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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Race Recap: The Plaza 10K

Saturday, I worked the packet pick up for the Plaza 10k. Saturday, I also fully committed. I was really up in the air about it because of my knees but I couldn't let everyone else have all the fun. I also wanted a really sweet Brooks tech shirt.

Sunday morning, I awoke to pouring rain and excitedly got dressed in head to toe dry fit. I have never raced a 10k before!

It was sooo easy to park, and with 1,600 people I was slightly worried about parking on the plaza. Yeah, it's not Chicago but still 1,600 is a lot for a plaza locale race.

Gun time was 7:30, and it was still spitting rain. I love rain running!! Remember my PR at Rock the Parkway two years ago? Rain and hail.

Within the first half mile I knew I dressed too warm but I didn't want to take off my jacket so I somehow managed to strip off my dry fit shirt.

The course was gorgeous, even in the rain, and incredibly flat. Thhaaaannnnk you!!!

There is something to this 10k thing, after I finished I didn't feel like I wanted to die or kill anybody, but it was a good distance to be proud of.

I took it really easy because my knees literally feel like they are going to snap, and still finished in under an hour. Which was my goal! Win!

Have you ever ran a 10k?
What's the biggest race in your area?
What's your favorite distance to run?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

If I Die Young

It will be because of stress, and said stress making me push myself too hard during a run. Obviously, things haven't been going my way and my training has been kinda wayward. I run when I can, and when I can isn't very often. So my lack of updating is due to my lack of real training. Not that I'm not running I'm just not really training. I'm still running, but more for my sanity and more like "Oh Ok I have twenty minutes lets get two miles in and head to work stinky."

In the last two weeks, I have worked nearly 200 hours. No lie. Two jobs, and one coming to an end really took a toll on me: mentally, physically and emotionally. My head and my heart are in a million different directions, and my to-do lists have escalated and when I sit down to accomplish something I'm ignoring something else that has equal priority. Like right now? I smell so bad. I need a shower, clean and do laundry-my poor husband wore his swim trunks out last night. HE could easily do the laundry but it still made me feel guilty.

When push comes to shove, me and my family priorities fall by the wayside and everything else comes first. It's just a huge character flaw. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. So I did. I resigned from a position, and had my last day yesterday. It was so bittersweet, and I cried my whole way home. It's hard for me to be the one to "give up" or "quit" especially on such a personal employment and commitment. But the bottom line is this: if I didn't stop this commitment my other commitments would ultimately terminate because of my lack of focus.

I know this post doesn't seem to be directly about running, or marathoning or being a dog-mom-but it is. Indirectly. Whatever it is you commit to do, you really have to have to confidence and desire to put 100% and sometimes even 70% will get you there-but if you commit to five things how do you give 100% or even 70%? You can't. Exerting yourself 20% gets mediocre results.

Ya'll know how I feel about mediocrity.

I finally feel like I'm getting caught up on sleep, and laid around this morning until about 10. Golaith whined all morning, and I had no reason not to run this morning. After a week of ignoring my 5am alarms to run-I finally laced up and press start on the 405.

As hot as it has been, it was VERY decent outside. Very decent? That makes no sense, but I think 86 degrees with 70% humidity and the heat index at 93degrees calls for "very decent."
Goliath and I had an awesome 10k run. I stopped frequently to let him drink, and cool off-so don't call me negligent. We have a need to feel that thunder, so we pushed 9s and then a negative splits of 8s. Amazing run, and I don't think I've been this sweaty in weeks. Heat exhaustion tried to set in, I felt myself getting chills around mile 5-so I took out the headphones to pay closer attention to my body, eased up and ultimately finished strong.

On a run like this, I know DOMS will arrive sooner than later so I'm off to spend a solid half hour on my foam roller.

Mileage: 10k
Time: 50:02.15

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grab Hold and Don't Look Left

It's the little things. The little things that add up. Every hundred pennies make a dollar, and with a dollar you can buy some GU. Every few thousand steps accumulate into a mile, and if you can figure out how to run one mile you can sure as shoes run twenty-six.

The minutia have been falling off my radar. I'm zoomed out on the big picture, when really I need to be examining each pixel. There are a little over a 160 days until my full marathon, and that's all I can think about. Yet, I'm still overlooking fundamentals that are going to make me succeed.

Building blocks like form, stretching, proper warm ups and things of that ilk. Do you ever get a little cocky and think Two miles? That's a waste of my time. Truth be told, that's my line of thought lately. My training schedule usually has a two miler mid week, and I've been either skipping it or not taking it seriously. After my 10k this morning, I realized that those two miles regardless of how short it may seem, could really benefit my training. I could use those as form-miles, or to interval train or a million other things that could make me not just better, but great. Great runners don't skip training do they? Great runners also don't phone in cross-training, but we shall save that epiphany for another post.

Yesterday, we didn't have anything set in stone and after my awful performance on Sunday I knew I needed something. So Goliath, my friend Amanda and myself went for a little stroll. It's so odd walking. How novel? It's actually quite relaxing. We walked to Goliath's favorite spot, hoping to catch some geese. Sure enough, there were four. Four meant, four times the effort for Goliath. He jumped in and I swear he ran on water, or well maybe rocks just beneath the surface. I may never really know if wants to play with the geese or eat them, but it's pretty funny watching him try.

Has anyone seen my dog?

We had our fun yesterday, so today was the real work. I think G-Money knew that too, because the second the leash clicked he was ready to roll. There were six miles to tread, and man did we. At our split, I was ready to be finished. Maybe that's why my training has been so successful on my trail, when I split I HAVE to go back. Running loops makes it too easy for me to quit, or make excuses.

Do not lecture me but, I have been running in retired shoes. OH MY GOD! GASP! I know, I'm awful. What is an injury prone runner doing in shoes that in effect caused injury? Well, my new Bowerman's have been killing my feet. For the life of me, I can not figure out why. They are the exact same shoe, just a newer model. Nike says there were no major changes, so why oh why do my feet ache after a mile? Today, I decided to give them one last shot before I gave up and splurged on a new pair. As expected the outer edge of my feet started aching at mile one, and was unbearable by mile two. Well I sat down, and untied the shoes. Instantly the pain dissipated. All this time my shoes were too tight, the last four miles my feet felt like feathers. Like I said, it's the little things.

Today's Mileage: 6.2
Time: 53:22