Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where There's Gold

So remember that time I said I needed to lose weight and then ignored that for two months?

So maybe now that I can't run, it is a good opportunity to focus on my diet and actually LOSING weight and not my mobility.

I have worked really hard on making my work space healthy. I know have talked about it before, but taken certain measures to ensure my success at work.

Drawer full of work out clothes:

Never ending supply of healthy dry goods like oatmeal and replinishing supply of hearty fruit/veggies:

Healthy Readings:

Workout necessities:

So now...I just gotta explore my exercise options. I am regular with yoga, will be hitting the pool pretty hard and MAYBE I will look into a spin class? Who knows! I need a plan.

How have you made your work space healthy?
What are your favorite non-running work outs?
Are you into new fall tv shows?


Meagan said...


No work space, but I am out of running for the next month or so. I went to a personal trainer to start weight lifting for my glutes, core, quads, & hamstrings to help strengthen & support my knee.

That's proven to be a challenging workout and low impact. Machine wise, I've been using the bike & elliptical. Taking a Zumba class every now and then just for variety.

It really sucks not being able to run, but like you said - it allows for focus on other things. Hang in there! Hope you get back to 100% soon!

Rachelle S. said...

I was actually just talking to my dentist about you yesterday (I'm still unsure how it came up...) But she said that she used to run marathons and run everyday and what not just like you and she also had some bad problems with her knees. She said that she had to stop running because she couldn't anymore and instead started riding her bike, like you said, spin class. And swimming like crazy. She said that it strengthened her muscles and helped her keep her endurance up and now she just ran the Chicago Marathon with no problems! She also said it breaks a runners heart when you tell them they can't run, so I'm very sorry you're dealin with that stuff. :( Sucks.

My workspace could be better, but I do put an apple on my desk everyday to remind myself to eat it! :)
And I'm not one for TV but I do watch Dexter... and love every second of it.

Manda said...

SPIN CLASSES ARE AWESOME, I got a MAJOR work out on my ABS with that class. I am also a fan of WEIGHT Training for Women, they use bands and weight bars and this circular velcro thingy that can only be explained by saying a LARGE Nuvo Ring (SCARY I KNOW)Take a moment to realize you have lost (just for a small time) the #1 exercise you use on a regular basis, and all you can think about is the future and what other opportunities are out there for you and what can you do to stay motivated. Thats frickin cool Jules. Love You!