Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Chest to the Sun


When I run in the am, I am hungry all day so that coupled with Weight Watchers which is essentially caloric restriction, I am really hungry.  Blugh.  At least tonight was sushi night with my love!

On the new WW plan, I only get 26 points...which is balls because I roughly eat a bajillion in one sitting.  Oh, that's why my jeans are tight? Ohhh ok. And it's weird trying to relearn the whole system again.  I was so successful on it in the past, that it kind of cheapens it now.  It's like retaking a CPR class when you were certified a few years ago, okay so yeah they have changed the number of compressions to breaths, but isn't it really generally the same: pump the heart-exhale in air, just like weight watchers: moderate your food and track it.  

Weight Watchers, you can finagle your point system all you want make chicken X points on this plan and Y points on that plan and then give me Z points on who's plan?  
Chicken is chicken, no matter how many points 
are attached and fat on my ass is fat on my ass no matter how many times I check the mirror. 

The point is this losing weight is hard, keeping up with plans is hard but I figure maybe if I pay for it....I will actually utilizing the tools they give me and make it work for me?  Misconception?  We will see I guess.

Goliath and I had a swell three miler this morning.  My Garmin is I think really dead this time.  So I just ran, and we both really enjoyed it.  Not just because we were running, but because we had the freedom and circumstance to....ahhh, thank you winter break.  

Now my shin splints are flarin'  so onto the next ouchie right?  It was REALLY cold,  my whole body was RED when I got home but so worth it.

Today's Food Not Pictured: Fage 0% yogurt, 2 clementines, Coffee, tuna with broccoli and rice and cheese, salad, crab rangoon,sushi, carrots

Today's Picture:

What time of day you prefer to run?
Have you ever returned to a eating-program after previously being successful?

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Michael said...

i thought valkyries' diet consisted of rainbow deer legs and beer? said...

I like running in the afternoon and evening. I think right now it has to do with the chirstmas lights and feeling like it's kind of a Christmas Wonderland... I get 28 pts on WW. It's a constant struggle. Good Luck to you.

Stephanie Anne said...

I've been on/off WW for years. I've done great onthe past & hit a slump now. I need to pick it up!

Becky said...

I'm the on again/off again WW gal. I always go back though because it works no matter how much they change the plan.

Besides, changing it makes it "new" and makes you research and think about what you're eating. I like the change. :)

As far as running, I'd love it if I could run mid-morning every day. Around 10:00. However, my job interferes with that(rude) so I go with night time running. Except on weekends. Then 10:00 A.M. it is!