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Friday, November 11, 2011

...and the WINNERS are

The two lucky cereal winners are:

Thanks everyone for entering!!

Amanda and Katie please email me your addresses at [email protected]

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Never Know What You're Going to Find

Alright friends, we only have five days left. My insides are already churning. I'm getting flutterflies in my belly. I am so overwhelmed. AHH!!!

Honestly, I'm not sure where I'm at. I truly not sure what to expect and what time I'm going to finish. I guess I care and I don't care, I want to finish obviously but I want to do well. What I want more than anything though is to get this wait over with. Tapering is making my twitch. I want to run for longer than an hour. I want to run so long I can't feel my legs. I want to spend a whole day running....and I can't.

Saturday, I went on a run with my lovely seester. As of late, she's been upset that I have blogged about everyone but her. So maybe I signed her up to run a half marathon in November, and so maybe she's not trained for it-but she still loves me, and is ready to tackle this. I guaranteed her that running the half in November will get her a lot of blog-air and a super sweet t-shirt. Motivationally, it might not be for running accomplishment but she's doing it and I'm proud of her.

That's her on the left, obviously.

Emily has been my bestie friend since she was born. We kind of had some rough years growing up, but no matter the disagreement small or large-we've always managed to stay BFFS. Sharing a room with her for more than 14 years may have been challenging, but I wouldn't trade our late night talks as we tried to fall asleep or impromptu dance/jam sessions to Aqua or NSYNC for anything. Emmers was always an athlete, and still is-every sport out there she's dabbled with. We were a family of athletes (sans my brother), but she always has been the best. Hilariously, the only sport I loved she hated (volleyball) and the sports she thrived at: basketball, soccer, and running-I really couldn't stand.

We love each other.

She also ran cross country, and she was good. When she ran, I'd go to meets and never understand why these kids would run for so long. Funny right? Since then, she's pretty much stuck with soccer. ANYWAY. We went running to see where she was at so we can gauge where to start training. I don't like starting a run without a goal, but she just said "Let's go as far as I possibly can." We ran down KC's trolley track trail, which is where G and ran for strutt your mutt and the trolley run.

It was like "Take Your Dog to the Trail" day, there were a million people running with their dogs which always make it difficult for...everyone, because the dogs are always more interested in the other dog than who they are pacing with. Goliath did really well, except one time. He deemed only one dog worthy of a sniff, and since he was running on my right he wrapped around Emily. We averted disaster, but it was close. We took a few walking breaks, and turned around at the 2.5 mile mark.

Here's a tip: if you are ever running with a human partner, and you think it'd be cool to listen to the same playlist-DO NOT USE A HEADPHONE SPLITTER. That was the worst idea of the day. Between trying to coordinate Goliath and the splitter, Em and I were getting a little frustrated. So we are definitely nixing that idea, we'll just be importing the same playlist next time on different devices. The splitter was fun for like two seconds. Toward the end, neither of us were listening to much music anyway. I guess that's what it's like with running partners.

We finished five miles really strongly. I had more super duper cute pictures but blogger is being lame and won't let me upload. It was a family affair, our mom (y'all have met) went on a walk, and she met us back. Then it was bagel time. All in all, a wonderful way to spend my Saturday morning. It makes me excited to get in her into half training! Who wants to take bets she'll catch the marathoning bug too?!

Please see previous post for info on the newest giveaway!!

Total Distance: 5.0 Miles
Time: 50:12.13

Friday, October 08, 2010

Can Still Be Found

oh noes! deer on our trail!

WOAH. sorry. I suck. I know it's been well over a week since I updated but it hasn't been a week since I've been running and loving my pup. As you've already assumed, things got a little hectic around here-and yes the blog is the first thing that falls by the wayside when I have zero time.

Never to fear, the future looks less scheduled and what's that? THERE'S A MARATHON IN A WEEK.

This will likely be brief, but I just wanted to update y'all. I hate it when I get behind on posting, my camera fills with pictures and my mind fills with tales from the trail. So much like every run with G, let me try to catch up with FAQ:

Are you still training for a marathon?
-YES, I have been tapering. It has been very successful. I feel more rested and stronger than ever. My runs are slow, light and every other day-nothing exceeding 10 miles.
Are you nervous for your upcoming marathon?
-YES, a thousand times yes. A few weeks ago, I was more nervous than I am now. My anxiety has really shifted more towards anticipation.
Will you poop yourself during your race?
I don't know why people ask me this all the time, but NO-I will not be pooping myself during the most important race of my life.
Have you started carbo-loading?
I constantly carb load, so yeah sure.

Part VI of 12DoGA
Alright, so there's that. I recently mailed out some of the last giveaways and it's time for a new one....don't get excited it's small!

You may have noticed a new page called "Goliath's Gang" and it's blank! I'd like to post pictures of all my followers dogs and little story about your dog! If you'd like to be included please
In your email include a photo of your dog preferably with you, his/her story(age, breed, and name) any web address you'd liked linked with your pictures-if none, no biggie-and your mailing address!
Everyone who submits a photo will get a goodie bag from Goliath!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Changes on a Daily Basis

I started running to lose weight, but I started to lose weight because my health was deteriorating. For me it wasn't all about vanity, how do I know this? Because I wore the same size at 150 that I did at 180. I looked the same, but I didn't FEEL the same. If you read my story, and if you haven't you can find it in the 'About Us' section, you know this all started at a doctor's visit. A visit because I felt like crapola all the time. A visit that revealed I had borderline hypertension, my cholesterol was high and I was high risk for diabetes.

This morning, I volunteered at a health fair to promote wellness in downtown KCMO. At the fair we offered health screenings, rapid HIV testing, diabetes screening and kidney function tests. For hours I talked with people struggling with weight problems, congestive heart failure and the like. The fair was about being proactive, being accountable for your health and most importantly being AWARE. It was frightening that after 33 rapid HIV tests, four individuals tested positive. By the end of the event around 100 people had been tested, and screened. After discussion, we determined that high cholesterol and high blood pressure were of the most common conditions in the area and were most typically as a result of obesity as the primary cause. A lot of the volunteers were shocked, but I was ashamed to admit I wasn't. In fact, I could relate. I had been there.

I wish I had my lab results from 2008, but this year I'm happy to report the following:
Total Cholesterol: 151
HDL Cholesterol: 41
TC/HDL Ratio: 3.7
HbA1c: 5.0
Glucose: 92 non-fasting
Blood Pressure: 122/77
BMI: 24
HIV: nonreactive

What does all that mean? Here's a brief rundown, skim and skip as needed

♥What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance found among the lipids in the bloodstream and in all your body's cells. It performs important functions in a healthy body; however, high cholesterol levels indicate an increased risk for heart disease. Desirable total cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dL, HDL often termed good cholesterol is optimal between 40-50mg/DL and TC/HDL Ratio should be less that 5.0.

♥What is Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)? The HbA1c test measures the amount of blood glucose chemically attached to a specific portion of the hemoglobin molecule carried by red blood cells. As a red blood cell travels in the bloodstream it picks up glucose. The higher your blood glucose, the more your red blood cells will accumulate. The HbA1c result reflects your average blood glucose level for the previous 2-3 months. Normal HbA1c levels for people without diabetes is less than 6%.

♥What is Glucose? Glucose is referred to as blood sugar, and is the main source of energy from living organisms. Glucose levels rise after a meal. Levels may remain abnormally elevated in people with diabetes. The desirable fasting adult blood glucose level is less than 100 mg/DL. Two hours after a meal, the normal blood glucose level range for a non-diabetic adult is between 140-199 mg/DL

♥What is Blood Pressure? Blood pressure readings are given in two numbers. The first number is the systolic pressure, which is the pressure in your arteries when your heart is contracting. The second number is the diastolic and is the pressure in your arteries when your heart is at rest. Normal blood pressure is around 120/77 mmHg

♥Ya'll know what BMI is, but just in case a normal BMI is between 18-24.

Are you in charge of your health?
Why or Why not?
Part VI of 12DoGA: Winter throw-away gloves that benefit breast cancer research.
Comment with ONE THING that you've done this week to be accountable for your health, winner will be drawn tomorrow.

Yesterday's Mileage: 5.0
Time: 45:51.18

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby, We Were Born to Run

Wellst obviously, it's Monday which means yesterday was Sunday and that means the before was Saturday which means: I had a race. Get it? Because Ok never mind. Wellst, the 5k on Saturday was my favorite 5k of the year. Why? You're gonna have to read on to find out.

Saturday was the first ever Strutt with Your Mutt 5k in Kansas City. SWYM has always been a 3k walk through historic brookside with your pup to raise money for Wayside Waifs, KC's largest no-kill shelter. This year they decided to add a 5k portion that you could run with your dog. UHM-Hi, have you met us? We signed up instantly. When we showed up on Saturday, Goliath was in absolute heaven. There were booths with treats, hundreds of other dogs and people who didn't mind he jumped up to say 'hello!'

Upon arrival, he was in awe.

It was the first time for the 5k, and it became pretty clear this wasn't mean to be a very competitive 5k. There were no bib numbers, no chip timing (just a running clock) and oh we were running with our dogs. I noticed none of the local elite runners were there which kinda got my gears turning. We lined up at the mini-start, which doubled as the finish line.

They made a few announcements, and we were off. They actually started the race a few minutes early! Woah. So the first quarter mile was really thick. People were bumping into each other, dogs were darting back and forth-it was pretty chaotic. There were a lot more people running without dogs that I had expected, and they had the people sans pups line up toward the front. That made no sense to me, I would think that an event to benefit dogs where you run the dogs-the dogs would take priority. Am I right?

When I say it was thick, I mean it. It took us a while to break away from the big pack, but Goliath was a maneuvering rock star. He steered and I was along for the ride. Maybe it was instinct, but he darted around people and found the optimal and efficient routes. By the halfway mark which was also an aid station, I started to realize I could see the leader. I stopped and let Goliath get a drink, but he wasn't willing to waste anytime. The aid station volunteers told me to get to it because I was the second girl the pass. UHM EXCUSE ME?!

Yes, that is his tongue!

After that news, we got tunnel vision. We turned right and another right, and there they were the only people in front of me. I counted them all and the took a picture. Only eight people in front of me, and only two of them had dogs.


With the leaders in view, we got entirely too motivated. It felt like we were running 7s, but it was really 8s. I just wasn't use to running balls to the wall like that, but Goliath was. I'm sure the look on my face was priceless, most likely absolute terror. I felt like my heart was maxing out. One of the blockade officers laughed as we ran by, he said "Hey that's not fair! He's pulling you!" Listen bud, you wanna try to keep up with Goliath?? Be my guest. There was a pretty decent hill, and I passed one of gentlemen in front me. Unfortunately, my shoe came untied with less than a quarter mile to go. Panicked I had an internal dilemma, and decided to tie it even though it might have meant someone passing me. Luckily, there wasn't anyone near enough. We sprinted across the finish line and looked down at my garmin for the first time since the start, then the DJ says "Look at her checking her time! That's what it takes to be top 10!" balls. top 10. I came in 8th overall, and I was the 2nd female. Goliath was the 2nd canine.

I told someone a long time ago that I would win a local race one of these days, this just proved to me that I could. I won't cheapen this victory, so don't roll your eyes at the race design or number of runners. No matter how you spin it and try to lessen this, I came in 8th overall and 2nd female overall. You can't argue that.

This blogpost brought you by FLASHCAKES! The chocolately treat guaranteed to make you a super fast speed racer! Want a box of your own? Comment us: tell us one SPEEDY fact about yourself-it can anything, and be sure to include your email address. One person will selected randomly....and yes this is Part V of 12DoGA and yes they are bad for you :)

Mileage: 3.35 (it was actually long!)
Time: 24:18

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who's Bad?

1. Thank the person who gave me the award: Thank You Amanda!
2. Share seven things about myself.: I had chicken for lunch, I'm wearing pants, I have a hello kitty obsession, I have a birth mark that looks like an earring, I have to go the dentist and the OB/GYN both next week, I love the color blue and I love blogging.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs: If you're on my Blog Roll, you are thus nominated.
4. Let my nominees know about their award: If you're on my blog roll, please see above.

Chobani Greek Yogurt Winners:
1. Michelle
4. Laura
6. Becky
7. Kt Bee
8. Samantha
9. Mrs. W
10. Ashley
Sorry, if you didn't win!! This random number generator picked these out. If you're on the list please, email me your address before 24September2010 at 4:00pm Central-otherwise you're gonna miss the mailing!

Let's gear up for winter running!
Part IV of 12DoGA: Hot Hands
Do you have a winter race series or plan on training through snow and ice?
These were road tested in my winter series of races, and perfect for warm up mileage. I use them for my hands pre-race, and my toes post-race.
They belong to three freezing followers, comment with where you train-and tell me about your winters!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Your Heart or Mine

Yesterday, I woke up and wanted to run.

So I did, but this post isn't about that.

This post is going to be about POOP. That's right POOP, FARTS and everything in between. You are now thus warned, read at will-but I'm gonna break the relationship between running and poop down "Everybody Poops Style." So either brace yourself or skip next in your reader.

This post is prompted by an email I get regularly. "JULIA! I have the worst 'stomach problems' when I run. HELP!" Ok first and foremost, they aren't stomach problems-it's a poop problem, don't beat around the bush. And second and second most, this is common-so common in fact it has nicknames: Runner's Trots, Runner's Gut, Bubble Gut, the list goes on. The bottom line is this: running makes you burp, fart, it makes the snot pour out your nose and makes you sweat like a fire hose-so why is it any wonder that it also makes your poop.

What happens to a can of soda when you shake it and shake it and shake it? It explodes right? Runner's gut is often experienced after longer runs, for newer runners it can happen after 10 minutes and for more experienced runners it can take an hour to hit. When you run, your intestines much like that soda can shake, shake and shake. What else happens? Blood that's typically there supporting your mile long GI tract is transported elsewhere. Elsewhere being the parts of your body that are taking a beating like your muscles, lungs and even your brain.

The trots strike every runner differently, and can be rectified just as differently. You may be the runner that can't go over six miles without a Port-A-John, or you may be the runner who can run an Ultra but the second you stop your gut wrings out like a dish rag. Whichever it is, you can follow a few steps to the solution:

1) Figure out your threshold: How long can I run before it hits me? Does it happen after I run, or during my run? Identify, identify and identify.
2) Examine your pre-run habits: Look at what you do an hour before you run, two hours before you run and 24 hours before you run. This includes, not only looking at what you ate but when was the last time you went, if you know what I mean.
3) Mess with the variables: So you've found out when it hits you, and you've looked at your routine. Now start taking out variables, Oh I eat a PopTart every morning before I run, let's take that out and see what happens.
4) Go back to step 1 and re-evaluate: Did anything change when you messed with variable a? No, move on to variable b and repeat.

oh noes! my tumtum!

See really, running is a create your own adventure game. The problem is it can take you a while before you find what works-the key is just sticking it out until you do. Knowing that this happens to the best of us can be reassuring, but when you're doubled over the porcelain throne convinced you're dying nothing helps.

From experience, runner's gut has made me never want to run again. In fact, after my first half marathon I spent more time in the bathroom curled up in the fetal position than I did actually running the race. Since then, I have been super diligent about avoiding my TrotTrigger foods: ice cream, refined carbs and leafy greens. Avoidance is only before runs and races, who wants to live a life without ice cream? That's as bad as a life without running, but in a world where I can have both is downright Utopian

Happy multicultural Utopian running world!

What works for me: Gluten Free carb loading, no milk and ice cream the day before (yogurt is ok), and coffee two hours before a run (do the math). None of this post has any source material, and I'm certainly not an expert so don't take my word for it-get out there and try.

NOOOWWWW that we are all brought closer together through poop, wanna talk food? What if it's part III of 12DoGA?
Got your attention? Part Tres features my favorite yogurt: Chobani Greek, I'm totally converted and you should too. Comment with your favorite yogurt and flavor, six people will get each get ONE FREE Chobani Yogurt of their choice.
Total Mileage: 5.3
Times: 50:12

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get Nothing but Love

Two posts-one day? Could it be? Maybe it's still the runner's high, I dunno-but this is certainly happening, and as far as I can tell the world isn't ending....but it has been a while since I peeped outside.

At the moment, I'm washing clothes and watching MTV's "World of Jenks." Why is this relevant? Other than the fact, that I'm cleaning running clothes, this episode follows Maino. Bingo! My favorite running song evaaarrr is by who? Maino. I only caught the back end of the hour, but I learned a lot. Obviously, just by listening to his words you know he's been through some stuff but I guess I never REALLY knew. You know how some rappers spend a night in jail, and then rap about it for three albums. Maino spent ten years in prison. Ten years. I won't go in much depth there, but at the end of the episode he said that prison worked for him-it changed his life and he decided he wanted to inspire people. This goes without saying, but he inspires me to run every single time I hear that frickin' song even if it's so far from applicable to me.

Since I ran 20 miles yesterday, oh yeah did you hear? I ran 20 miles yesterday. Mrs. Big Stuff over here. Uhm, anyway-Since I ran 20 miles yesterday I am resting today. That also kinda goes without saying. Truth be told, I don't feel like I ran 20-other than mild soreness I feel solid. I am blessed with an amazing husband who rubbed my feet yesterday and today, despite the gruesome callouses.

Rest to me means: chilling + food. I woke up at 7 to smoke a brisket, to eat over the Chiefs game with our good friends. Since this post is clearly not about running, it's about dogs. Our bestie friends have a whole pack of dogs, and I love them all. Recently, their Schnauzer mix Duncan was really sick. He had toxicity to a medication, and had some pretty severe neurological side effects. Today, was our first visit since his doggy hospital visit. He's doing much better now, still minor symptoms but all in all doing well!

I call him "favorite"

Their newest pack member is Mayra, a 6 year old Maltese mix. While Mayra has a comfortable home at the present time, she's actively looking for her forever family, for her forever bed and her forever love. Our friends are fostering her during this extensive search. Meanwhile, I get sweet lovin' by a wittle white buddy. Logan calls her the little polar bear, because she's so fluffy and doesn't have a tail. She's such a sweet pup, being around her is so contrasting from Goliath's energy. Mayra just laid on our laps, just content to be with and near you.

If the circumstance allowed, she'd come home with us and we'd rename the blog "Keep up with Goliath, and hanging with Mayra." So maybe I've used that joke before, but it's true. Mayra is an amazing calm, cupcakey dog who deserves a family who will love her unconditionally. She needs a family who welcomes a silent companion, and is willing to give her all the attention she needs-not that she demands much.

Are you in the KC area and interested in adopting Mayra? Do you fit the bill? Please contact the the LL Dog Rescue for arrangements or email me, and I can get you in touch with their foster parents.

hmmm....what's that? hint: it could be yours
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What is it? It's a Nike DryFit top, size medium.
I love it because it's like running naked.
'nuff said.
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Now get to emailing us!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

That Grind Don't Stop

I get really emotional. I can grit though the toughest stuff but when it comes to things like change, and accomplishing things: I get wicked emotional. The last few days I have been completely wrought with anxiety....and overwhelmed with feelings. I just have a lot of feelings. A few months ago, I signed up for the Kansas City Runner's Edge group training run for the KC Marathon. It's not a big training group, it's just a run they organize for anyone training to help them with the longest run during training.

Knowing me, and my flakiness-I signed up so I would have no excuses to not get 20 miles under my belt. Little did I know, that this farting run would cause me more anxiety than the actual race. For SOME reason, I couldn't help but freak out that maybe my training wasn't where it needed to be do this distance and that I was going to totally embarrass myself. My training style for this marathon has been pretty unorthodox, and honestly I haven't stuck much to a rigid plans as I have just gotten out there and followed a 10% build up each week. Every run for me is a fartlek, and every run I struggle to figure out what I need to do albeit hydrating, fueling, and gear. So for someone who still is trying to figure out their rhythm, showing up to a group run with other runners who've been training (and probably more consistently) was a little intimidating.

Admittedly, my nerves got the best of me before I even walked in the door. My drive there I turned up my 5k play list CD, and tried to just relax. Then that stupid Inida Arie song lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks, and I felt like I had to cry-but I couldn't cry because I was so nervous-but I was so nervous I wanted to cry-and then I got angry. KNOCK IT OFF. I don't know why I allow myself to be consumed with self doubt, and wrapped up in minutia like what people might think. God forbid, someone laughs at my gait. I quickly changed the song, to "Let's Go" and tried to get amped. As I pulled into my parking spot, I saw other runners all geared up walking into the shopping center to get their wrist bands.

Sure enough, the demographics were exactly what I feared. Guess what my first thought was? Dannnngggit, you're the fattest person here. ACK, everyone was super lean and super toned and looked super fast. I took a deep breath, and got out of my car. I felt like everyone was staring at me, haha look at the noob, as I walked in and got my wrist band. Thankfully, I planned on meeting up with two guys from the marathon's facebook. They both found me, and distracted me from being a big ball of nerves. One of which, Scott, talked me into this didn't run because of an injury-but just came for moral support, he knew a bunch of people there and introduced me to a few. Then Eric, who I talked into running this. Eric and I had decided to stick together, thick and thin-running and walking.

At 6:30 everyone lined up with a pace group, much like a race. My group kinda huddled around our pacer, Lynette. We shot the poop while we waited for a time to be called. Since this wasn't a race, they were really strict about not wearing ipods. Ya'll know me and my obsession with my ipod, so here I am: longest run of my life, with essentially strangers, and no ipod. I was seriously struggling to not shut down from nerves, so I pushed myself to talk to people. Once I got to talking and introducing myself, I kinda started feeling more like myself. It didn't even take me a mile to realize, everyone there was just as unsure, if not terrified as I was.
The organizers did a wonderful job, and the pacers were amazing. There were water and fuel stations every 2 miles, the pacer answered all your questions and everyone was just rocking and rolling. Our whole group was really chatty, and I hate chatting-but there I was just kinda running my mouth about anything and everything to whoever would listen. We talked about how we got into running, our jobs, our family, TV and movies, stuff in Kansas City, other races we've ran, fueling and nutrition-basically everything. Other than the fact that I had to pee wicked bad, I didn't realize I was even running. Before I knew it, we were at the 10 mile mark. Say what? I didn't even feel like I had ran ten miles.
Everyone had the option of turning back, and running the route for the desired distance-with the maximum distance option being 22 miles. I had talked Eric into pushing 20 miles, even though he only intended on running 18 per his schedule. Selfishly, I begged him to go 20 and I am ever so thankful he agreed. At mile 10, we found out our pacer wouldn't be splitting back to complete the back mileage. Most of our group went on to run another mile before turning around, but Eric and I split of at 10.
Without a gaggle of runners, we just kinda paced our way back and took it really easy. The front ten miles were pretty thick with runners and other groups, but the back ten we'd go for a mile without seeing fellow trainees. As the mileage increased on our garmins, it got progressively harder to put one foot in front of the other. By mile 16 we were both ready to call it and Eric said he was considering walking the final two miles. I didn't mean to get all cliche and motivationally hackneyed on him, but I was like "Buddy, you don't want to regret this later. You know later this afternoon you're gonna kick yourself in the butt for not pushing those last two miles!" He agreed and we kept trucking.
My mom drove by and honked us a serenade of encouragement. We ran through our last aid station, and then it clicked that we were almost done. HOLY CRAP....eighteen miles are finished, two more to go. My legs felt like bricks, but I was on top of the world. Those last two miles, were sooo smooth. Dare I say, smoother than the first anxiety-ful firs two??! With a half a mile left, we ran into this guy...

This is Moose, and 11 Month Boxer.
We both HAD to stop and pet him, being that we a) both love dogs and b) really love Boxers. Eric has a boxer name Daly, who also is tattooed on his arm-that's love. And well, you all know the boxer in my life. Moose had enough energy for the both of us, he showed us how he can sit and shake-and we could tell just from a distance he was a fun dog.
Moose shook us on our way, and before we knew it the shopping center from where we started was in view. It was surreal, had we really just logged 20 miles? Like TWO-ZERO. It felt like TWO. We finished really strong, and even felt like we could do more. Walking into the shopping area, the air conditioning was shocking. We high fived and were just generally elated. Walking to the area where we checked in, we strolled by a huge wall of mirrors. I glanced over my shoulder and said "Yeah,we looked like we just ran 20 miles!" and snapped this...

we killed it.
That's right. I ran 20 miles, and it felt second nature. No one made fun of me. I enjoyed myself. I will be back next year, and I guess this means I'm officially trained to run the KC Marathon. Oh and this is how I recover:
Total Mileage: 20
pssssttttt...12DoGA: GU Winner is Kate Smith! Kate email me your address, and the GU is yours! Thanks for your support! Part Two of 12DoGA coming to a blogpost near you soon.