Saturday, November 05, 2011

Have A Real Good Time

We have a house guest!
Our good friend Tanner is staying with us for about a week.

Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been cooperating for our full week of fun and activity. So most of it was spent this way...

Until today!! After my MRI this morning, I took the pups to the pup park. Which is always funny. Today not only were there dogs bickering but old married couples bickering. Hilarious.

My MRI will be read on Monday so let's hope for good news! Now I am off to a night full of an extra hour!

OH! And y'all I am on daily mile now, thought it was an easier way to track my training! I have a little widget on here now and add me as a friend!

How was your Saturday?
Does your pup have friends?
What was your last workout?


Danee' Freeman said...

Glad Tanner is doing good. I miss her!! I bet she had fun at the dog park.

Michael said...

man they improved that path yes? looks much more friendly

Manda said...

My Saturday was GREAT - had a great fun filled dfamily day that included buying HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS what could be cooler right? My pup is about to get a new brother as we are taking in Trav's Mom's dog's new pup!! She is a Golden Retriver but the pup is ALL BLACK - Owen picked him and named him COLE. We get him in a few weeks. SO EXCITED! My last work out was supposed to be a 5K on Sunday, but as the time change occured that day (a few other things) I Completly missed my race. ;o(