of my three day slump and worked out.  Had a good night with friends...and food.  Food and I are good friends.

My work out was a 40 minute free swim, just doing laps back and forth.  I am not ready to do sets and be hardcore about swimming.  So I just gave myself a time goal, and called it good.  Didn't even count laps.  In the three lanes, from right to left, there was me, a girl and a trainer learning to freestyle, and some cracked out middle aged woman who kept talking to herself and the wall. 

Do I go to a sketchy gym?  This lady totally freaked me out.  She was audibly cussing, and complaining about pain.  She also kept looking at me and watching me swim, and would make comments about my laps-I don't know if they were to me ooor just ya know-rhetorical?  But it was pretty hard for me to finish 40 minutes and focus.

After a quick dry off and change, I did some easy lifting. That may be an oxymoron: easy lifting.  I did:
3 Sets of:
25 static lunges with bicep curls, both sides
20 balance ball crunches with arm raise, both sides
20 tricep dips
25 lateral lunches with lateral arm raise, both sides
25 squats with arm press

Pretty good sets for just winging it, right?  Alls I know is I am sore today!

So I have decided to get myself motivated to lift more I need to do the following things, today is a list day:
1. Invest in a program: I have reserved the New Rules of Lifting Book at B&N, everyone seems to being going nutso about this book, so might as well try it!
2. Invest in cuter work out clothes:  I really need to stop dressing like a dude, and feel cute and confident in my exercise clothes.  I love my running stuff, not my gym stuff.  If I am going to have people judging me, I might as well give them something to look at?

3.  Invest in self tanner:  Sorry, but everyone knows muscles look better tan.  I hate to admit it, but it's true.
4.  Develop a lifting playlist:  Suggest songs!  My running jams don't fit, they make me want to lift really fast.

I finished my night with a Long Island and some buffalo wings! Hello heaven!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh, It Be Like

What's that on the horizon? More Frozen Yogurt?!

Yogurtime: Kid Tested, Mom Approved!

T-Bomb hates froyo. lamesauce.


OK so I went to Yogurtime again, I may or may not be obsessed and I may or may not be already planning on my next visit.

I haven't had much time for my training this week, take a guess why? Work and class.  To be fair, I did have a midterm this week.  I took that today, phew.  I am really looking forward to not having class tomorrow, and being able to sleep in....right? WRONG.  I need to get my rear up before the sun to run.

I haven't worked out since Monday's volleyball, and I legit feel like I have gained 20 gazillion pounds.  The exercise guilt monster is pretty brutal.  Whatevvs though, I know it was just a temporary set back.  I'm not injured or anything, I just need to fall back into my routine-which contrary to popular belief CAN be just as easy as falling out of it.

Something I am really struggling with is falling in love with lifting.  It is something I know I have to do,but my committeemen to it is so frail. The main reason is because I only lift on random days, I don't follow any plan and essentially have no solid idea what the frick I am doing.  The only toning program I have followed through with was Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and I really did like the results.  Maybe I should do that again? Yay or nay?  Goliath sure did enjoy me doing jumping jacks in the living room.

I am off to go max on some major pasta at my friends casa!


Monday, June 06, 2011

Yes, It's on and poppin'

As you can tell, I take weekends off from the blogging world.  Mainly so I have enough time to have semi-interesting things to write about it-but also because I am usually busy enough to not find time to introduce my fingers to a keyboard.

This weekend happened to be one of the busiest of my life, and in retrospect I don't know how I was able to cram it all in and manage to stay afloat.  The first weekend of June is always a busy one for me, but 2011 took to whole new levels.  My weekend started on Thursday, lucky me right?    Thursday I worked a half day at real work, and then drove to the Kansas City Beach Volleyball club for the second half of work-which yes I actually got paid to do.  We had a "Beach Bash" sand volleyball tournament with work, and myself and team mates played for almost four hours-in the hot hot hot sun. 

Volleyball is my true first love.  You really never forget it.  I played throughout high school and for the club team at KU.  I love the sport.  I really love it.  I have been playing in an indoor league for the past few months, which I failed to blog about because I was on hiatus, but if you play it right and you play it well, it's an excellent work out.  Volleyball works muscles in my arms and back that usually goes unnoticed. The jumping and quick sprints is excellent for different muscle development in my legs that endurance training doesn't provide.  A few months ago, after not playing for several years I played a pretty competitive indoor game and the next day my calves bricked so hard I could barely walk.  Soreness I no longer really get the pleasure of feeling with my lactate threshold.

I prefer indoor though, and I will show you why:

I really hate when I forget sunscreen.

This was really the last thing I needed before the hardest half marathon of my season.  Oh and the sand is a drag too.  My team ended up in third. 


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Never Gonna Run Away

Two-a-days is really starting to kick my butt, and it's only been a week.  What I'm told, it should get easier.  Yesterday, I did an easy run with Scootz for 3 miles in the morning and in the evening I swam 400 meters and then lifted.  None of which I can truly say I enjoyed, and by the time I came home to cool down and roll out my muscles I looked like this:

Why is that I am capable of running for hours, HOURS at a time-yet a simply, easy 3 miles can totally spank me?  At least I was able to sleep until 6am AND we had the pleasure of jaunting on my favorite trail, since lame-o replacement trail is closed for a week.  I didn't even know it was like National Runners Day, no one sent me a greeting card.  I am totally marking that for next year.  I digress, I was sweating more after that 3 miles than I was after the monster hill repeats from Tuesday. 

I have such a hate-hate relationship with the gym.  It is right across the street from my home, I can SEE it from my driveway.  There is no reason for me to not go, but it's ALWAYS packed until 10PM.  I really need to get as much swimming as possible in before the tri-but I am really embarrassed about my skill level, so much so the only stroke I'm confident about is breast.  When was the last time you saw someone swim open water breast stroke? Right.  I want to practice but I feel REALLY awkward that the sauna and steam rooms both have open glass doors that face the pool.  Last night, as I was finishing a lap I rested at the wall and faced the sauna only to see it was packed with people just watching the people swimming.  Insecure 8th grade Julia came out and imagined them laughing at me, and I didn't do my last 100 meters.

Pre-work out Green Foods!
When I dried off, I went to go lift-which I hate enough as is-but at peak hours, people are standing around waiting for cardio machines and watching the same free weights room.  I was doing dumb bell flys on a balance ball and this lady was standing directly behind me and watching me in the mirror.  I wish I was making this up, I followed her eyes follow me.  I thought maybe if I oogled back, she'd get weirded out and move along-but no.  So this is why I hate the gym.   It is not a problem for me to hop on a cardio machine, or do a class-but I have to be off on my own, I suddenly feel like I'm in a bubble.  I know I'm not alone in this, I know it's pretty common to feel this way.  I know it's probably one of the number one reasons people are discouraged by fitness facilities. 

I keep telling myself if I stick with it, and be more confident in my own skin I will be encouraging people to watch me work out-but in the mean time, I want to lift in complete darkness at 3am in a costume.

In otherrrrrrrr news, Miss Swell Mary cuts alls mai hurrs last night! How sad is my life that the only time I have to get my hair done is at 9:45 at night?  Anyway, I am SO excited.  It's like this huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.  Do you know how much of a hassle it was to wash and blow dry my hair and then straighten it so it looks semi-decent TWICE A DAY?  Pass.  I am so happy to have manageable hair!  Yay!  Thanks Mary!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Life I'm Livin' Now

Ok, so TBB isn't always about poppin' bottles and partying until 6am.   I promise we aren't always livin' like RAPTURE 2011. I will be completely transparent, Goliath and I do have a serious meditative side-but only for like an hour a day. The other 26 are used for pranks, ice cream and sarcasm.  And yea, before you ask.  There are 27 hours in my day. 

I wake up every morning, and get all my seriousness out on a mat.  You won't find me all new-agey and reading auroras except for this hour.  Yoga is a practice I picked up about a year ago, when I found myself repeatedly becoming injured and abused by running.  I was doing everything right,except the whole taking care of myself. 


Admittedly, I do not meditate with yoga.  I do not OHM.  I transition through poses, and listen to my body.  I very rarely follow a routine, except making sure what I do on one side has balance on the other.  Hate on me, partner, but I will do me and you can do you.  I know a lot of yoga enthusiasts will give me flack for this, but I'm cool with it.
Diving into yoga has been something that has been difficult for me.  At the onset, I left every class with a headache or I'd have great weeks and then suddenly I wouldn't be able to hold myself in downward facing dog for more than 0.2 seconds.  Struggle isn't something I am new to, but struggling in front of people is hard for me.  Like, impossible for me.  

Now doing it in the comfort of my home, at my own pace and with Wiz Khalifa in my ear makes for an enjoyable way to start my day.  One thing is for sure though, I never really knew why the pose was called downward facing dog until I had Goliath.  That pup knows that pose like he invented it.  Which is why I don't really mind him being my own personal yoga coach and crowding me out on my mat.

The benefits I have seen in the last year have made me a believer.  I can breath deeper, my cardiovascular system thanks me on long runs.  I can literally feel blood flow in my legs again, after so many years of muscle scarring and neglect.  My sciatica is essentially a thing of the past, this is also in part to weight loss.  I am legitimately inches taller due to posture improvements and core strength.  



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Young, Wild and Free

So as you may have read, but probably not, because do people actually read this(??), that I am an active participant in my Kansas City Corporate Challenge.  Being a newbie to KCCC, I signed up for way too many events.  More than my little heart could handle. 

I do most of my thinking while I brush my teeth, which explains why I do a lot of things without thinking

One event that I signed up for was the TRIATHLON.  Which, admittedly was an accident.  I was trying to sign up for the team Tri, and do the running leg-but I unintentionally slated myself for the individual event.  Sure, I could bail-but that ain't my style.  So I decided, heck might as well train.  It's just unfortunate, that I only realized my mistake about two weeks ago and the triathlon is June 12th.  Not a lot of time, but I can work with it.

Here are my hurdles:
1. I don't REALLY know how to ride a bike.  The last time I really rode was for a bike ride for my Mom's birthday, and I ended up walking the bicycle 6 miles.  The time before that, I was on training wheels and I managed to fall off of that.  When I went inside to get a band aid, some jerkface stole it-and I never got a new one.  When lived in Honduras, we rode bikes all the time-but I rocked the handlebars and pegs. 

2.  The last time I REALLY swam was when I was like 13, and took swim lessons.  It's not that I am a bad swimmer, I just never took to the lap lane because not being able to breathe freely kinda makes me panic.

3. The tri is open water, and I will only have access to a pool until the week before the race, since the lake doesn't open until Memorial Day.

4. My classes will be back in full swing two weeks before the race, which knowing me is going to crunch my training.

5. My Swim suit is from the 80s and is cheesy.(see below)

Now, am I crazy?  or am I crazy?

I swam last night for the first time in a long time.  I finished a whole mile.  Holy balls kids, that was rough-but I lived through it.  Which I am pleased to report, that if I wasn't able to swim last night I was going to consider pulling out of the whole bag.  Since it went well, I am in.  I am doing this.  I can learn to ride a bike.   

I had a poopie day yesterday, so I bought myself a little treat: ipod shuffle.  I am so sick of trying to figure out what to do with my other ipod, I wanted something I could just clip and go!


Monday, February 01, 2010

Rome wasn't Built in a Day

There's nothing more motivating then getting congratulated by Lance Armstrong. Just one of the pluses of the Nike+ Sport Kit. I'm renewing the love I once had, I love hearing my mileage in my ear and hearing how much left there is to tread. I love having someone else in my ear, I feel like I can't let them down.

Yesterday, I actually cross trained. Yes, me. I went to a...GYM. I lifted...WEIGHTS. I am...SORE. This morning, I could barely walk. Getting out of bed was the hardest part of the day. Strengthening my core will be a lot, um, something. See, I want to be a better runner but I want to do it by running.

It's hard enough as it is to get motivated to run, let alone when it's freezing and you're sore. My hips felt like there were sand in them, and my IT band was solid. Needless to say, the first half mile was agony, warming up was agony and cooling down was agony. My training dictated a 5 miler with a 3 mile warm up at 11:04. I'm sorry but trying to run that slow with Goliath is torture. We're both miserable, so we sped up and worked in a five minute split to stretch.

We ran this without our yak traks. I overly romanticized running in the snow. Oh, it's so magical and calm. It's quite. Snow is beautiful. These are the lies I tell myself. Really, snow is terrible. I hate it. It compacts into my treads. It gets my socks wet. It doesn't respond to my feet like the trail. Don't worry though, I'll complain about the heat come summer time. But for now, I'll mourn the skin on my legs.

My friend sitting next to me just commented on my pink capris. How sad. Those are my legs. Running without my jamming tights today probably didn't help with the DOMS, but it certainly did make me feel uber hardcore.

I'll leave you on a little less frigid note, pictures from our dog park trip:

Today's Mileage: 5.1 miles
Time: 51:45

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Feel on Top of the World with Ya' Baaaaybee

I've been breaking all sorts of cardinal running sins lately. After yesterday's pain, I decided that I probably should take off until I invest in new shoes. This morning, I woke up feeling energized and fresh-which is rare. I usually dread getting up, but the sun has been rising sooner and I've been having more restorative sleep. Goliath sleeps in his bed for most of the night, and like clockwork he gets up at 7am and jumps in with me. I woke him up and said "Wanna run?" and he perked up from a solid slumber:

I laced up my racers and set out for 5.5 miles knowing that I would have to walk seven miles to work. Initially, I was apprehensive not knowing how this would go and if I'd feel that same pains as yesterday. Between mile one and mile two, there's a quarter mile wind tunnel and when I pushed through I knew that it'd be a good run. With a twenty foot highway barrier on the left and condominiums on the right the wind whips through there like bottle rockets. There's no headwinds or tailwinds, it's just wind in all directions.

These five miles completely made up for my miles yesterday. It was one of those runs, where you feel like you could run forever. I pushed a 7:20/mile on mile three. Goliath noticed my pace picking up, and he was pleased. It's cheesier than Gouda, but it was one of those runs where you feel yourself improving and your body changing. There is literally nothing running wise that could make me happier, except maybe new shoes.

Goliath decided to wade the creek today:

All in all, awesome run today. It felt great: snot, boogers and tears from the cold, all of it. I was so focused, that I didn't notice him cockroach in poop. He's such a Beetlejuice, attracted to foul scents and fan of dirt.

I need to start cross training more, so if anyone has any good suggestions-bring them on.

Today's Mileage: 5.5
Time: 45:23