Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guarantee It Will Go Down

How was your three day weekend? I am convinced that three day weekends are what humans are made for: One day for solid partying, one day for recovery and one day for getting schtuff done.  That's what I need at the very least and precisely what I did this Memorial Day Weekend.

After refusing to get out of bed on Sunday and watching Scrubs all day, Monday was business time.  Started bright and early with breakfast at First Watch.  First Watch is never anything to write home about, but my-goodness there's something about going out for breakfast.  I always have such a hard time deciding what I want.  Breakfast food isn't something I am crazy about unless it had 45290 carbohydrates and is drenched in syrup and butter, and by that I mean pancakes.  I ordered the Bacado Omelet, and when I saw how much butter they slimed on my English Muffin, I thought I might as well ordered pancakes because it's on my plate and I gotta eat it...

Home Depot should do tradesies
Once my belly was sufficient full, my day was officially ready to start.  Logan was replacing the timing belt and water pump on my car, and he was being so productive-which in my head meant Ugh, he's gonna whine about working hard all weekend so I should work hard too! Rational and normal, no?  We moved into our home in January and other than raking I've done very little to my yard.  So yesterday was the day.  I know this is a running dogblog, so the details will fall by the wayside, but I cleaned out five flower beds that were laden with weeds and rocks, resoiled, planted some perttty flowers and mulched.  Aromatic cedar was a wonderful choice, go me. AND in case you were wondering, rose bushes are beeyotches to plant.

gulp gulp
Watering was the best part because as it turns out Goliath loves to steal water from my thirsty plants.  Hilariously, he would jump in the path of the spray and bite at the water.  I cried from laughing so hard.  It totally pumped him up too, he gnaw at the fountain and then run in a circle around the lawn.  I even made a video for you guys that I will post soon.

You know us, we got covered in mud.  Which means it was a good day.  I proceeded to deep clean my house, and grill for us.  Can we say: Hello, four day work week?

My lunch all week!


Never Gonna Leave This Bed

  Warning: The Post is largely about food.  I feel like I spent the majority of my weekend eating.  Just me?


My favorite person in the entire world gradumatated from high school this year and my family had a big ol' party for her.  In honor of my sister, I drank a quarter of a keg and feasted like a Queen. My family makes some wicked good eats, not to brag or anything-but ain't no party like a Jane McQueeny Party.

I spent Friday and Saturday prepping with my mom for an open house for approximately 60ish people.  We themed it as a back yard bar-b-que, but some imposing rain decided otherwise.  Somehow my mom got out of like doing anything on Saturday, lucky.  Emily and I planted flowers for center pieces, set up tables and badminton net, made a table scape and the list goes on. 

Most importantly we organized, prepped and cooked the food.  On our menu: grilled burgers, chicken and Gouda sausage, cajun sausage, baby romaine spring salad with garlic balsamic dressing, roasted asparagus in a sun dried tomato sauce, fruit salad, potato salad, tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and cupcakes out the booty.  Most of which is pictured below. 

Delish salad
to-die-for asparagus
Cappuccino Cupcakes
I did SUPER awesome...at first.  Isn't that how it always is?  You start out strong and you finish pretty weak.  It could be a marathon, it could be the longest level in Little Big Planet, it could be two hours in a move sitting next to your spouse eating licorice.  Whatever it is, however you start you have a lot of confidence and your defenses are high-but then after the prolonged stressors your self confidence walls break down. Sometimes there are even significant points that make you break.  For me, Saturday night was great-everything was under control-and the someone showed up with all my emotional baggage, which I immediately unpacked.

Long story short, I broke two rules: my drink limit and in turn the cardio penance. I was honestly in bed all day Sunday, a combo of the night before and my exhaustion-and really not having anything else to do.  Don't wag your finger at me and act all disappointed...I think sometimes people forget I am only 23.  I am not TOO OLD for anything.  I am TOO YOUNG to not enjoy myself and beat myself up all the time. 

At the end of Saturday, I am so proud of my sister for graduating and am looking forward too all her future endeavors.  She's the bestest!  Congrats Eeejers! Class of TWO FINGERS!

oh and by the way guys, badminton is a badass sport.  I am going pro.


Friday, May 27, 2011




I am gonna start a ra-ra-riottt

Back in Your Head

I am officially doing two-a-day works outs to become adequately trained for the triathlon.  Are you guys so over me telling you how tired I am?  Because, you should be prepared for the onslaught of exhaustion posts.  I am renaming the blog The Tired Tales of Go-Go Goliath and Naptime Julia.  Yesterday, I had that stinkin run in the morning that totally whomped my butt.  Then, I swam half mile after work.  Running is so easy.  When you compare it to swimming. Running requires sneakers and grit.  Swimming requires a swim suit, goggles, skill and coordination. OH, and the fortitude to not panic every time your head is under water.

Maybe I spoiled myself with oxygen the last two years running, but I REALLY like being able to inhale whenever I so decide.  The biggest thing for me with swimming and keeping a steady pace is that to keep form, I will only have a quarter of a second to inhale when I'd really like to turn on my back and float down a lazy current.  Are floaties allowed in a triathlon? 

I am pretty sure a certain gym could sue me for this picture...
Infringements aside, I really am enjoying all the cross-exercising this triathlon has forced me to tackle.  I tell myself over and over again to try different forms of cardio and to build new muscles, I just like...never get around to it on my to do list?  Trails will always be my first love, but it's nice that I've officially used my gym membership more in the last month than I have all year so far.

If you look really close, you can see a fellow blogger....ahah, prize if you know who it is!

Last week, I posted about how I am tackling the little weight gain monster.  So I am gonna briefly give you the low down on my week and tell you how I did with my rules, they aren't goals-and for reference you can find HERE:
1. My sugar intake is low. Not all time low, but I'm at a minimum.  I feel good about this.  Only one day this week did I find myself spooning ice cream out of the carton in my mouth.

2. Revolving my meals around nutrient rich foods has not been a problem in the past, and no real deviation as of late.  I am going to get around to have a food journal up on this blog shortly, but give me time-it's taken me a while to get back to regularly blogging.

3. I am pleased to report that this goal was met, I really focused on water.  I didn't even gorge on gatorade-which is crazy, because I am pretty sure I bleed fruit punch during marathon training.

4. My drink balance from last week, I broke even. This week I am +5 drinks, and check this: I've gone out three times.  Woah, there Charlie.  I think this week I really couldn't bear the idea of any additional cardio.

5.  Did not have to adhere, see above. HIGH FIVE!

OK, with that said I am amending my Constitution with the following:
6. You must weigh yourself weekly. Do not avoid the scale.
7.  No more weekly pedicure until you get back to 140.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Me Not Working Hard?

Since I have fallen subject to routine, I have noticed one thing about my life.  I revolve my schedule around when and what I get to eat.  Do you do this?  I don't want to say my life = food, but I will say it.  MY LIFE = FOOD. I hate food, you run my world. I think a lot of it has to do with sleep debt and trying to keep my energy up, but then again I loved before I was busy.  and really...how busy am I if I am typing this? Such an exaggerator.

The amount of food I bring with me to work is laughable.  Early morning, I load up a reusable grocery bag full of schtuff to last me a solid hour at work and then I find myself roaming the halls scavenging for food and random parties to mooch to sustain me.  Bob on the 2nd floor is retiring? I AM THERE!

I am not picky about food. Except for a few things.  Well one thing.  Coffee.  I want my coffee so dark it gives me kidney stones on the reg.  I want my coffee strong enough to perk up a rhino.  This morning, after dragging my tootie outta bed and running three miles I made my morning brew.  Showered and went to revel in its caffeiney deliciousness only to find that I could SEE THROUGH IT. ick. Pass.  This required me to make a whole new pot delaying my awakening until about 8:00.

eets sooo eearrrllllieeee

Even though, I had technically been awake since 5ish to run-and yah, that's on about 2 hours of sleep (thanks Goliath for whining and gnawing on a raw hide all night!).  When I say I am not functional before noon, I truly mean it.  I run into walls.  I put onE shoe on and forget to the tie the other.  For goodness sake, last week after an early morning run I realized that I had not pulled my sports bra down all the way on one side, so one of the girls was free flying the whole time (thankfully I had a baggy sweat shirt on)-HOW DID I NOT NOTICE?! The answer: I am not functional before noon.

Which is why it's a sick joke for me to pretend like working out in the AM is something that I can do.  This morning, I ran 3 miles with Scooter and I complained the whole freaking time.  I can't breathe.  My calves hurt.  I need new shoes.  Why are we going so fast?  My legs are bricking.  Why do we have to run this early?  Wah! How and why on God's green earth someone can put up with that is mind blowing to me.  Yet, people continue wanting to run with me.  Heck, Megan B. has ran FIVE half marathons with me and my whineyself.  This is why running with a dog is beneficial, Goliath is none the wiser and he never complains...at least to my face.
Take a guess what I had for dinner last night....

I am full of excuses, but when it comes to eating I never am.  I will never find an excuse to not eat.   Like I said, I am not picky. 

And in other news, I am in desperate need of a hurr snippin'....who has some suggestions for me?


This is me....every day....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Life I'm Livin' Now

Ok, so TBB isn't always about poppin' bottles and partying until 6am.   I promise we aren't always livin' like RAPTURE 2011. I will be completely transparent, Goliath and I do have a serious meditative side-but only for like an hour a day. The other 26 are used for pranks, ice cream and sarcasm.  And yea, before you ask.  There are 27 hours in my day. 

I wake up every morning, and get all my seriousness out on a mat.  You won't find me all new-agey and reading auroras except for this hour.  Yoga is a practice I picked up about a year ago, when I found myself repeatedly becoming injured and abused by running.  I was doing everything right,except the whole taking care of myself. 


Admittedly, I do not meditate with yoga.  I do not OHM.  I transition through poses, and listen to my body.  I very rarely follow a routine, except making sure what I do on one side has balance on the other.  Hate on me, partner, but I will do me and you can do you.  I know a lot of yoga enthusiasts will give me flack for this, but I'm cool with it.
Diving into yoga has been something that has been difficult for me.  At the onset, I left every class with a headache or I'd have great weeks and then suddenly I wouldn't be able to hold myself in downward facing dog for more than 0.2 seconds.  Struggle isn't something I am new to, but struggling in front of people is hard for me.  Like, impossible for me.  

Now doing it in the comfort of my home, at my own pace and with Wiz Khalifa in my ear makes for an enjoyable way to start my day.  One thing is for sure though, I never really knew why the pose was called downward facing dog until I had Goliath.  That pup knows that pose like he invented it.  Which is why I don't really mind him being my own personal yoga coach and crowding me out on my mat.

The benefits I have seen in the last year have made me a believer.  I can breath deeper, my cardiovascular system thanks me on long runs.  I can literally feel blood flow in my legs again, after so many years of muscle scarring and neglect.  My sciatica is essentially a thing of the past, this is also in part to weight loss.  I am legitimately inches taller due to posture improvements and core strength.  



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Young, Wild and Free

So as you may have read, but probably not, because do people actually read this(??), that I am an active participant in my Kansas City Corporate Challenge.  Being a newbie to KCCC, I signed up for way too many events.  More than my little heart could handle. 

I do most of my thinking while I brush my teeth, which explains why I do a lot of things without thinking

One event that I signed up for was the TRIATHLON.  Which, admittedly was an accident.  I was trying to sign up for the team Tri, and do the running leg-but I unintentionally slated myself for the individual event.  Sure, I could bail-but that ain't my style.  So I decided, heck might as well train.  It's just unfortunate, that I only realized my mistake about two weeks ago and the triathlon is June 12th.  Not a lot of time, but I can work with it.

Here are my hurdles:
1. I don't REALLY know how to ride a bike.  The last time I really rode was for a bike ride for my Mom's birthday, and I ended up walking the bicycle 6 miles.  The time before that, I was on training wheels and I managed to fall off of that.  When I went inside to get a band aid, some jerkface stole it-and I never got a new one.  When lived in Honduras, we rode bikes all the time-but I rocked the handlebars and pegs. 

2.  The last time I REALLY swam was when I was like 13, and took swim lessons.  It's not that I am a bad swimmer, I just never took to the lap lane because not being able to breathe freely kinda makes me panic.

3. The tri is open water, and I will only have access to a pool until the week before the race, since the lake doesn't open until Memorial Day.

4. My classes will be back in full swing two weeks before the race, which knowing me is going to crunch my training.

5. My Swim suit is from the 80s and is cheesy.(see below)

Now, am I crazy?  or am I crazy?

I swam last night for the first time in a long time.  I finished a whole mile.  Holy balls kids, that was rough-but I lived through it.  Which I am pleased to report, that if I wasn't able to swim last night I was going to consider pulling out of the whole bag.  Since it went well, I am in.  I am doing this.  I can learn to ride a bike.   

I had a poopie day yesterday, so I bought myself a little treat: ipod shuffle.  I am so sick of trying to figure out what to do with my other ipod, I wanted something I could just clip and go!


Race Recap: Kansas City Corporate Challenge 5k

Do you know what Corporate Challenge is?  Does your company do it?

What Corporate Challenge boils down to is several differnt athletic events that companies compete against and earn their company points.  It raises money for a good cause, and gives your company bragging rights.  This is my first year participating, and what I thought was going to be some good wholesome sporting fun turned out to be this major competive intense thing.  I signed up for a million events: Dodgeball, Volleyball, 5k, Distance Medley, 800 meter, 1600 meter, Softball, Triathlon, Swimming and Tug-of-War.

May 7th was the KCCC 5k.  Now, I've done my fair share of races but I was not prepared for this.  Unlike most 5ks or races: every participant had to check in the morning of, there was a male heat and female heat, and it was not very, um punctual?  I had to park about a mile away and walk to the start, when I arrived at 7:00 am for my 8:00 am guntime (yeah, that's right I was an hour early for a race!!) I immediately got in line for check in.  I stood in line for 45 minutes waiting and waiting to sign in and get packet.  So yes, by the time I was able to check in and my team as well (who were allowed to cutsie since they preferred teams to check in together and I was up first) it was 7:45 and gun time was in 15 minutes.  The men who were suppose to start at 7:30, still had not gone at this point which was worrysome since the females couldn't start until all male participants were off the course. 

So needlessly long story, females didn't get to go until close to 9am and the sun was out and it was hot.  I was not dressed properly for such heat since I was required to wear our cotton KCCC shirts-and mine stank from dodgeball the night before.

I will take this time to briefly mention, I had been playing KCCC Dodgeball untl 9pm the night before and then had to go home to make two dozen cupcakes for the Bridal Shower I was hosting the next day, and assemble 50 graduation invites for my sister.  So I didn't make it to bed until close to 3:30am.

So finally gun time came around, and we were off.  The first half mile was entirely downhill, and I flew.  I was totally determined to place to get PRA more points because top eight in each division gets more points.  I ran the first mile in 6:30, and that was a huge mistake.  As I was flying down this hill, it suddenly dawned on me that this was an out and back course and I am going to have run UP this hill during the chute.  I really tried to slow myself down, but once I get going it's way too hard for me to slow down.

That is to say until I come to an asscent of 500 feet.  Then I slowed waaayyyy down...to a crawl.  The second I slowed the blood flow in my leg bricked.  My left hip flexor had been bothering me since the OZ and it was definitely pissed now.  I saw my team mates pass me, and I knew my hopes of being the 1st PRA female was down the drizzain.

So my hopes went from division winner to division finisher. Like always.  Super challenging course.  I finished in 28 and change.  I placed 4th in my division.  Then I left.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Bring it Back

I don't get out of bed until I'm good and ready for many people.  Unless, I gotta-you can wait until I've got sufficient shut eye.  There are very few people that warrant the importance of me losing beauty sleep.  My sister-in-law, Manda, is one such person.  I got up before 10am on a weekend and ran 3 miles with her.

Manderz is someone that I click with.  We were instant friends, and we instantly understood each other.  Our love has been going strong since 2005.  Recently though, we added one more thing to our list of "THINGS IN COMMON": running.

I like to think a little part of me inspired her to start running, but I know deep down this chick is so self motivated it didn't take any outside influence.  She's crazy enough to run circles on a track, get this she tells me she has to run 14 times in a circle to run a mile?  If that isn't commitment, I don't know what is. I told her I would feel like a hamster after one lap.  If that was my only opportunity to run, this blog wouldn't exist.  I would be 680lbs and Goliath would be miserable.

Two weeks ago, she ran her first 5k and then a week later she ran another.  I think it's pretty safe to say, she caught the 5icKness.  We are currently planning on running an 8k together in June... I think? HOPEFULLY!

yeah, I kissed that schweaty face after we ran

Ok, so honestly I didn't intend this post to be a big giant gush about my sister in law.  The reason I posting about her is because of this: she has reminded me this weekend that running helped me lose the weight once, so I can do it again.  I need to stop fighting it, and embrace it.  This little chickita has LITERALLY ran off 26 lbs and she looks amazeballs. 
Look at this skinny little lady!

It doesn't matter what you have accomplished in the past.  It doesn't matter what you know you are capable of,  until you see someone else do it, until you see someone else accomplish it-you won't try.

Speaking of try...I have a triathlon in three weeks.  More on that later.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Give Me Everything

Self evaluation is a necessary tool when you want to accomplish goals.  Last night, I was doing some like totally serious thinking-shocking, I know. 

How did I get to this point again? Why do I feel so terrible about myself these days? 

I haven't been able to come up with a solid reason, no real excuse for myself.  So instead of letting my head explode from thinking, since I don't do that very often.  I took Big G out for a runnaroo.  I am starting to embrace the new trail, it might not be what I want-but it's what I need right now: a short, quiet, lonesome path.   

The note I left for the Mr.

Despite the note, we crossed paths on my way to the trail.  We both rolled up, rolled down the windows and I shouted "I'M RUNNING AWAY AND I'M TAKING THE DOG!" The eye roll that my comment was met with was legendary.  We drove off and found ourselves quickly finished with two miles in the time it took to drive to the trail.  Running with a dog really helps you to enjoy the experience.  Sometimes, I get really caught up and obsessed with ABILITY and SPEED that I lose focus and rarely enjoy myself.  When I run with Goliath, he stops to smell the pheromones.  He looks at every passerby and gives them a wag.   That is what I want, I don't want to look like a miserable runner punishing myself for my caloriesins.  I want to BE a joyous jogger taking in the minutia of the outdoors and sweating out the day's stresses. 

Immediately after our run, Goliath was so tired he couldn't even stay seated for a decent picture

Thinking about this last night helped me blast through four miles without taking a break.  Which is a rarity for G and I, he didn't even stop to pee on things.  WOWSAS.  Anyway, we finished our four miles in about 38 minutes, which is a nice steady pace and slow enough for us to enjoy ourselves but not be completely exhausted for the rest of the evening. 

I even wore my garmin last night.  That's how I know I am starting to feel like the old me again.  I went to upload my data, and pulled up my training center and was shocked.  My last garmin upload: 10.16.10.  The Marathon.  Seriously.  Then the answers to my previous questions instantly came to me. 

How did I get to this point again?  I gave up on me after the marathon.
Why do I feel so terrible about myself these days? The marathon was suppose to be my door into my new life.  It was suppose to be this monumental thing for me, and it was an extremely disappointing experience.  My self esteem took a devastating blow, and it's taken me eight months to subconsciously recover and move on.  I am still  emotional over it, I read through my posts about the race and my eyes swell up.

My ego is bruised, much like my knees from volleyball.

So like I said, self evaluation is important, even if it takes you several months to diagnose the issue.  I have been blaming my hours at work, and my busy schedule.  The truth is, I was scared and kinda hated myself.  The other truth is, if you love something enough there is always time for it.  The other other truth is, how good do those enchiladas sound?  We were getting too real there, had to take it a step back.


Cream Cheese Enchiladas

Do you ever bite into a food and immediately regret it? Not because it's so high in calories you might have to break out the elastic pant suit, but because it's so deliciously good you are already sad that it's going to be over soon. It's so sick-emotional ride I put myself on every time I make cream cheese enchiladas. But DARNIT, I love them, just hate to see them leave. It's such a simple little pleasure, that causes world's best mouthgasm for me. I don't need all those crazy spices and your rare and interesting vegetables for foreplate (get it?! omg so clever). Gimme the bare bones, simpleton foods and I'm yours for the night.

Cream Cheese Enchilada Melt Down
-1lb of lean meat of your choice: I usually shred chicken, but these are ground beef
-1 package of cream cheese
-1 can of fat free re fried beans
-Enchilada sauce, you can get the cans-I make my own but top secret recipe
-1 bag of Mozzarella cheese
-Tortillas, the above are white corn tortillas

Easiest things ever: cook your meat, season as desired (I saute in coarsely diced onions and garlic and season with cumin, and pepper). Get a ginormous bowl, add meat, cream cheese, beans and your desired amount of enchilada sauce, I usually add about 1 1/2 cups. STIR!! Grab a glass 13x9 baking pan, spray with cooking spray. Grab a tortilla, fill with a spoonful of mix, roll up and REPEAT. Fill the pan, cover the rolls in more enchilada sauce and sprinkle with moz cheese. Baked for about 25-30 mins at 350 degrees, on until cheese is all melty and gooey.

Eat your little brains out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Race Recap: Trolley Run

The Bosky Blog is celebrating three years of racing ya'll!

On April 17th, I ran the Trolley Run the historic four mile road race through Kansas City, Missouri.

If you read and actually comprehend what you are reading, you recognize that the date is the immediate date after the Oz Marathon.

So yes, I ran two races in a row. You might say? So? I run two days in a row all the time. Yeah, suck it-so do it. But do you run 13 miles with headwinds of 32 mph and then road race the next day? If you said yes, please shoot me an email with you address so I can personally come punch you.

It was an accident really, just poor planning-but looking back there's no way I'd not run either of these races -AND- it was the perfect way to celebrate my RACERVERSARY!

I roped Emmers into running it with me, and she had a marathon of her own the day before: PROM. What a good kid, she was able to get up at 7am and run a race with me the day AFTER Prom. 17 year old Julia wouldn't have been able to do that.

I've have done a recap on this race before, I've ran it twice. I know the course-but this year, it was hard. It was really cold, I was really tired and sore. We didn't warm up or stretch. The second the gun went off I wanted to stop, I felt huge. My calves ached and my quads were cramping. It was ugly. I bore this for a mile before my stomach gave in and started cramping too. I forced us to walk, Emily too. She wanted to go on but I used some very stern colorful language and reminded her that I paid for her to run this with me.

It was not an easy race for me this year, you'd think after three years it would be cake. It's a lot easier for me to forget the pain with headphones in, and I told Emily I wouldn't wear them-but halfway through the race I couldn't do it. So just like in the Gobbler, I turned the speakers on to my phone and played my running play list for the whole race to hear.

We danced the rest of the way, and despite having to stop a few times to knock out leg cramps. It was an okay race. I hate feeling like I coulda done better-but as with any race, I was happy to finish, even after three years.

A Heart Like Mine

Do you have a snack drawer at work? I do and I don't. I am hesitant to call it a "snack" drawer, it's more like my "emergency food" drawer. Knowing myself well enough, I can not keep snacky foods-or bingeeasy foods within an arms reach. In my EFD, or Emergency Food Drawer, I have:

Almond and flax seed granola bars
Green tea
Chai tea
Bottled Water
A coke
Sweet tarts and bottlecaps
Canned pineapple

Something I rely heavily on is GREEN TEA. I swear to my Nikes, it's heaven sent. My appetite hulks out sometimes, especially when my mileage is high and my sleep is low. Don't get it twisted, I eat but sometimes there is no reason for me to eat and I'm still hungry. Cue: Green Tea!


I could drink gallons a day, I lurv it. But that wouldn't be good, especially since that goes against my new VIVA LA MODERATION campaign. You might think it's all hokum, but I 100% believe that green tea is excellent for your health-and I'm not only saying that because it curbs my appetite and prevents me from consuming 832075 calories between 3PM-5PM. I have done a fair amount of research, and no not just on google. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of conclusive data because a lot of the cultures that drink green tea regularly also consume a lot of other foods that could lead to very similar findings. That is to say: is it the green tea or the high fish low carb diet that lead to decreased incidence of coronary artery disease? I was going to bore you with statistics and clinical study findings, but this ain't that kinda blog.

Green tea or no green tea, there is no magic key to weight loss. But maybe believing in something is the key? All of us put faith into tiny little things and convince ourselves it's the reason we succeed. I drink my green tea, and because I read somewhere so long ago it MAY boost my metabolism I FEEL thinner. There's no harm if it actually doesn't, but that's not what matters. What counts is the idea, is me feeling thinner. WE, and yeah that's in CAPS because I KNOW YOU do it too, all have our little things our little mantras our little neuroses that keep us on track.

I may do some clinical trials of my own regarding lack of sleep and my green tea consumption. That might the warning on the back of the box. Possible side effects may include but are not limited to: Euphoria, Loss of appetite, lower cholesterol and inability to sleep after drinking 32 ounces. My sleep disruption could have been the early evening walk I took G-Skillz on, but I'm still leaning towards the excessive caffeine.

What really sucks is when you can't sleep and have to wake up at 5am to run with this guy....

Don't let that smile fool you, he makes you get outta your warm cozy bed just to run!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Race Recap: Oz Marathon

Check it: Motivated to Blog!

So as you all know, I had intended my next full marathon to the Olathe or OZ Marathon this April. I had ideas of grandeur...but SHOCKER! never had the time to train...or the balls. You decide. I don't really care.

But it's a tradition race so I had to run it. Can something be a tradition if you've only done it once? I think so. Anywhoo, last year a bunch of internerd gal pals planned to run the various distances and do a Weight Watcher Boardie Meet and Greet. Unfortunately, plans fell through and tires bitches and prevented us from all meeting, we missed you MeaMea. This year, 2011, was going to be OUR year. Meagan was on board, and had roped in Becky. We were all set, and I was so stoked. Fate stood in our way again in 2011. You don't need to tell TBB that family comes first, and that's where your e-running buddies needed to be that weekend.

Last year's troops, LtoR: Anna, Megan, Moi, Megan and Colleen, all WW boardies

So ever-so-faithful Megan B. (now H!) and I became to duo ready to conquer the flattest course on earth...again...for the second time...because it's a tradition.

We begin every race weekend with a carbalicious dinner out. Last year, we went to Sweet Tomatoes this year we maxed at the Olive Garden, or the affectionately named "OG." I am proud to announce I had eight bread sticks.

The next morning, Megan made her way to mi casa and we were off. We arrived out at the garmin head quarters-which bee tee dubs is starting to feel like home with all the races I do out there. The second we got out of my car, we were miserable it was thirty something degrees and there was a whipping wind that made it hard to see, let alone walk.


By gun time, Megan and I were already to go home and crawl back into a cozy bed. Not that should be any surprise to anyone...that I wanted to go back to bed. The gun went off and so did we. Straight into the wind. We ran for four miles with a headwind that did not let up. My headphones we so loud to counteract the roar.

Rick Rolling

After four miles, we turned right and it broke the wind for half a mile until we turned left again and we were back into the wind. The front eight miles were all the same, Megan jokes that the front half of this course gets lost. You literally run loops in parking lots and feel like you are going no where and BAM! you're halfway done.

Finally around mile eight is when we entered the residential miles and the houses were blocking the wind. Suddenly my ipod was SO LOUD and I could feel the sweat down my face. Each drop stung because my pores were so widen open and chapped from the wind.

There were so many funny costumes because it was Wizard of Oz themed, but no one cared. Everyone was miserable. I have never been in such a miserable race. Usually there's a rapport between runners, people will chat or shoot the wind. But all anyone wanted to so was literally shoot the wind.

thirteenth inning stretch

Last year, Megan and I came upon the finish and I was a quarter mile away and puked. I insisted she go on and finish. True to tradition, a quarter mile away Megan hit a wall and insisted I go on on. So despite running the entire thing together this year, we are yet to finish together.


We ghosted the second we were finished. We didn't grab food, the basically had to force us to even take water. All we wanted to do was leave. We stayed long enough to snap our finish line photo.

...and as ALWAYS it was time for us to repay our massive caloric debt. Our creditor was First Watch. I was in some weird I NEED TO BE HEALTHY kick and ordered eggs, barf. They weren't good, I wanted pancakes. I don't know what was wrong with me. We ate, but were just so drained. The restaurant was busy, but the wind was so deafening that it seemed quiet. Oh, and we were freezing. All I wanted was to get into a hotttttt shower.

Which ultimately I did, and that's how the story ends.

OH! and I DO NOT know our time, I haven't even bother to look. I don't care.