Monday, October 24, 2011

Early Mornin'

I REALLY love my bed.
It is like waaaarrrm, and comfy...and it doesn't judge me. Which is why it is really really hard for me to get out of it.

So when the occasion arose that the best time for me to exercise is in the AM I knew I would need some advanced planning. I have tried this several times, and am ashamed to say I have failed every time. Seems to be that I'd rather be well rested than well exercised, but maybe that's not too bad.

Planning started with figuring out what non-weight bearing exercise I could do, and identifying what I am likely to do and what I probably won't follow through with. I know I am pretty good at showing up to structured classes, swimming laps and yoga. So I am not going to even bother pretending like I will get on a rowing machine or stationary bike.

Next thing I did was plotted my workouts and classes.

Final step was building something important: my gym bag. Since I plan on going before class or after work, I need a lot of things. So after a week of gym classes, I have learned some ticks and tips:

The Anatomy of a Gym Bag
What I gots I in my bag:
1. Extra gym clothes for last minute work outs
2. Sneakers
3. Three pairs of socks
4. A lock
5. Water bottle
6. Two swim suits
7. Body towel
8. Sweat towel
9. Swim cap and goggles
10. Hair dryer
11. Make up remover towelettes
12. Shower stuff
13. Make up
14. Plastic bag for wet clothes
15. Flip flops

Some things that are good ideas to try:
-If you buy a new lock, practice the combination and store it in two different places, like on our cell phone.
-Scout your locker room. Make sure what you need is available. Some gyms have blow dryers built in, some gyms don't have outlets, and some shower set ups are tricky.
-Do a run through. Go to the gym on a Saturday or Sunday to make sure that what you plan to during the week is feasible.
-If you are trying new clsssses, don't be shy to talk to the instructor or other class goers. Ask questions.

Up next: What I thought of my first spin class and Pumpkin bread Recipe

Are you a gym "regular"?
What is in your gym bag?
Do you have tips for gym goers that helped you stick with a gym routine?

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Mama Lo said...

I LOVE spin class. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

I used to be a gym regular. After baby is born, I'll start working out on my lunch hour at our company gym. After baby reaches 6 months, I'll be able to utilize the daycare for days my husband doesn't get home in time for baby duty while I go sweat. I'll let you know how well I do at "regular gym time" once reality with a newborn sets in. (Wish me luck.)

What kept me on a regular gym routine was having a plan, and writing it down on my calendar, in INK. For some reason it drives me bonkers to cross something out in my planner and ruin the beautiful, organized, color coded notes I have lined up.