Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crazy Girl

So you wanna try spin?

I did too. So I tried it.

Here are my thoughts on my VERY FIRST spin class:
1. I was really intimidated by my goddess instructor, but she was really nice about adjusting my bike. Definitly go early, and get help getting your bike set up
2. Spin is not easy, as a runner you kinda assume that all other cardio workouts can't hold candle to logging mileage. Spin is hard, after 5 minutes I wasn't sure if I could do a whole hour.
3. Spin is hard, but it's only as hard as you make it. Want a good work out? Don't phone it in. Push. Need a break? Pull off the resistance. You set the difficulty.
4. My cooter hurts. Still. My class was Sunday. A seat cushion is a must if you want to make spin a regular habit. Honestly, I am not sure how it is even feasible for dudes to do spin.
5. Falling out of your pedals really hurts, but don't make a big deal out of it.
6. Posture is important, if you want the best work out. Engage your core, no slouching.
7. All you need is a towel and water bowel, but make your water bottle isn't an open lid, lie, the basic nalgene. Spilling water everywhere is kinda awkward but it will make you look extra sweaty.
8. Everyone looks in the mirror, don't be ashamed.
9. Capris are a good idea.
10. Spin wins!

I will be back, I haven't decided how often. I think my crotch may only be able to take once a week.

Now I leave you with a Goliath pic.

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What do you love/hate about spin?
Does your pup get into trouble?
What is your favorite fall treat?


Michelle said...

Love spin. I've really fallen extra in love with it during marathon training. It (sometimes) gives me that great sweaty, exhausted feeling that a long run does.

Also, your cooter will get used to it. Promise. :)

Andrea said...

yay!!! i'm glad you liked it!!! Spin was my first workout love (before even running).

And your crotch really does get used to it...it just takes a few weeks :)

Megan said...

I'm scared of it. I've been scared since I first heard about the cooter-pain element and I've never gotten the nerve to try it.

I also fear I'll get really bored...like, I'd rather just go ride my bike on some hills. I guess it seems like the treadmill of biking to me.

mallory said...

I love spin although I haven't gone in a while. Cross my heart - your cooter will get used to it and it stops hurting after a few classes!

Michael said...


Manda said...

I love it when my instructor screams TAKE IT TO MUD!!! Which means to up your resistance. Then DOWNHILL PEOPLE, WIND AT YOUR BACK. Which means you can sit up and lower your resistance. Thats my favorite. I have to say I am a DIE hard Pumpkin and Cream Cheese roll fan, Ill eat till I puke. My poopy is awesome and never gets into trouble, but he is not a 100% house dog either. If we had rabbits IN the house he could chase it may become a problem. ;o)

Julia said...

these are awesome tips about spin. i loved the class i went to but it is so dang early in the morning i have not been back...and obviously too lazy to find another class. awesome. but soooo true about getting help. if the instructor had not been awesome about helping me get everything set up i would have been totally lost!

Megan said...

I did spinning a couple times but let me tell you, the first time was horrible! I had, what I learned later was the broken bike, whose seat was slouched forward, so instead of just focusing on pedaling, I had to focus on staying on the seat. My crotch KILLED for days! I never really fell in love with it though. It was okay, and I know it was a great workout, but not my thing.

Anonymous said...

your "cooter" will get used to it if you go once a week or more.

agree about capris or shorts - DON'T wear baggy pants, mine got caught up in the fast spinning pedals once and just OUCH.

i think running is much much harder than spinning but to each their own.