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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Race Recap: Oz Marathon

Check it: Motivated to Blog!

So as you all know, I had intended my next full marathon to the Olathe or OZ Marathon this April. I had ideas of grandeur...but SHOCKER! never had the time to train...or the balls. You decide. I don't really care.

But it's a tradition race so I had to run it. Can something be a tradition if you've only done it once? I think so. Anywhoo, last year a bunch of internerd gal pals planned to run the various distances and do a Weight Watcher Boardie Meet and Greet. Unfortunately, plans fell through and tires bitches and prevented us from all meeting, we missed you MeaMea. This year, 2011, was going to be OUR year. Meagan was on board, and had roped in Becky. We were all set, and I was so stoked. Fate stood in our way again in 2011. You don't need to tell TBB that family comes first, and that's where your e-running buddies needed to be that weekend.

Last year's troops, LtoR: Anna, Megan, Moi, Megan and Colleen, all WW boardies

So ever-so-faithful Megan B. (now H!) and I became to duo ready to conquer the flattest course on earth...again...for the second time...because it's a tradition.

We begin every race weekend with a carbalicious dinner out. Last year, we went to Sweet Tomatoes this year we maxed at the Olive Garden, or the affectionately named "OG." I am proud to announce I had eight bread sticks.

The next morning, Megan made her way to mi casa and we were off. We arrived out at the garmin head quarters-which bee tee dubs is starting to feel like home with all the races I do out there. The second we got out of my car, we were miserable it was thirty something degrees and there was a whipping wind that made it hard to see, let alone walk.


By gun time, Megan and I were already to go home and crawl back into a cozy bed. Not that should be any surprise to anyone...that I wanted to go back to bed. The gun went off and so did we. Straight into the wind. We ran for four miles with a headwind that did not let up. My headphones we so loud to counteract the roar.

Rick Rolling

After four miles, we turned right and it broke the wind for half a mile until we turned left again and we were back into the wind. The front eight miles were all the same, Megan jokes that the front half of this course gets lost. You literally run loops in parking lots and feel like you are going no where and BAM! you're halfway done.

Finally around mile eight is when we entered the residential miles and the houses were blocking the wind. Suddenly my ipod was SO LOUD and I could feel the sweat down my face. Each drop stung because my pores were so widen open and chapped from the wind.

There were so many funny costumes because it was Wizard of Oz themed, but no one cared. Everyone was miserable. I have never been in such a miserable race. Usually there's a rapport between runners, people will chat or shoot the wind. But all anyone wanted to so was literally shoot the wind.

thirteenth inning stretch

Last year, Megan and I came upon the finish and I was a quarter mile away and puked. I insisted she go on and finish. True to tradition, a quarter mile away Megan hit a wall and insisted I go on on. So despite running the entire thing together this year, we are yet to finish together.


We ghosted the second we were finished. We didn't grab food, the basically had to force us to even take water. All we wanted to do was leave. We stayed long enough to snap our finish line photo.

...and as ALWAYS it was time for us to repay our massive caloric debt. Our creditor was First Watch. I was in some weird I NEED TO BE HEALTHY kick and ordered eggs, barf. They weren't good, I wanted pancakes. I don't know what was wrong with me. We ate, but were just so drained. The restaurant was busy, but the wind was so deafening that it seemed quiet. Oh, and we were freezing. All I wanted was to get into a hotttttt shower.

Which ultimately I did, and that's how the story ends.

OH! and I DO NOT know our time, I haven't even bother to look. I don't care.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Heart Stumbles on Things I Don't Know

Holy Moly, has it really been since October 29 since I've updated. I apologize to all 113 legit followers and 100+ anonymous daily hits. You guys know the story, it's the same old same old-I was just wicked busy.

Well what can I say? We are a little over a week away from the Grind Half Marathon. I am SO excited. It's going to be so fun. It's on my home turf, it's with my best friend-my sister, and we've been having the best time training together. Our long runs have become "Miles and Bagels" Saturday. We are having a hard time picking out what we should wear? Suggestions? We want to match, and we want to get a little crazy. If you suggest something, and we wear it-you'll get a prize. So get to online shopping ;)

Speaking of costumes, are you guys ready to hear about my next marathon? Ok you are?

Why yes, it's is the OZ Marathon right here in the heart of Kansas.

Why yes, I will be wearing a costume.

Why yes, I will be dressed as Dorothy.

Why yes, my sneakers will be ruby red.



There's no place like the finish line.

There's no place like the finish line.

FYI: If I see anyone at the start with MY costume and MY shirt idea, someone will die from idea infringement.

Keep the emails coming for Goliath's Gang! I'm trying to catch up, but my email is jammed!
Once I get caught up, we'll move on to the next giveaway-but in the meantime if you have any questions or post topics you'd like to see discussed on TBB please email us at our newly set up and totally official blog email:

When we get our own domain, it will be more official, but this will do for now.


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rush is Worth the Price I Pay

Wow, what a neglectful blogger I have been! This will be a post of epic proportions. So today will be a blog-update-a-rama-spectacular.

Where to start...where to start...Since it's been over a week, and a week of really exciting happenings, we'll start where we left off.

Last weekend, Goliath and I were bored and the spouse was sleeping in later than usual so we made the executive decision to run to the dog park. We routed out our trail, gave the hubs and ETA and set off. Neither of us were really ready to run in the heat, and by heat I mean like 70+ degrees. Which comparatively, that's HOT to us. There seemed to be like half a million people on the trail, and even more people at the dog park.

We met some friends there, and sorry followers, there were pictures but I can't upload them. You'll soon find out why. As per normal, the park was a giant mud pit and Goliath was all over it. He found a 4-month old Husky to play with, that is until the puppy's owner thought it was a good idea to KICK Goliath. To make a really interesting story, a not so interesting one: we got in a little altercation which ended in the opposite owner cussing me out. You read that correctly, he cussed me out because I was angry he kicked my dog. People are so stable.

Well considerably upset, I mistakenly put my phone in its case but didn't close it so it flew out and shattered. Peace out iPhone. What a great afternoon, right?

In the days to follow, I complained about that doucher and my phone enough to drive any sane person insane. We have since shipped off the phone to be repaired, and then the blog will be full operational once again.

Yesterday, I ran the Olathe Half Marathon with my friend Megan, while my friends Megan, Anna, and Colleen ran the 5k portion. AND all of us ran with Meagan in spirit, who's luck dealt her one too many flat tire cards.

Without spilling too many excuses and telling you some long drawn out story, it was a hilarious series of events which lead up to a fun race with good people. It also makes the second race for me to vomit. Let's not make that a ritual, please oh please. Unfortunately no PR for me, but my partner set one and that's all I can really ask for right?

Now, that a week's worth of training and doggie happenings have been meshed into a few paragraphs I'll leave you with a montage of last night's trip to the DP:

Week's Mileage: 35