Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hard to Control When it Begins

Today, packets get picked up.
Tomorrow, pasta gets eaten.
Then, 26.2 gets ran.

Um, yes please.

This year's expos was pretty jammin.

Chobani came and gave me tons of free yogurt!

KCRC reppin' strong! Signed up for the heartland 39.3 series...more on that later.

And of course, I got me a new bondi. I think it is appropriate right?

Anyone racing this weekend?
Do you like race expos?
How early do you like to register for races?


Julia said...

yeahhhhh!!!! good luck! love that headband!

i try to register early for races...just because i get too excited. and i am obsessed with expos!!!

Michael said...

were all young in life still.