Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Knock, Knock


Alright, so in case you missed it I am in the midst of training for some Bomb-Booty-Bustin' Halfaronis, relay and triathalon.  My schedule goes like this:
April 22nd: Kansas Half Marathon
April 29th: Trolley Run, 4 Mile Race (4 year Race-A-Versary!)

Allllssssoooooo, I am planning on:
April 30th-May5th: Beach Vacay-haaayooo

Yeah, it's gonna be a busy spring and I am already tired thinking about it.

All that craziness aside, lemme introduce my new trail:
ok, right??  

Yeaaah....it's much better that that old rags place by the train tracks and it's longer than 3 miles, so it automatically wins!

My list of necessities for a trail:
1. Long: check
2. Near Fresh Water: check
3. Granola-earthy-hippie-back-to-naturey: check
4. Mile markers: check
5. Terrain: double check, this Biatch is a hill-BEAST. LOVE IT!

Only draw back is that it's not within running distance, well I mean it is, but by the time I got there I'd be ready to turn around.

G and I ran 7 miles on Monday, and it was gorgeous.  I am so excited for Spring, when everything is green 

After, that longish run I was depleted of nutrient and required sustenance quick:
It's a wrap I swear...not a salad with mustard as dressing.  Although, I am obsessed enough with mustard I might attempt that at some point.

What do you look for in a running locale?
Do you have any spring races?
What's your fav post-run eat?

This Post Brought to You By: "Knock, Knock" - Mac Miller


Anonymous said...

Very curious to know where your new trail is. It look's like a trail I might enjoy.

Courtney Foster said...

wow you are going to be one crazy busy runner this spring season! i have signed up for the brew to brew, trolley, running with the cows and am thinking of the kansas half or doing a trail half that same weekend! i have no idea though because my running is off!

the trail looks great, is it one of the joco trails?

Therese said...

Awesome! I'm curoius which trail it is, too. KC is seriously lacking...