Monday, September 12, 2011

Hold On Tight


And I am exhausted. Like seriously exhausted. Ok, ok. Where do I start?

Friday night, Logan and I left for Chicago at 7PM and road tripped up there. A whopping 9 hours later, we arrived. In case you can't do math, we arrived around 3:30AM.

I bet reading that just made you tired, huh? Well we are just getting started. Saturday morning, started like every Saturday morning should: Bacon Cinnamon Roll. Yes, puhhhleaseee.

Lemme back track a bit here, my besties live in Chicago and they planned this whole thing. Katie, Molly and I were in a band, kinda, but that's a whole notha post. We all went to grade school with Mikey, who also met us and would race with us....and eventually kick our butts.

They live in Wrigleyville, so Logan was in awe of one of America's original stadiums.

Then it was time to make our way down to packet pick up. I was so excited to ride the L, but apparently I am the only one who gets stoked about public transportation.

Pick up was at Navy Pier, and very well organized. A+ work Chicago. We had to work out transportation, buy some socks and gels.

By this time, we'd worked up a mean appetite. Introducing Lux Bar, as Katie describes it: "Fancy Bar Food" and yup! Good. Best truffle fries evarrrr. Carbs are acceptable before a race. Don't judge me.

Obviously there was some shopping and then more eating. But that is enough for today.

When was your last road trip?
Have you ever been to a BAD packet pick up?
Do you use public transit?


Holly @ The Runny Egg said...

Last road trip: to Wisc Dells and Chicago in August! Traffic in Chicago was absolutely nuts.

Most packet pickups I've been to have been well organized -- except for a 5K I did where they only had XL shirts!

Julia said...

i kept getting distracted by the pics of your yummy food! haha!

omg. i went to a bad packet pickup at my last half. literally i had to show up for them to give me a grocery bag and my bib. ummm thanks!?!

Michael said...

how in the world did you get those images onto this page? must of had a CAMERA!!! tell logan his lies are the uppermost form of mothergoosery.