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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dragon Dash 5k Recap

The Corinth Dragon Dash 5k was May 1st, and we'll I'm a little behind updating the blogo so this is TBB trying catch up. Bear with us, I won't be regularly training for the next eleven days due to time constrictions and schedule. Don't fret the blog will get updated, just not with adventures!

LIKE I WAS SAYING...The Corinth Dragon Dash 5k was Saturday. I can't say I was totally planning on running this, and as weird as this sounds: 5ks aren't a distance I'm particularly really trained for. I physically can run the distance no problem, but as soon as I get psyched up the race is over.

The race is a benefit for a local grade school, so the race was full of kids. Not ideal for someone trying to set a PR, at guntime there was a deluge of kiddies forging the chip pads. They sprinted out of the shoot, and it was thick through the first mile. Within a mile, I looked ahead and saw the leaders and realized there were only a handful of women. The course was super hilly, hills that I wasn't mentally prepared for. At almost a mile and half, a yellow lab jumped out of now where and jumped on me. Think he's a follower? I bet he wants to run with Goliath. The dog wanted to run with me, it was so awesome. He kept up, until his owner came running out of a house screaming for him.

With less than a mile left, I knew I wasn't hitting my PR so I took out my headphones and started talking to my fellow racers: grade school kids from Corinth. A lot of them were just trucking along, I asked them about running and if they liked it. They seemed a little overwhelmed, and truth be told I was too. I knew I wasn't living up to my potential, and I felt like quitting.

I finished the race, and enjoyed a bagel with my little buddy Conrad. It wasn't until late Sunday night that I found out I won my division! YES! I PLACED FIRST in women 20-30! I wasn't pleased with my time at all, but when I found this out I was! WOOHOO!!

Saturday's Mileage: 3.1
Time: 27:11