Monday, November 21, 2011

Girl, You Talk Too Much

It feels weird to not be training for anything.

Like seriously weird, and I have feeling my blog is a lot less interesting when I am not running....uhm, because this is a running blog, right?  Who wants to read a running blog sans the running?  I know I wouldn't.  

Miraculously I woke up this morning with no pain in my knee.  Amazing.  I wake up every morning and flex my knee, and test it out to scale the pain.  Today, I don't know what happened but it was like overnight my knee completely healed.  Well, that is until I took Goliath for a walk after work and at about mile one it started to get a tad achey.  We did a total of 1.5ish miles according to dailymile.

Our brief little jaunt was amazing.  It felt good to be out with the pup, and boy was he excited.  I got a little worried though that his leading me on leash during runs could be putting a lot of stress on my joints.  I am not going to think that way, I am going to be positive.  I think my POSITIVE attitude healed me knee over night.
Okay, so there's a difference between being positive and being delusional.
I made this amazing pasta dish tonight:  Shrimp and broccoli over whole wheat egg noodle and parmesan cheese.  ZzZomMgG!  Droolskis.

Here's how I made it: Steamed broccoli and shrimp together, prepared pasta, stirred together in a giant mixing bowl with lots of garlic, red pepper flakes, pepper and olive oil.  Tossed cheese on top.

Today's Food Not Pictured:  Greek yogurt, coffee, tortilla soup, rice, strawberry greek yogurt, fruit snacks

...and Today's Daily Picture:

Totally rockin' the sweats.
Are you currently training for anything?
Are you reading this?
How often do you wear sweat pants?


Katie said...

No, or less, pain is a good sign! Hope it keeps getting better!

1. I'm training for our local Santa Shuffle.
2. Yes.
3. Whenever I'm home.

Courtney said...

i love totally rocking the sweats days!!

i am not training either and it is weird!


almost all the time I am home!

Michael said...

points for the french.

Manda said...

1. There is a Jingle Bell run in December that I really want to do, but I am have never ran in the cold so I am a lil nervous about it.
2. Always
3. At home and on "short trips" like to the store or to get coffee or to get gas.

Julia said...

lovin the daily pic! and i know your sweet pup was loving that walk! have a wonderful day!

oh. and ps. i still look forward to your blog even though you arent running but i do hope that you heal quickly and can run again soon :)

Mama Lo said...

I felt like I lost a big part of my identity as my running had to stop and my obsession with burning a certain number of calories weekly stopped during my pregnancy. I feel your pain sister.

Katy said...

Do you have a reflective leash for G-Money? If so, where did you find it?