Well, where do we start...

Contrary to popular belief "Bosky" is not my last name, my last name is Urban.  Like a city, or the feather haired country singer Keith.  "Bosky" is Goliath's breed.  It's an oh-so clever combination of Boxer and Husky, the two breed's that make Goliath who he is...a Bosky.  Do you get it?

We post frequently, at least once a day but that doesn't always happen.  Sometimes things like work, sleep and peanut butter get in the way.  What I can say is Goliath and I will always do our best to stay on top of our lives through this blog.  Because let's be honest?  I can't remember what I did yesterday unless I post it here.

My posts typically are updated at 9PM CST for your viewing pleasure the following morning and will reflect on my current training, food choices and my pursuit for a healthy-happy life.  Except for Friday. when we post a video before 8AM CST.

Each of my posts, except for special ones, are titled with lyrics from a song.  As of today, I have decided I will start sharing a link to the song, so you don't have to do hard google work. You're welcome.

Sometimes my posts don't make sense, but honestly can you expect the health-minded ramblings of a junk food addict to be such?  I don't so why should you make some cake because cake is good, I like peanut butter...oh wait, there I go again.

The reason we have a blog is unknown, and the reason you should is also unknown.   Neither of which matter to us, because we will still post here.

Please also be aware that none of the opinions expressed in The Bosky Blog should be taken as 100% gospel, while I try to share tips and ticks I am not an expert in running, fitness, diet, weight loss, making friends, keeping friends, cooking food,eating food, doggie care, doggie health, running with a dog, fashion, being a woman, tying my shoes, or blogging.  So nothing I say here should take the place of any expert opinions in the aforementioned fields or...anything really.