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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Such Great Heights

Are you like SO sick of me saying SORRY?

I am.  But I am sorry as well.  The little weekend away in Chicago totally threw off my schedule and sleep patterns...and well this week of all week's was insanity.

WHY??  I'll tell you WHY!!

My company launched it's pilot work wellness program.  And guess who is on the board?  Mmmm that's right me.  It sounds hilarious to say I'm on a board and it's a program, because it all started when my work spouse, Stephanie, said "hey you know what...." and then the ball got rolling.  We got our director on board, and another collegue and then we gave birth to: PRActical Wellness. 

Get it?  Because I work at PRA (which stands for pharmaceutical research associates).  

The idea behind PRActical Wellness is a work based health initiative to encourage wellness at the workplace.  We have coordinated on site exercise classes, healthy round tables, outside speakers, weekly/daily raffles, race sponsorship and sooo much more. 

Thursday, after the whirlwind weeks of planning and scheduling, we kicked off.  At noon, on Thursday Stephanie and I anxiously stood in our biggest conference room not knowing what to expect.  Who would show up?  Were people really interested?  Is this going to work?

Slowly, people trickled in, enjoyed our healthy snacks, listened to our pitch and plan, and then asked us questions.

Yesterday, we offered primary health assessments.  Stephanie and I weighed, measured, tested and assessed goals for everyone and anyone who was interested.  At the end of the day, both of us were in just utter-overwhelming-pride-disbelief....THIS IS HAPPENING!
One of our first raffle winners!!

Now with that said, PRActical Wellness is now going to be a big part of my life and want to share it on the blog, so watch out for Wellness Wednesdays!

Do you have a work wellness program?
What kind of health benefits does your employer offer-if any?
What kind of things would you LIKE your employer to offer?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take It All

Oh man you guys!

I didn't mean to ignore you today,  I really wanted to post earlier but I didn't take many photos yesterday and was pretty slammed at work.  So that makes for a lame-o post-o right-o?

Yes. Right-O.

Also, I've been having mah-jah internerd issues.  It keeps going in and and out...ERGH! Of course everything falls apart when I am by me onsie, left with Goliath to conquer the world.  Speaking of conquering the world, did you read my weekend rewind? And my sad attempt to mow the lawn?  And how I gave up?

Let me just get one thing straight: I can do anything.  Well, not anything. But anything I WANT to do, I CAN do.  So when it came to mowing the lawn on Sunday, it wasn't really something I wanted to do but something I needed to do.  My dad was a landscaper, I grew up doing yard work
My ride to grade school was a tractor, and yes I lived in a city.  FACT
I was the 100th customer at John Deere one day and won a leaf blower at the ripe old age of 9, and wouldn't share it with my dad. FACT
I love to cut grass. FALSE.

In fact, until Sunday it had been YEARS since I pushed a mower.  When my parents were divorced, my mom invested in an electric mower and all you did was push a button and go...easy peeasssy.  
Pain in the ass? Yes. Easy? Yes. What I own now? No.

Logan bought us a super nice gas mower, which honestly  I don't truly think I have the upper body strength to even truly start.  I think it had mercy on me...several times Sunday, and a few times today.

Sunday was like 200 billion degrees outside, so I think naturally 2:30 PM was a perfect time to start clipping away.  
Pain in the ass? Yes. Sweltering? Yes. Smart? No.

Anyway, I got to mowing and it came back pretty naturally.  I remembered how to put sweet lines into the grass, and I did a good job on the front.  In fact, I even started to enjoy the work.  Something about SEEING progress is instantly gratifying.  It wasn't until I had to move in to my giant back yard did I have a problem.

Front yard: Check

I started on the side yard, which if you are facing the backyard has a slight hill to right up to the neighbors driveway.  Since I was overachieving and wanted to keep my line pattern consistent, I pushed the mower up this  slight hill, and the weight of the mower came right back toward me down the hill.  What goes up comes down right?  Newton never said it comes RIGHT back down though. 

Anyway, there I am standing behind this mower that's running and careening down a hill.  I am in between it and the house, and of course still holding on but trying not to trip and stop it.  So I am backing up with the momentum of the mower, I feel my feet on a rock that marks my flower beds and my body falls backward at a 45 degree angle into my side window.  The mower pins me against the house.  

Nothing broken, I am ok. Nothing hurts. Crisis avoided. I am leaning against the window, mower still running, so I release the clutch and let the mower die.  Smart! Now, I don't have the propelling motor.  I go to push the mower off me and use the window as leverage.


So after all that, me trying to get up is what broke a window.  Can you believe it? 

Back yard....finally check, took me two days....

I got halfway through the back yard before I gave up.  I came back today and finished it up, and felt good about it again, but I can't believe I broke a window! 

Sorry, for the non-dog-running post.  But this was SERIOUS exercise.  My arm is still sore from yanking the starter. Cross training?

Time to rest
Who am I these days though?
I changed a tire and mowed the lawn. I don't know this person.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Bring it Back

I don't get out of bed until I'm good and ready for many people.  Unless, I gotta-you can wait until I've got sufficient shut eye.  There are very few people that warrant the importance of me losing beauty sleep.  My sister-in-law, Manda, is one such person.  I got up before 10am on a weekend and ran 3 miles with her.

Manderz is someone that I click with.  We were instant friends, and we instantly understood each other.  Our love has been going strong since 2005.  Recently though, we added one more thing to our list of "THINGS IN COMMON": running.

I like to think a little part of me inspired her to start running, but I know deep down this chick is so self motivated it didn't take any outside influence.  She's crazy enough to run circles on a track, get this she tells me she has to run 14 times in a circle to run a mile?  If that isn't commitment, I don't know what is. I told her I would feel like a hamster after one lap.  If that was my only opportunity to run, this blog wouldn't exist.  I would be 680lbs and Goliath would be miserable.

Two weeks ago, she ran her first 5k and then a week later she ran another.  I think it's pretty safe to say, she caught the 5icKness.  We are currently planning on running an 8k together in June... I think? HOPEFULLY!

yeah, I kissed that schweaty face after we ran

Ok, so honestly I didn't intend this post to be a big giant gush about my sister in law.  The reason I posting about her is because of this: she has reminded me this weekend that running helped me lose the weight once, so I can do it again.  I need to stop fighting it, and embrace it.  This little chickita has LITERALLY ran off 26 lbs and she looks amazeballs. 
Look at this skinny little lady!

It doesn't matter what you have accomplished in the past.  It doesn't matter what you know you are capable of,  until you see someone else do it, until you see someone else accomplish it-you won't try.

Speaking of try...I have a triathlon in three weeks.  More on that later.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

That Grind Don't Stop

I get really emotional. I can grit though the toughest stuff but when it comes to things like change, and accomplishing things: I get wicked emotional. The last few days I have been completely wrought with anxiety....and overwhelmed with feelings. I just have a lot of feelings. A few months ago, I signed up for the Kansas City Runner's Edge group training run for the KC Marathon. It's not a big training group, it's just a run they organize for anyone training to help them with the longest run during training.

Knowing me, and my flakiness-I signed up so I would have no excuses to not get 20 miles under my belt. Little did I know, that this farting run would cause me more anxiety than the actual race. For SOME reason, I couldn't help but freak out that maybe my training wasn't where it needed to be do this distance and that I was going to totally embarrass myself. My training style for this marathon has been pretty unorthodox, and honestly I haven't stuck much to a rigid plans as I have just gotten out there and followed a 10% build up each week. Every run for me is a fartlek, and every run I struggle to figure out what I need to do albeit hydrating, fueling, and gear. So for someone who still is trying to figure out their rhythm, showing up to a group run with other runners who've been training (and probably more consistently) was a little intimidating.

Admittedly, my nerves got the best of me before I even walked in the door. My drive there I turned up my 5k play list CD, and tried to just relax. Then that stupid Inida Arie song lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks, and I felt like I had to cry-but I couldn't cry because I was so nervous-but I was so nervous I wanted to cry-and then I got angry. KNOCK IT OFF. I don't know why I allow myself to be consumed with self doubt, and wrapped up in minutia like what people might think. God forbid, someone laughs at my gait. I quickly changed the song, to "Let's Go" and tried to get amped. As I pulled into my parking spot, I saw other runners all geared up walking into the shopping center to get their wrist bands.

Sure enough, the demographics were exactly what I feared. Guess what my first thought was? Dannnngggit, you're the fattest person here. ACK, everyone was super lean and super toned and looked super fast. I took a deep breath, and got out of my car. I felt like everyone was staring at me, haha look at the noob, as I walked in and got my wrist band. Thankfully, I planned on meeting up with two guys from the marathon's facebook. They both found me, and distracted me from being a big ball of nerves. One of which, Scott, talked me into this didn't run because of an injury-but just came for moral support, he knew a bunch of people there and introduced me to a few. Then Eric, who I talked into running this. Eric and I had decided to stick together, thick and thin-running and walking.

At 6:30 everyone lined up with a pace group, much like a race. My group kinda huddled around our pacer, Lynette. We shot the poop while we waited for a time to be called. Since this wasn't a race, they were really strict about not wearing ipods. Ya'll know me and my obsession with my ipod, so here I am: longest run of my life, with essentially strangers, and no ipod. I was seriously struggling to not shut down from nerves, so I pushed myself to talk to people. Once I got to talking and introducing myself, I kinda started feeling more like myself. It didn't even take me a mile to realize, everyone there was just as unsure, if not terrified as I was.
The organizers did a wonderful job, and the pacers were amazing. There were water and fuel stations every 2 miles, the pacer answered all your questions and everyone was just rocking and rolling. Our whole group was really chatty, and I hate chatting-but there I was just kinda running my mouth about anything and everything to whoever would listen. We talked about how we got into running, our jobs, our family, TV and movies, stuff in Kansas City, other races we've ran, fueling and nutrition-basically everything. Other than the fact that I had to pee wicked bad, I didn't realize I was even running. Before I knew it, we were at the 10 mile mark. Say what? I didn't even feel like I had ran ten miles.
Everyone had the option of turning back, and running the route for the desired distance-with the maximum distance option being 22 miles. I had talked Eric into pushing 20 miles, even though he only intended on running 18 per his schedule. Selfishly, I begged him to go 20 and I am ever so thankful he agreed. At mile 10, we found out our pacer wouldn't be splitting back to complete the back mileage. Most of our group went on to run another mile before turning around, but Eric and I split of at 10.
Without a gaggle of runners, we just kinda paced our way back and took it really easy. The front ten miles were pretty thick with runners and other groups, but the back ten we'd go for a mile without seeing fellow trainees. As the mileage increased on our garmins, it got progressively harder to put one foot in front of the other. By mile 16 we were both ready to call it and Eric said he was considering walking the final two miles. I didn't mean to get all cliche and motivationally hackneyed on him, but I was like "Buddy, you don't want to regret this later. You know later this afternoon you're gonna kick yourself in the butt for not pushing those last two miles!" He agreed and we kept trucking.
My mom drove by and honked us a serenade of encouragement. We ran through our last aid station, and then it clicked that we were almost done. HOLY CRAP....eighteen miles are finished, two more to go. My legs felt like bricks, but I was on top of the world. Those last two miles, were sooo smooth. Dare I say, smoother than the first anxiety-ful firs two??! With a half a mile left, we ran into this guy...

This is Moose, and 11 Month Boxer.
We both HAD to stop and pet him, being that we a) both love dogs and b) really love Boxers. Eric has a boxer name Daly, who also is tattooed on his arm-that's love. And well, you all know the boxer in my life. Moose had enough energy for the both of us, he showed us how he can sit and shake-and we could tell just from a distance he was a fun dog.
Moose shook us on our way, and before we knew it the shopping center from where we started was in view. It was surreal, had we really just logged 20 miles? Like TWO-ZERO. It felt like TWO. We finished really strong, and even felt like we could do more. Walking into the shopping area, the air conditioning was shocking. We high fived and were just generally elated. Walking to the area where we checked in, we strolled by a huge wall of mirrors. I glanced over my shoulder and said "Yeah,we looked like we just ran 20 miles!" and snapped this...

we killed it.
That's right. I ran 20 miles, and it felt second nature. No one made fun of me. I enjoyed myself. I will be back next year, and I guess this means I'm officially trained to run the KC Marathon. Oh and this is how I recover:
Total Mileage: 20
pssssttttt...12DoGA: GU Winner is Kate Smith! Kate email me your address, and the GU is yours! Thanks for your support! Part Two of 12DoGA coming to a blogpost near you soon.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Meet Me Halfway

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately. B-E-A-UUUTIFUL! We've been spending as much time out of doors as possible. It's still rest time for me, so we are avoiding running. I thought today was a five mile run, but I was mistaken that isn't until tomorrow!

We've been going on lots of walks, and visiting parks. Ya know, playing fetch and digging holes. Things of that ilk. When I say "we've" been doing those things, I mean Goliath has done them and I've abetted to them. Last night, I strolled through my mother-in-law's backyard just counting the holes. Seven. Seven holes we'll eventually have to fill and reseed, but for now they are Goliath's trophies. I couldn't help but laugh, I feel terrible he's destroyed the yard but he's just so proud of himself. When I would walk up to one, he'd would stand in it. Goliath is a proud dog, and I appreciate that. Sometimes, when I don't recognize my accomplishments he helps me to realize that even a ten minute hole is something worth cheering over.

Even if it's getting all dirty, and smelly-he's proud. Maybe especially proud. Whilst walking through the trails at the dog park, I caught him cock roaching and snapped a quick picture. Little did I know, he was roaching in a DEAD SNAKE! AH. I almost puked everywhere. Snakes don't both me, and dead things don't bother me-but decomposition is a smell I just can not deal with. Apparently, canines adore it. I was mortified that he would want to perfume himself in that, but a black lab named Carly came right up and followed in same suit. Carly had a bandanna around her neck, so I fear her scent may be a tad more permanent.

Now this got me thinking, his proudest to me is the most repulsive. Are there accomplishments out there that I've lessened for other people because to me they weren't that impressive? I know in recent events, I have experienced this. Why aren't you proud of me? That was the look G-MonZ gave me as I tossed him in the bath tub, I worked really hard and you're just washing it away! It was a reminder to me, and hopefully to you, that personal achievements are just that: personal. Sometimes they are such an achievement that only you can recognize them, and others might be quick the dismiss them. At the end of the day, only you can determine the weight of your satisfaction and even though people may be proud that you achieved, only you can be proud of the journey to get there.


Thanks everyone for participating, runners up will be receiving prizes in the mail.

More details to come.