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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh, It Be Like

What's that on the horizon? More Frozen Yogurt?!

Yogurtime: Kid Tested, Mom Approved!

T-Bomb hates froyo. lamesauce.


OK so I went to Yogurtime again, I may or may not be obsessed and I may or may not be already planning on my next visit.

I haven't had much time for my training this week, take a guess why? Work and class.  To be fair, I did have a midterm this week.  I took that today, phew.  I am really looking forward to not having class tomorrow, and being able to sleep in....right? WRONG.  I need to get my rear up before the sun to run.

I haven't worked out since Monday's volleyball, and I legit feel like I have gained 20 gazillion pounds.  The exercise guilt monster is pretty brutal.  Whatevvs though, I know it was just a temporary set back.  I'm not injured or anything, I just need to fall back into my routine-which contrary to popular belief CAN be just as easy as falling out of it.

Something I am really struggling with is falling in love with lifting.  It is something I know I have to do,but my committeemen to it is so frail. The main reason is because I only lift on random days, I don't follow any plan and essentially have no solid idea what the frick I am doing.  The only toning program I have followed through with was Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and I really did like the results.  Maybe I should do that again? Yay or nay?  Goliath sure did enjoy me doing jumping jacks in the living room.

I am off to go max on some major pasta at my friends casa!