Thursday, September 01, 2011

Keep Slipping Away

Booo. Hoooo.

I decided I needed a day. A day to just stay in bed and recover. I wish I could say it helped, but alas. It did not. I just need to let this run it's course, but life must got on, amiright?

Being home allowed me to have some good eatin though. Even though I am lacking appetite, I am forcing myself to eat high fat foods to abet in recovering.

Breakfast was a jalapeño omelet.

Lunch was a grilled ham and cheese.

Somewhere in between those meals I finished off the ice cream...

Then my mom came to the rescue. She stopped by Trader Joe's and brought my feel-good foods and flowers. Ain't she the best?? I love her so much. She bought everything in sight that seemed to be high in antioxidants, healing or a sick steadfast. Oh and of course chocolate.

Day three, no exercise. Clinically insane.

Do you ever take sick days?
What's your favorite sandwich?
Are you close with your mom?


Meagan said...

You have the sweetest momma!
Hope you get to feeling better!

Holly @ The Runny Egg said...

I hope you feel better!

I thankfully haven't taken a sick day in a while -- seems I get sick on the weekend which sucks because then all of my plans go out the window.

Favorite sandwich: BLT for sure.

Manda said...

I only seem to take sick days when my kids are sick??? My all time favorite sandwich is hot ham and swiss with Italian dressing. Try it, it will change your life. I LOVE YOUR MOM! I WANT TO BURY MY FACE HER NECK AND JUST SNUGGLE!

Sandra Bragg said...

The last time I took a sick day, it was because of a really bad sinuses infection. I took the last two days of the year off and spent the new year on my couch, suffering!

Super sweet momma, you have!