Monday, June 18, 2012

Time is Love

Today, I made a vow.

I vowed to start blogging again.

Ya'll have heard all the excuses before, so I'm just gonna skip it and jump back to where we left offf.....

So quick recap of the last few month since my Kansas Half Marathon recap:
-Finished three more half marathons since then: Running with the Cows, Kansas City Corporate Challenge, and Hospital Hill
-Bailed AGAIN out of a triathlon
-Tried to jumble a training schedule, and work and school and well everything
-Failed to blog
-Gained some weight
-Paid off some debt
-Ate some good food, mostly candy

Thaaaaat's about it.....why do I blog again?  I am relatively uneventful, yet somehow I can always find a way to fill the page with words.  I'm mouthy like that I guess.

I have been thinking about doing a reformat, reorganizing and just generally redoing the blog.  Like new name and everything, but while the creative juices flow we shall stick to The Bosky Blog, a punny blog that no one fully understands.


Anyway, on to the important things.  I am not registered for any more races this year, well long ones that will require extensive training or maintenance.  Which really excites me because now, I feel like I can focus on different goals. Like getting to my goal weight, building some muskles, getting faster and giving my knee a chance to heal.  So next year when I go to attempt six half marathons in five months, I won't feel totally terrible about myself and lack of progress.


There's such a thing as tangible progress and intangible progress.  Quite honestly, if I have made any progress in the last year it's completely intangible, and I am unable to recognize it.  Ya'll might think I am too hard on myself, but the second I give myself a break I get stagnant and placid....and end up with a year of zip, oh like last year!


I need to focus, and werk.  It's like wicked hard to start, but I got out there today in 100 degree heat and hit the trail with my pooch.  We hit the hills, did some strength training moves and worked up a decent sweat.  The best feeling in the world right now is just being able to get out there, with no pressure.  I can relax and get the benefit of my run without stressing myself out about pace and my upcoming PR goal.

Goliath likes it too, because he doesn't feel so bad when he wants to stop and smell the pheromones.


What I ate today: Coffee with half and half and sugar, 1 cup of hot and sour soup, chicken and broccoli over white rice, slice of supreme pizza
How I worked out today: 3 mile sweat fest with Goliath

This Post Brought to You By: "Time is Love" Josh Turner


Marysol said...

Glad to see u back boo!

Manda said...


Becky Cowan said...

Missed you while you were busy. :)

I have a question for you!
Andrew and I recently adopted a 2 year old black lab/Shepard mix named Hyatt. He is my new "running buddy" so I feel safter on runs. (Plus, I love dogs) Anyway, I'm trying to teach him to like his harness and pace with me but he has issues with wanting to chase everything that moves causing my runs to be a little... well, stuttery if you will.
How did you find it easiest to train Goliath? Did it take him awhile to like the harness? Do you use a retractable leash or just a regular one?

I appreciate any advice!

Julia said...


Congrats on your new addition to your family!

I am no expert but there are some things that worked for me, and those things would be a) using a harness and waist leash so my hands are free, that way if he does get distracted my body weight naturally deters him and I can smack the slack in the lead that jolts him out of his squirrel trance. b) consistency is key. c) it takes time, I stuck it out with G for a long time before we have gotten to the point where he can run past other dogs without even attempting to sniff. d) reward him, I always reward Goliath after a good run e) and finally, I always start our runs with a few minutes for him to get his initial smells and markings out of the way. The second he marks a few trees and sniffs around, it's business time after that.

Good luck and keep my posted!!

Julia said...
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