Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So as a refresher here are the goals:

Lost 10 lbs and see the 130s

Strength train twice a week

Run two full marathons

Average ten hours of volunteering a month

Study the Bible with someone

Make three new friends

Finish school

Pay off debt

Take care of myself

Learn to manage anger, stress and anxiety

Start saving money

Establish a good study routine

Fit into a size 2-4, and feel good about it

Changes someone’s life

Ignore lazy tendencies, and start a pattern of cleanliness

Limit television

Organize a 5k Race

Plan a vacation

Adopt a 2nd dog

Work to be a better communicator

Religiously track my food intake good or bad

Pay attention to details

Make Logan happier

Help my brother get his drivers license

Be proactive about my health

Pray daily

*Start a garden**IN PROGRESS**

Go as organic as possible

Stop popping my jaw

I have been working on:

Start a garden: I am pleased to announce last night, I made chipotle-esque rice with home made cilantro. I can't say it tasted any better than store bought, but I am incredibly proud of the small garden I've begun. I have started cilantro, chives, basil, jalapenos and tomatoes. I started small. I will be transplanting them soon to the outdoors, and I'm told this is when the real work will start. I bought a book, and am reading and planning my outdoor plot. Two weeks ago, I spent five hours doing yard work, just getting my yard ready and acceptable. This, my friends, is progress-but not complete!

Limit television: We got rid of cable when we moved, so this goal. Complete. Crossing it off. I only watch How I Met Your Mother regularly, and I never have idle time at home to just veg. So I am officially crossing this off the list.


If my blatant spelling and grammar errors bother you, find a new blog to read. If I'm too lazy to run, I'm too lazy to proofread.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough

Well you have all seen me complain about how hard it is to get back into the routine of regular training, so this post is NOT going to be about that. My life took a lot of turns in the last few months, and I'm starting to fall back into my normal schedule. I can feel it. I had this really awful epiphany the other day. Someone was sitting there asking me about running, and I felt like the biggest hypocrite talking about it. I was embarrassed to even admit that I hadn't been pushing mileage like normal. I felt shame, so I lied. Nothing major, it's not like I was bragging about an 18 miler I did yesterday but I fibbed that I run about 3-5 days a week. Bold face lie. I haven't ran regularly since probably January, so maybe I RAN 3-5 days a week way back when.

So there that is. Do you still respect me? I have lost a little dignity-but not much because let's face it, I'm AWESOME. I started to think that I hadn't really done anything to be proud of that was not work related in the last few months. That sucked. Ew.

Well, bottom line is I had been setting my alarm every morning to get up wicked early to just run. I don't know if it's the fact that it's been cold, or that I'm super tired or that my trail is no longer just a quick jaunt away-but every morning I snooze until I am almost close to being late for work. So I faced the facts: I am not and will never be someone who gets up to get more tired. It's a terrible cycle to schedule your run the morning, skip it and then not have time in the evening to run because you arranged for other things. Definition of insanity right? Continue to do something expecting the same result. I love to run, but I'm also an overworked, exhausted 20-something who loves her cozy bed.

So I finally retired to the idea that if I'm gonna train, I'm gonna train in the evenings. The days are finally getting long enough to have even a little daylight most days by the time I leave work. Last night, it was overcast and started to sprinkle freezing rain but I forced myself. It's so hard get the boulder rolling, especially if that boulder has legit been hibernating and eating pizza and crap for months, but once that boulder is rolling-you can't stop it. See this what ye call a meet-tee-fore and I'm the boulder.

Last night, I asked Goliath if he was up for a RUN! and his little nubbin went-a-waggin. Precious. We piled in the car, and drove to our new trail-yes we have to drive. I'm just not comfortable running there because it would be on city streets, and I can't deal with anxiety cars cause me. I digress, where was I? So we arrive to the trail, get all geared up and walk to the blacktop. It was cold, and it really took everything in me to just CONVINCE myself that I would warm up. I knew I would, but I also knew that my house with tons of blankets and hoodies would be warm, and probably easier. Then I thought, you know what's NOT easy? Being fat and unhappy.

Why the heck am I so bent of finding the easy way out right now? It's a lot easy to be glorified as a runner, but not actually run. It's a lot easier to stay in bed, and not actually run. It's a lot easier to pretend to run, and not actually run. I guess in a lot of respects things are so very difficult for me personally and professionally right now, that I so badly want something easy. No matter how hard I train and how much I love it, running will probably never be easy for me. It may sound really cyclical and incidental, but although hard, running does make my life easier. So it needs to be a priority. I know, I know I've said it before. So it's up to me if I actually do it, but I needs to be. Whether it is or not, is one thing.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you miss me?

I know I do.

Do people still read this thing?

Ok, I'm not apologizing for the lack of updating. It's MY bloggaroo.

Reason? My life flipped upside down in two months.

We moved!

The Brutal Truth? My commitment to running has waned, I'm up 10 pounds and just found out my cholesterol sky rocketed (proof exercise maintains healthy HDL/LDL levels)

What can you expect? More from me.