Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Knock, Knock


Alright, so in case you missed it I am in the midst of training for some Bomb-Booty-Bustin' Halfaronis, relay and triathalon.  My schedule goes like this:
April 22nd: Kansas Half Marathon
April 29th: Trolley Run, 4 Mile Race (4 year Race-A-Versary!)

Allllssssoooooo, I am planning on:
April 30th-May5th: Beach Vacay-haaayooo

Yeah, it's gonna be a busy spring and I am already tired thinking about it.

All that craziness aside, lemme introduce my new trail:
ok, right??  

Yeaaah....it's much better that that old rags place by the train tracks and it's longer than 3 miles, so it automatically wins!

My list of necessities for a trail:
1. Long: check
2. Near Fresh Water: check
3. Granola-earthy-hippie-back-to-naturey: check
4. Mile markers: check
5. Terrain: double check, this Biatch is a hill-BEAST. LOVE IT!

Only draw back is that it's not within running distance, well I mean it is, but by the time I got there I'd be ready to turn around.

G and I ran 7 miles on Monday, and it was gorgeous.  I am so excited for Spring, when everything is green 

After, that longish run I was depleted of nutrient and required sustenance quick:
It's a wrap I swear...not a salad with mustard as dressing.  Although, I am obsessed enough with mustard I might attempt that at some point.

What do you look for in a running locale?
Do you have any spring races?
What's your fav post-run eat?

This Post Brought to You By: "Knock, Knock" - Mac Miller

Sunday, March 11, 2012


We are back! And we are never leaving you again!!

After a long hiatus, I am ready to comit to the blogaroo again.

Love&Peanut butter,

Julia and G-Bonez