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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Race Recap: Chicago Half Marathon

The time has recap on ChicaaaGOOO!

My alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 4am, after a sleepless night.

We rode the L down to the shuttles, and then took shuttles to the race start. We arrived at the start around 6:00am, with plenty of time to check gear, get stretched out by a PT and use the porties.

Katie and I eagerly followed the 2 hour pacers to our corral, and waited for the gun. I felt like s fish out of water. I have ran my fair share of races, but never anything this large and this thick.

I expected the first few miles to be thick with people, but eventually would thin out like all other races. In retrospect, I think the sheer volume of entrants gave me anxiety. There were people literally everywhere.

Around mile 4, I got really nauseated and goose bumpy. I urged Katie to enjoy her first half, while I fought stomach issues. I got my stuff together, and tried to make up for time lost. Katie and I were clocking 8:40s and 9s, and I was hoping to finish in under 2 hours.

The next few miles are kinda blurry. It is a VERY fast course. I will take this time to mention that I have secretly been ignoring some pain in my ACL. Spare my the lecture, I know.

It was around mile 8, where the pain in my right knee became nearly unbearable. It'd amazing what you can push through, because I hadn't really noticed that I wasnt really weight bearing and relying on my left leg. My hip flexors started barking in my left leg from the added weight.

At mile 8, is also where I realized that if I was struggling this much in a half that a full in a month is probably not the best idea ever. So my eyes swelled with tears, as I tossed back shot block after shot block trying to get enough energy to finish.

The volunteers, aid stations, spectators and organization were all absolutely amazing. It was a glorious race course along the lake coast, a beautiful day and just awesome. It just wasn't my day.

At the end of the day, I finished the Chicago Half Marathon but I can't help but be disappointed. How often do I get opportunities like that? Like never, and I was underperformed. I feel like I choked, or my body let me down. Then I was like hum WAIT...YOU FINISHED THE CHICAGO HALF MARATHON!!

Sooo yeah it might not be the best ides to:
1. Run a half marathon while still on antibiotics
2. Ignore ACL pain
3. Mentally defeat yourself

But running is a learning experience, and I had an amazing trip and spent good times with amazing people who I love, so how can I be sad about that?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hold On Tight


And I am exhausted. Like seriously exhausted. Ok, ok. Where do I start?

Friday night, Logan and I left for Chicago at 7PM and road tripped up there. A whopping 9 hours later, we arrived. In case you can't do math, we arrived around 3:30AM.

I bet reading that just made you tired, huh? Well we are just getting started. Saturday morning, started like every Saturday morning should: Bacon Cinnamon Roll. Yes, puhhhleaseee.

Lemme back track a bit here, my besties live in Chicago and they planned this whole thing. Katie, Molly and I were in a band, kinda, but that's a whole notha post. We all went to grade school with Mikey, who also met us and would race with us....and eventually kick our butts.

They live in Wrigleyville, so Logan was in awe of one of America's original stadiums.

Then it was time to make our way down to packet pick up. I was so excited to ride the L, but apparently I am the only one who gets stoked about public transportation.

Pick up was at Navy Pier, and very well organized. A+ work Chicago. We had to work out transportation, buy some socks and gels.

By this time, we'd worked up a mean appetite. Introducing Lux Bar, as Katie describes it: "Fancy Bar Food" and yup! Good. Best truffle fries evarrrr. Carbs are acceptable before a race. Don't judge me.

Obviously there was some shopping and then more eating. But that is enough for today.

When was your last road trip?
Have you ever been to a BAD packet pick up?
Do you use public transit?