Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breaks the Sea

Torn Meniscus.


Torn MCL.


We won't know until my MRI in a week. Doc wants to give my knee two weeks of NSAIDs and support to let the swelling go down.

In the mean time, I am figuring out ways to manifest my anxieties and stress. Friday night, I had a wonderful dinner with my mom and her two friends at Blue Grotto in Brookside.

Sitting by a fire pit, drinking red wine and shoving food in my face was step one in grieving.

Step two was meeting my new love Andre. SwellMary brought a new puppy into her life and he is gonna be a big 'in. Great Dane. He is aaaadddoooorrrraaable!!!

My final step, was well...a picture is worth a 1,000 words right?

Up next: The Anatomy of a Gym Bag and What I thought about my first spin class.

Have you ever had a MRI?
Do you go to exercise classes? Which ones?
What's the newest song on your iPod?


Manda said...

I have never had a MRI - my heart is breaking for you girl. I have gone to Spin Class - 2 words - Taint Pain - I'm leaving it at that. But I also do the Zumba, I love to dance! And I really like Core Express, work those abs!! Newest song on my I-Pod is Chemical Brothers - Hidden Beats, totally got me through my 8K on Sunday!!!

Megan said...

Dear doctors,
Please fix my Julia STAT. I need her.

Stephanie Anne said...

I had an MRI in high school when I tore my ACL. I don't remember much, except it was wicked loud. I hope yours turns up that there is no tear!!