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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Temporary Escape


I am such an advocate for moderation.  Which is hilarious because I can't seem to moderate my habits long term.  For instance, I can be the apex of health one week and the next give myself a coronary eating burgers and beer.  Right now, I happen to be on the up swing.  Self control is at a maximum, I am killing my work outs, getting sleep and the list goes on...

The thing is, I can't help but wonder how long this will last?  Sad that I know my motivation has an expiration date.  It only takes one night out, or one party or heck one bad hair day to send me off into a tail spin.It just so happens that right now I am so dissatisfied with myself that I am kicking booties and forgetting names.

Because, I am a broke student the current focus is exercise because I don't have the means to buy the optimal foods.  So my diet is kinda whacky right now, as I am literally just eating whatever I can get my hands on.  Going without so you can pay for school is cool guys, you wish you could do it.  Don't worry though, I at least have coffee and colleagues that care enough to feed me when I am look depleted and on the verge of syncope.
Running after you swim with wet hair is, ummm, awesomeIMG_1279
You know it's hot outside when your hair is dry in 5 minutes after you start running.

Like I mentioned yesterday, not having a specific training goal is feeling reallll nice for me mentally. 
 It makes my WANT to exercise, and I have lost that feeling of HAVING to do it.


So today, I swam some laps at the pool...ouch...and then ran four was hot.  And windy?  How horrible.  It was over 90 degrees with a super heavy head wind, so it kept me cool but it was difficult to run into.

Goliath also got in a swim
Water, is absolutely essential for these hot summer runs.  G and Me both would die without frequently indulging in some agua.

What I ate today: Giant coffee, chicken and broccoli, 2 slices of pizza (I AM SO POOR! I miss vegetables! Waaahhh)
How I worked out today: 20 minute lap swim,  4 mile run

This Post Brought to You By: "Young Blood" The Naked and Famous

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Skies Are So Blue

90% Healthy.

I decided to not run yesterday, and play it by ear this morning. If I was feeling better, I'd test the waters. If not, I'd give myself another day. But every day that I don't run, is another day of pent up anxiety about the marathon.

So after a cup of coffee, I decided that I would at least feel better mentally if I tried.

Goliath and I tested the trail, and had no real mileage or time goals...but you now me. I pushed pretty hard, and at our split the train came by and Goliath even started to try to race the train. We were running way too fast for a run after being sick.

At the end of four miles, we both collapsed in the grass. It was a great run, beautiful day but I should not have pushed that hard. Yet, I don't regret it.

I do feel like I am starting a clean running slate though. My shin splints are gone, and I felt pretty good overall. This might be the opportunity I need to start taking care of myself and fueling properly.

This evening, I finally made it out to see my adopted puppy family! Ever since my lovie, Megan moved east I don't see her as often which also means I don't see her babies as often. Last winter, Megan went to a dog auction and adopted a puppy mill doggie, who she named Emma. Last November, Emma was timid and spooked. She hid in her crate and would eat her poop. Now after the love and support of her new family, she's a boss. She runs after balls, plays with toys and cuddles. It is an absolute miracle, and Megan could not be a better fur mom. She also has two adorable weinies: Barney and Lacey. I love them all!!

What kind of steps do you take to get back into working out after a hiatus?
Do you have doggie extended family?
How was your weekend?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

All of the Lights

So yeah, we obviously kept pretty busy this weekend.  Perhaps to keep our minds off reality.  We both know everything is going to be okay, no matter what.  It's just a major bummer having the "unemployed" stamp ya know?  I hate to see Lo majorly bumming too, as with anyone you hate to see the people you love hurt, or sad or slighted.  It's life though you know?

Yesterday, we both had another day of weekend! Wins!  Logan was out of bed before me, and Goliath was still not ready to get up.  He was hitting the internerd hard on a job hunt.  I made us some coffee, and we talked about things.  Then it was time for Goliath and I to do work.  We got our butts to the trail for some speed work.
Goliath anxiously awaiting his pancake

The run felt AMAAAZZZING.  I felt just: good, for lack of a better term.  I was able to hold a steady-speedy pace.  Goliath really enjoyed the brisk jaunt.  We did four miles worth of intervalling speediness.  I wish, I SUPERWISH that after mile 2 my garmin didn't fail so I could have my splits and better data because it was SUCH A GREAT run.  We finished up in 31:40.02, yeah you naysayer you read that right. 31:40!! In case you can't do math, that's a 7:53 average, what what I'm ballin'.

Peanut Butter Pancake for G$
The reward: Pancakes.  Not for me though.  Goliath and Logan both got pancakes, but my gut needs to get smaller not gluttonously large with pancakes and syrup.  Thankfully, I did even bat an eye.  Who am I? 

Yeah, I cook all schweaty from running. What of it?

Goliath and spent the rest of the day, no not recovering, but cleaning and prepping for dinner.  I, Julia queen of The Bosky Blog, pieced my own chicken.  More on that later, with a recipe.  We our friends SwellMary and her spousticle Bobernathy over for dindin. The menu: Homestlye Fried Chicken, Kale Salad, Roasted Potatoes and Strawberry Shortcake. Recipes to follow, standby.

After we, well I, inhaled the food on my plate.  We wen through all their pictures from their recent trip to Mexico.  Whatever room was left in my body instantly filled with jealousy.  I MUST GO!!!  The Mayan history was literally blowing my frickin mind dudes.  The ideas of a 2012 Mayan trip are being tossed around....along with the rest of the world, but come on...wouldn't that be sweeeeeeet!!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Give Me Everything

Self evaluation is a necessary tool when you want to accomplish goals.  Last night, I was doing some like totally serious thinking-shocking, I know. 

How did I get to this point again? Why do I feel so terrible about myself these days? 

I haven't been able to come up with a solid reason, no real excuse for myself.  So instead of letting my head explode from thinking, since I don't do that very often.  I took Big G out for a runnaroo.  I am starting to embrace the new trail, it might not be what I want-but it's what I need right now: a short, quiet, lonesome path.   

The note I left for the Mr.

Despite the note, we crossed paths on my way to the trail.  We both rolled up, rolled down the windows and I shouted "I'M RUNNING AWAY AND I'M TAKING THE DOG!" The eye roll that my comment was met with was legendary.  We drove off and found ourselves quickly finished with two miles in the time it took to drive to the trail.  Running with a dog really helps you to enjoy the experience.  Sometimes, I get really caught up and obsessed with ABILITY and SPEED that I lose focus and rarely enjoy myself.  When I run with Goliath, he stops to smell the pheromones.  He looks at every passerby and gives them a wag.   That is what I want, I don't want to look like a miserable runner punishing myself for my caloriesins.  I want to BE a joyous jogger taking in the minutia of the outdoors and sweating out the day's stresses. 

Immediately after our run, Goliath was so tired he couldn't even stay seated for a decent picture

Thinking about this last night helped me blast through four miles without taking a break.  Which is a rarity for G and I, he didn't even stop to pee on things.  WOWSAS.  Anyway, we finished our four miles in about 38 minutes, which is a nice steady pace and slow enough for us to enjoy ourselves but not be completely exhausted for the rest of the evening. 

I even wore my garmin last night.  That's how I know I am starting to feel like the old me again.  I went to upload my data, and pulled up my training center and was shocked.  My last garmin upload: 10.16.10.  The Marathon.  Seriously.  Then the answers to my previous questions instantly came to me. 

How did I get to this point again?  I gave up on me after the marathon.
Why do I feel so terrible about myself these days? The marathon was suppose to be my door into my new life.  It was suppose to be this monumental thing for me, and it was an extremely disappointing experience.  My self esteem took a devastating blow, and it's taken me eight months to subconsciously recover and move on.  I am still  emotional over it, I read through my posts about the race and my eyes swell up.

My ego is bruised, much like my knees from volleyball.

So like I said, self evaluation is important, even if it takes you several months to diagnose the issue.  I have been blaming my hours at work, and my busy schedule.  The truth is, I was scared and kinda hated myself.  The other truth is, if you love something enough there is always time for it.  The other other truth is, how good do those enchiladas sound?  We were getting too real there, had to take it a step back.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Race Recap: Trolley Run

The Bosky Blog is celebrating three years of racing ya'll!

On April 17th, I ran the Trolley Run the historic four mile road race through Kansas City, Missouri.

If you read and actually comprehend what you are reading, you recognize that the date is the immediate date after the Oz Marathon.

So yes, I ran two races in a row. You might say? So? I run two days in a row all the time. Yeah, suck it-so do it. But do you run 13 miles with headwinds of 32 mph and then road race the next day? If you said yes, please shoot me an email with you address so I can personally come punch you.

It was an accident really, just poor planning-but looking back there's no way I'd not run either of these races -AND- it was the perfect way to celebrate my RACERVERSARY!

I roped Emmers into running it with me, and she had a marathon of her own the day before: PROM. What a good kid, she was able to get up at 7am and run a race with me the day AFTER Prom. 17 year old Julia wouldn't have been able to do that.

I've have done a recap on this race before, I've ran it twice. I know the course-but this year, it was hard. It was really cold, I was really tired and sore. We didn't warm up or stretch. The second the gun went off I wanted to stop, I felt huge. My calves ached and my quads were cramping. It was ugly. I bore this for a mile before my stomach gave in and started cramping too. I forced us to walk, Emily too. She wanted to go on but I used some very stern colorful language and reminded her that I paid for her to run this with me.

It was not an easy race for me this year, you'd think after three years it would be cake. It's a lot easier for me to forget the pain with headphones in, and I told Emily I wouldn't wear them-but halfway through the race I couldn't do it. So just like in the Gobbler, I turned the speakers on to my phone and played my running play list for the whole race to hear.

We danced the rest of the way, and despite having to stop a few times to knock out leg cramps. It was an okay race. I hate feeling like I coulda done better-but as with any race, I was happy to finish, even after three years.