Sunday, October 02, 2011

Thistle & Weeds

Howdy y'all!

I am feeling much better after one of the worst stomach viruses ever, it has literally taken me a week to feel normal.

It started Monday, and I forced myself to get back to school and work Thursday. Yesterday, I felt like myself and this morning I finally ran.

Yesterday, was a good day with G-Bonez. I always feel so guilty when I can't get him out of the house like I should, so I rewarded him a long trip to the dog I do every Saturday. So the usual.

Can I just say I can't stand the people who go the dog park and then complain about other people's dogs when they act like a dog. Every single time there is always some bitter Betty or poopy Peter who talks mad smack and makes a scene. Por ejemplo, yesterday there was a big German shopherd who was bery emphatic abou a stick. He would walk up to people with the stick in his mouth, over and over and over people kept reaching for the stick out of his mouth and he would subsequuently snap at them. He broke the skin on two people. One of which, made a giant scene and confronted the owner. The owner just apologized, but when that wasn't good enough the bitter bitten Betty made a slanderous scene. Here's a tip, for EVERYONE not just infrequent dog park goers, not just for people who don't know much about dogs, for EVERYONE:

I have never been bit at the dog park, wanna know why? I don't try to steal from dogs I am not friends with.

Have you ever seen people make scenes at dog parks?
What was it about?
Ever been bit by a dog?


Becky said...

Stuff like that happens constantly at the dog park in Springfield. Mostly the "big dog" area though. Our dog park has 2 separate fenced in spaces. One for small dogs and one for bigs dogs. Obviously, I'm usually in the small dog park but you can still hear/see what goes on in the big dog park and the situation you just described happens almost daily.

My big issue with dog parks is people who get made when other dogs sniff, play or wrestle with their dog. Really? Why are you brining them to a dog park if you don't want them to socialize with other dogs?

I never take anything from a dog I don't know and I don't pet other dogs unless I ask the owner if it is OK.

Boy... that was a long comment... :)

Julia said...

SO glad you are feeling better! and i totally know what you mean about the dog thing. i fly with my dog A LOT. it never fails to amaze me how many people will just walk up and put their fingers through the holes of some random cage without thinking twice. seriously. dont even try to sue me if she bites you because i would bite you too. duhhhh.

ashley & sundance said...

Glad you are finally feeling better. :)

sucks about the dog bite drama. pretty sure I was taught not to pet/touch a strange dog. Let alone, try to take something out of his mouth. The owner should be watching more closely if he's a biter though. (I work for a facial trauma surgeon and we see a lot of dog bites-especially little kids, I wish parents would teach their kids to not touch/approach a foreign dog...)